How To Start a Computer Game Centre in Nigeria

In Nigeria today,  many individuals are associated (directly or indirectly) to different kind of games, these range from indoor games, outdoor games, and video games. Nigeria harbors game enthusiast and these can be used as an advantage to entrepreneurs who are looking for viable business that can generate profit in a small amount of time. Game center business is quite lucrative in Nigeria, you only need to know the nitty-gritty of its start-up and operation and you can be sure of a viable business. 

What is a game center?

A game center is a place where activities of indoor (and maybe outdoor) games take place. a place where game (video, board) fans meet to play games against each other. Video centers are quite common in Nigeria, some of the game centers has outdoor games (swimming pools, tennis court, Golf, etc) while some just focus on the indoor games. the reality is;indoor games are cheaper than outdoor games. we will focus,however, on the indoor games.

What do I need to start up?

First of all, get a good location. it could cost you the rentage of a big space. it should also be located in a domestic area; this is because your prospective clients are located within the domestic axis. you need to be well informed about the features of games that you intend to use. we suggest video games, board games as well as snooker game. the cost of setting up boils down to the following.

  • Big open indoor space: this could amount to N 300,000 /year depending on the area you want to set it up in.  
  • Television sets: it is advisable to start with 4 sets and ,of course, the television set should be of standard quality. this could amount to about N 300,000 for the sets.
  • Standard gaming furniture is also needed. this includes comfortable chairs, good tables, and quality appliances such as stabilizer, socket extensions, etc. we evaluate all these to cost N 200,000.
  • Games: you need four set of video games to start with. you can get a new Sony play station 3 for about about N 60,000. the price for 4 should amount to N 240,000. you should also ensure that you download games on the hard drive of the game system, this will ensure that you don't spend so much on buying game Compact Dics (CDs), they don't only cost more, they also have tendency of spoiling or make the lens of the console wear, and you might soon find yourself running back to the market to either buy lens, or more CDs. you also need to get a snooker table, couple with some board games like chess, monopoly,e.t.c.
  • Generator set: you need a power generating set that will serve as an alternative power source should PHCN light should go off, this should be estimated as N 150,000. 
  • Advertisement: You will be needing an advertisement post in front of the location, you should also get another post at a public stop. the cost of these should be approximated at N 30,000. you should know that you will pay LASAA (Lagos state signage and advert agency)  you should also consider making flyers that will reach out to the gaming public.
Bargain 1 million naira for the cost of setting this business up

Customers in a computer game center in Lagos.

How do I run the place?

You should start by employing 3 people that will ensure the efficient operation of the place. these people should be well knowledge in the handling of hospitality. You should also get a consultant technician that will ensure the smooth operation of the Equipment of the place.  You should ensure that your prices are quite competitive, ensure also, that you deliver best of quality to your customers.

How do I keep my customers?

You can keep your customers by firstly getting information from them on what they really like. try and meet up with their desires. you should also create tournaments, competitions. This will make customers to be attached to your place. You should also ensure that your customers are treated special. you should also create special package for them, like play 3 games and get the last game free, etc. this will encourage them to come back and play more games from you.

How do I make profit?

Get competitive price and fix a good price for your games. video games should cost N 50/10 mins game and snooker board should also be the same price. board games can go higher (because the games tend to use up more time) to N 100 each.  here is the breakdown of the viable profit you can make in an hour

1 PS 3 console game = N 100/ 10 minutes (2 players) =N 600/ Hr

4 PS 3 games = N 600 X 4 = N 2400/ Hr

Snooker games = N 100/game (2 players, at least 3 games in an Hr) =N 300/Hr
Board games = N 200/game (2 players, at most 2 games in an Hr) = N 200

2 Board games =N 400

Total viable profit / Hr (peak period) = N 3100.
Average =1550/Hr.

When do I start?

As soon as you have read this article and have the capital. it is a very good business and it has the capacity of taking your investment to greater heights...Good luck!!!

How To Start a Frozen Chicken Business In Nigeria

Frozen chicken production business is a multi-million Naira industry. It is rightly so because many prefer to buy frozen chicken basically because its convenient to cook. You will not go through the stress of slaughtering the chicken, boiling water, peeling off the feathers and dividing the chicken into parts. Frozen chicken gives you the opportunity to choose the chicken parts you feel like eating.

For the purpose of convenience, the demand for frozen chicken is on the increase. Any who invests in the business can never incur loss. This article will tell you what you need to know before starting your frozen chicken production business. You will also be enlightened on how to market your frozen chicken production. Meanwhile, let us learn more on some of the health benefits of chicken.

Health Benefits of Eating Chicken

As we all know, chicken is a very good source of protein. Protein builds our muscles, skin, cartilage and blood vessels.

Many consumers attest to the fact that chicken soup or stew is more delicious than those prepared with beef or other sources of protein.

Chicken prevents bone loss, because it is rich in calcium. It is not difficult to acquire the calcium because most chicken bones are very soft and they can be easily chewed. Chewing chicken bones  does not just give strong bones, it gives strong teeth too.

Chicken is rich in phosphorus that helps to aid strong teeth, bones, kidney as well as the liver.

Consuming higher rate of chicken increases our metabolic performance.

Eating more of chicken will keep blood vessels healthy thereby increasing your energy level.

Chicken is rich in vitamin-B that helps prevent cancer.

Chicken consumption improves healthy eyesight.

Consumption of chicken reduces skin problems, and it repairs dry and damaged skin.

Chicken increases appetite because it consists of zinc and this helps in maintaining a healthy appetite.

Having known the importance of chicken to the body, let us now emphasize on how it can be produced locally. In my previous article titled 6 reasons you should invest in frozen chicken business, we discussed about the federal government placing a ban on the importation of frozen chicken.
Since there is ban on frozen chicken, it is better to produce it locally. The steps needed to start frozen chicken  production are as follows:

There are two basic sources to get life chicken to process into frozen chicken and they are
  1. Rearing birds in your poultry farm, the type of birds for frozen chicken are either layers or broilers.
  2. You can buy birds from poultry farmers. 
A lot of people prefer not to go through the stress of preparing life chicken and so this makes them have preference for frozen chicken, there are some start up requirements needed for the production of this business and they include

Initial Capital

To start frozen chicken as a medium scale investor, you will need a minimum of N2,000,000. Your initial capital will be invested in purchasing all equipment needed to run the business. Your source of finance can be loan from any bank, your personal savings, it could come from partners or any other source you can think of.

Start up Point

Your start up point might not necessarily be a shop, you can start this business from your home if you have the sufficient space. However if your home is not spacious enough, that means you will need to acquire another piece of land. This place should not be too far from your target market. To minimize your cost, you can acquire a plot of land in an under-developed environment. Depending on the part of Nigeria you are, you may not need to spend more than N300,000 

To erect fence around your piece of land, you must at least buy 1,000 pieces of block. One costs N120, and so 1,000 will cost N120,000. You will need 30 bags of cement to erect the fence. This will cost N49,500. Set aside N100,000 for sharp sand and cost of labour. You will also need N200,000 for mounting gate and doing other miscellaneous. Construct a less expensive shed or better still construct a standard room on your piece of land. This will serve to house your freezers. 


There are some basic equipment needed to run this business. Having achieved a standard start up point, it is
important to purchase your working tools. These are as follows:
Deep freezers
Knives and Axes
Bowls and Basins
Sealing Machine
Automatic weighing scale
Lovely polythene bags for packaging
Tables for cutting
Heat source (stove or heater)
Hand Towels

Hire staff

In this type of business, you can not work alone. You will have to hire staff, to make your production and distribution faster.There should be different sections in your factory, the slaughtering and feather removal section, dividing section, packaging section and the distribution section. The sectioning depends on how large your production is. In hiring staff, make sure you hire dedicated staff and make sure you treat them right by paying their salary as at when due. This will make them always happy and more dedicated to their jobs.


There are two types of birds that can be used for frozen chicken, and these are broilers, and old layers. So if you want to buy your birds from a farm you know what type to source for, and if you are going to rear it on your own farm, you should take note of the type to invest on.

Getting Started

You have your equipment ready, you know what type of birds to source for, your space is available, the next step is starting the business. Interestingly,  once the birds have been slaughtered, all the parts are useful.

We have discussed about the production process of this business, let us go further to branding, and selling aspect. After your production, there are some steps to consider to make your products acceptable to the public and they are as follows

Create a business name

Frozen chicken is a consumable product and so you must create a sweet name. It must be simple and short, easy to pronounce. The more appealing your name sounds, the better for your business.

Register with NAFDAC

You will have to register your business with the national agency for food and drug administration and control. This body is involved in regulating and controlling the manufacture, importation, exportation,advertisement and distribution, sale and use of food, drug, cosmetics.To know more about this agency,visit them on   you will get a detailed information about this body.

Locate Your Target Market

Where and how you intend to sell your production matters a lot, so locating a target  market is very important. Your target should basically be those shops that are involved in buying and selling of frozen foods, hotels, restaurants, institutions with catering facility, fast food owners, party planners/host. This will definitely help you increase your production process.


There is more to branding than just creating a unique name, it also involves creating unique image for your product. The image must describe your product and this simply means that your product must be meaningful. Your product name and image will automatically advertise your product if there is consistency. You can develop strategies on how you can advertise your product, or better still use the existing advertising media like online, or offline, advertisement.  Tell family, friends and neighbours about your product. Remember, advertising your product goes a long way in promoting your business.

Retail selling

 As a producer of frozen chicken, you can as well sell in retail, to achieve this means you need to have a shop, it could be in a residential environment or market environment where you know that people in that environment will not depend on their locally reared chicken before they can eat one. What we mean invariably is that you should locate a strategic area and a high profile one. Your shop must be easily accessible for your potential and existing customers to locate you.

Quality Control

This aspect is an essential one in frozen chicken processing, its purpose is mainly to protect consumers from dangers and to ensure quality service for what they pay for. QC will ensure that the laws guiding chicken production process are duly followed.

Potential Profit

This business is a profitable one no doubt about that. Once you or your staff have gone through the process of washing and dividing into parts, chicken heads, necks, legs, laps, wings, chest, gizzard are sold separately,and the minimum amount a kilogram is sold at N700, this price can  increase during festive period because the demand will be higher.

Invest in this business today and  realise the potential profit in it. Feel free to ask questions we will gladly respond. Also share your success story with us. Wish you all the best.

How To Start Hair Extension Business in Nigeria

Do you have passion for fashion? Why not consider trading in the beauty industry? The demand for hair extension in the Nigeria market today is sky-rocketing everyday by day. This is a viable and lucrative kind of business. Also, it requires little capital. Most women in our society today take extra measure to look good by making their hair with all types of hair extension. It is also a kind of business anyone can start regardless of your gender.


It is a kind of business you can start from home, rent a shop, and your customers will reach out to you on your mobile phone when the need arises. There are different types of hair example; synthetic human hair,European, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, expression attachments,wigs, amigos attachments etc. They come in different inches, colors,different makers, and their prices vary too.

Before you engage in this type of business, you need to understand and get familiar with the different types of hair extension they are in the market. Some people may consider selling only human hair depending on who their customers are and others prefer to sell all products of hair extension. It advisable to sell different types of hair extension because people are different so as taste. Being known for different kinds of brands makes you earn more customers and they can also promote your business by word of mouth marketing.

Again, you also need to purchase the equipment for your shop and hire the necessary staff for your business. Another strategy is advertisement, this could be done through social media marketing, telling friends and family through word of mouth marketing, or showcasing your product at trade fair shows. As a business owner you need to practice what you preach. Use hair extension products on your hair for people to see.

To engage yourself in this type of business you need to put somethings into consideration to avoid  any pitfall. 
1. First Educate Yourself: Due to variety in brands of hair extension in the market,  you need to know their names, inches, and where they are made in. Because you will have different customers asking for a particular brand of hair. More so, a new product  can surface in the market that your customer is not aware of, therefore, you can tell your customers more about it. This will show how professional you are in the business.

2. Write A Feasibility Study: Make a list on how you want your business to succeed at the beginning and in the future. Think of how you can compete with the existing competitors in this line of business. know how much you need to start up, and what the turnover would be. Also, find out where to buy your products, either from the distributors or manufacturers  in order to get products at a reasonable and affordable price.

3. Capital Prospect: When you invest N 500,000 to buy different types of hair extension that pull traffic in the market such as, expression attachments, human hair, lace wig, and other related items to stock.You stand a chance of making N 100,000 in return.

3. Add Related Items To Stock: There are some other related products that are used to make hair such are; thread for weavon, needle, weavon glue, weavon oil, relaxers and all types of hair cream and anti-dandruff for hair. This does not only attract individuals but also call for attention of salon owners to patronize your business.

4. Sell At A Reasonable Rate: Have it in mind that there are many competitors in this line of business. Make sure your price is very reasonable and competitive enough. You do not have to make huge profit as a beginner, what you need first is to gain more customers. Providing them with the best quality at affordable rates will make you gain customers and keep them for life!

5. Get Goods Directly From  Manufacturers
If you do not have enough financial capacity to import directly from China, you can consider purchasing from local manufacturers. Even so, you can get your product at a reasonable rate while being assured of good quality. In effect, you will be able to give your customers a reasonable discount on product purchase.

6. Attract Your Customers
While reasonable price will help you gain more customers, you can make them loyal by giving incentives on products purchased. This can come as gifts on products bought depending on the quantity. Sometimes, you can run a sales promo. Your customers want to be convinced that there is a difference between you and other suppliers. Endeavor to stand out by treating them in such a way to show that they are kings.

I believe these steps above would give you an insight of how to start a successful hair extension business, and make you standout from existing competitors. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to do so below.

How To Start Party Equipment Rental Service In Nigeria

In Nigeria, partying is a common practice especially on weekends. It is usually one party or the other. Saturdays and Sundays are known for weddings, birthdays, survival, dedication and thanksgiving parties. Truthfully, we Nigerians love to have fun. That is why, party equipment rental business is like a goldmine in Nigeria. 


Anybody throwing a party, wants the party to be a success. So, they spend money on all the materials needed for the success of the party. This is where party equipment rental service comes in. Because, all of the chairs, tables, tents, cooking equipment and the likes will be required for the success of the event. Since the person holding the party does not have all of these materials, it will be necessary for such a person to rent the equipment.

Party Equipment rental service involves, renting or leasing equipment like chairs, tables, commercial cooking equipment, tents and so on, to people, for the smooth running of an event or occasion. 

This kind of business requires huge start-up capital. But, the good thing is that, once you are able to get all of the equipments needed, you will continually make money with them. The same sets of equipment will generate income for the business. 

Let's do a little analysis of chair rentage and how it generates income. The market price of one armless plastic chair is N1000 while rentage is about N500 per dozen.  If you buy 120 plastic chairs, which is 10 dozens, it will cost about N120,000 or less. If, for instance, you give the whole ten dozens of chair out on rent for N500 per dozen every weekend. That means the chairs will be generating N5000 as revenue every week. 

The more often you get patronage, the faster it is for you to cover your costs of getting the chairs and start making profit. That is why, you need to have a large customer base and do business more often. The same thing goes for canopies and commercial cooking items. You have to buy the pots and pans, get the wood-burning stove or gas stove. Getting these items can cost up to N100,000. But, the rentage of any of these items cost about N300 for one day.

Recently, a get together program was held in my church. We had to rent cooking pots, spoons and the local wood-burning stove as well. Everything cost around eight hundred Naira (N800). We rented the items late in the evening and returned it the next day, after the program. 

Supposing, another group of people or individual rented the items after we returned it the next day, it would mean that, the person running the rental service has made, one thousand and six hundred Naira (N1600) in two days, with the same items. That is how party rental business works. As long as you have the equipment, you will always make money from party equipment rental business

Aside from the cost of maintaining the equipment, transporting them in some cases and paying the person(s) that will help you load and offload the equipment into the vehicle, you won't be incurring any more expenses. Rather, you will be making profit.

One of the benefits of doing this business is that, you can do it from your home. All you need to do is to create space for storing the equipment in your house. It also gives you opportunity to do other businesses while you run a party rental service.

The following paragraphs will enlighten you about the things you need to do when starting a party equipment rental service in Nigeria.

It is necessary that you make basic plans before starting any business. After which you will need to raise capital and get the location (which can be your house in this case) needed to start up the business. For party equipment rental business, you may need to register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) and also with the association of party equipment rental service in the area of your location. 


Get The Equipment You Need

When you have taken the above steps, you can then go on to get the equipment you will need for your business. Ensure that all of the equipment you buy, are original and up to standard. Go for the types of equipment and brands that are in use. You can take a tour of a few parties in your area and get all of these information. Also, make sure that the chairs you buy are strong. Ones that will not easily get broken or damaged during transportation or usage and that will last for a long time. 


Make Provision For Transportation

Another thing you need to make arrangements for, is means of transportation. Most party equipment rental service have pick-up vans, with their business names written on it. It is for transporting party equipment to the location of the party. Especially, if the event is being held at a far distance from where the rental service is located and when the equipment being rented are too much to be carried by one person. So, you must have a ready and steady means of transporting the equipment.


Look For Customers

After you have purchased the equipment and gotten the means of transportation that you need to start the business, the next thing to do is to get clients. It is also an added advantage for you if the business is located where you reside. This is because, you can talk to the people that you know are planning a party and they will rent the equipment needed from you. The person throwing the party in your area, will not want to go and get equipment from a far distance and get to pay extra cost for transportation. 

You can partner with an event management company or event planner and caterers. If you have good rapport with an event management company or planner as well as caterers, they will always rent the equipment needed for the planning of their occasions from you. They will recommend you to other prospects as well.


Start By Giving Discounts And Special Offers

You will need all the advert you can get, for the purpose of getting clients. That is why, you may need to start out by giving discounts and special offers to customers. This will create an avenue for word of mouth marketing. Because, anybody that gets a discount or special offer from you, will tell another person who is holding an event about your service and they will patronize you. For example, you can decide to give a customer who rented some dozens of chairs from you, one more dozen, as a bonus. It will make the customer happy to the extent of telling others about your services. Note that, your charges must tally with that of other rental services.


Get People To Work With You

You may need to hire one or two people for maintenance, taking record of orders and delivery as well as inventory of the equipment. It will relieve you of stress and also give you the opportunity to do other things along with running the business of party equipment rental. 

Party equipment rental service is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Once you are able to bear the cost of getting the equipment, transportation and maintenance and you are getting clients constantly, you will always smile to the bank.

Starting a Computer Business Center in Nigeria - Learn How to!

In the Nigerian context, a business center is any shop where you can carry out your official secretarial works. True, some people have invested in this business with a level of failure, most investors have recorded remarkable success doing business center business. The room for  investing in this business is not saturated. With a few thousands, you can start counting hundreds of thousands in a matter of few weeks. If you are interested in making money, please read along.

Get a Space Near Office Complex

The space does not have to be a shop. A small iron container of 8 X 8 feet size will be okay. It is important that you situate this shop near one of these places: A school environment, any public office such as local government, banks, electricity company, etc. This will guarantee a lot of turnover for you. Do not bother yourself with whether people are already doing the same business in the area, you will definitely make your money as long as it is a place in the city.

The furniture you need include two tables, two chairs and a couple of stools. A ceiling fan or any other one fan suffice. You will also need to.

Buy Your main Equipment

One of the main equipment you need is a Photocopier. Although there are those willing to sell you fairly used machine claiming it will serve the same purpose as that of a new one, it is strongly advised you buy a new one. This will not just last longer, it will save you the stress of having to call in a technician each time the machine breaks down. Take it from me, fairly used photocopy machine can be stressful.

The new one will also make the photocopied works come out sharp and fast. To your advantage, there is also manufacturer guarantee on the new machine. As a neophyte, you really do not want to bother yourself fixing an old machine. It is economical to buy a new one.

You will also need to get A4 paper. This can either be bought as a rim or as a carton of five rims. Depending on your purse, either of the choices is okay. 

You need to get staplers and pins too. There is giant paper stapler and also regular sized stapling machine too. It is advisable that you get both as you will be having customers doing high and low volumes of work. 
The other consumables you will need are spiral binding materials. These days, you do not need to use spiral binding machine depending on the volume of work you want to bind at once. 

Non Photocopying Materials

Your business center is incomplete if you do not own a computer system. So start with one system at first. It is advisable that you get a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer. If your purse does not permit that however, you can go for a desktop computer. 

The advantage that a laptop has over a desktop is that it saves you more power. This is a good deal considering that power supply is erratic in Nigeria. The battery of your laptop can serve you for few hours that you would have spent consuming fuel if you had chosen a desktop. The amount you will be spending on the laptop does not need to weigh you down.

You will also need to get an internet modem for customer who will want to print out from their inbox. Be aware though that you are not an Internet cafe. The essence of the internet connection is so that those who want to download or upload documents can do so conveniently without going to the internet cafe. 

Instant Passport Sized Photo

The need for instant photographs for official and other purposes cannot be overemphasized. Everyday, thousands of images are snapped at various business centers across the nation. The popular digital photo printer you need to get started is Hiti. As you will note in the budget section, it is not too expensive for you not to include it in your business center investment. In addition, you also need to get a digital camera with 8 pixel and above.

Get Shop Attendants

Because you have to attend to a lot of customers with different mission who come in simultaneously, it is impossible for you to do the business without hiring an assistant. Whether you are employing a male or a female, your assistant must have a knowledge of computer operations. It is not difficult to come across such one. 
With time, you may need to get two attendants as your business grows. Ensure you monitor them closely as they tend to be dishonest with sales record.

Business Potential

As long as human race exists, there will always be need for transacting business at the various business centers available. While it is true that many people now have computers in their homes and offices that do some of these works for them, they often find themselves running to these business centers when they run out of inks, toners, or even papers. 

Sometimes, they find it difficult to replace these things because they did not use the ones consumed for commercial purpose. Even if they have these materials, they still run to the business centers when they have to print in bulk. What is more, they cannot go about town with their photocopying machines and papers and staplers. When they have emergencies on the road, they will surely need you to do their business for them.
The edge you have over private owners is that you are always there. Come rain or shine, power supply or not, paper or not. That is your main business. 

Profit Prospect

While compiling this article, i did a survey by asking business center owners around Ikeja, Lagos State questions. On the average, they make N6,000 daily. I wondered if that is the truth. But few minutes spent in their shops reveal that may make much more on a daily basis. An individual can walk in and make photocopies worth N2,000 at once. And there will be several others making such in a day. 

A page of typed work ranges between N100 and N200 you can do two pages for some, you can also do 200 or more for 20 others in a day if it is a final year project. 
Even if you do not make up to N6,000 in a day, and you make half of it as a beginner, you will grow to the point of making much more than that in a matter of few months.


New Photocopying Machine -N60,000
New Laptop Computer -N80,000
Spiral Binding Machine -N10,000
Laminating Machine -N12,000
Staplers/Paper Cuter -N5,000
Modem and subscription -N5,000
Paper and other consumables (spiral binding materials, laminating films, photo papers) N10,000
Hiti Photo Printer -N40,000
Gasoline Generator -N50,000
Furniture N20,000

Total N292,000

It is a wise Investment

I have decided not to add the cost of renting shop because the price varies from one place to the other. Even if you arrive at N400,000 after adding that, it is still a wise investment. Remember you can conveniently make N6,000 in a day just typing and photocopying if you are situated in a busy area. This means that you can get back the total capital you have invested in less than 3 months. If you go for a bank loan, you will conveniently pay back in six months while you attend to other basic needs in your life. 
Wishing you all the best as you consider investing in business center. 
If this article has benefited you in any way, please do not hesitate to drop your comments below. 

How To Import Cheap And Quality Goods From China


One of the most lucrative and latest pragmatic steps in the marketing world today is doing business with Direct Sales Agents (DSA). It is the latest trend in marketing goods and services.  Unlike in the years past, it is the buyers that would always take their time, go hunting for where goods/services or manufacturers are located before they can purchase such products and push them to the final users at home. What an ancient way of doing business!


It is not a fiction that China has the largest manufacturing companies in the world, with over 2 Billion population, which occupies the highest number of labour employer in the world; caring for both the developed and other developing Continents like( Africa, Asia, American, even Europe). With the latest trend in Marketing, Public relations and customer relations, things have changed for good. 

Today, most coys are now devising different means of gaining customers due to increase in competition across the globe. In a situation whereby we have 10 companies producing the same goods or 20 firms offering the same services in the same state or province, will make them prepare very well for series of marketing strategies they can engage in winning their customers’ heart, hence, the reason for the creation of the department of customer relationship officers or public relations officer or marketing executives that can help in moving the organization forward by approaching, attracting, valuing and winning the target customers to the companies side directly, so as to maximize profit and be at competitors edge.


Importing goods directly from Chinese manufacturers into African countries might be a bit complicated. Apart from the fact that China is far from Africa, it is also very risky to do a business transaction with someone you do not see or know. At times, most dealers go as far as China to buy and bring to their home country by themselves or order through friends/colleagues who happen to live there. 

This days, manufacturers in China will advertise their products in social media and other platforms that belongs to their target audience, where they can see the catalog of such products and probably patronize them by ordering such products directly online from the manufacturers website. These sets of manufacturers would leave their direct company contact on such platform so that prospective customers can believe in them and know they are dealing with the right people. 

They give room for such new customers to call, chat and confab with one of the company’s representative, so as to know the modules oprandi of the organization and how the goods can be shipped to the customer’s country after making up to 30% payment upfront.


Risking your 30% of lets say out of N300,000 of total payment and you are only asked to make a down payment of N90,000 in other to get your selected catalogs shipped to you in the next 2 weeks might be very challenging. This is exactly where the trust lies. Most people do not believe in tying down their money to an unknown person for 2 weeks, it is not easy really, it is 50/50 chances in achieving that goal. But come to think of it, there is this adage that says, ‘no pain, no gain’. 

You need to understand that life is a risk, so you either compete or you are left behind. So, why don’t you just take some risk and achieve in faith and trust. Remember, this manufacturers have been proved real and genuine by those who patronizes them and there is no gimmicks about it, they are confirmed and authentic producers who are readily available to do business with you.


Another good news about this manufacturers in China is that most of the companies over there do not charge shipping fee and no hidden charges as well. This is another means of attracting customers and gaining their trust for business. Though, this depends on the load of goods that is being ordered by such customer. 

If the catalog is small in number, they may not charge at all, but if the products ordered are large number, some charges might be incurred by the customer which will definitely be on discount rate to ship the customer’s goods to him/her on demand. But you might incur duty fees on newly imported goods from the ports authority of your country

Meanwhile, when this products find its way into the Nigeria Market, for instance, the demand is normally high if one knows how to do a thorough marketing of such products. Though, the manufacturers usually advices that the buyer should go and do a proper visibility study in their home country with clean marketing research that can aggravate higher demand for such product. But it is not really necessary in a Larger population countries with high demand for electronic and other goods like Nigeria (with over 150 million people)


The next thing after delivery the product to you and completing your 70% payment is, to start distributing them to offices, Churches, Mosques, Government Parastatals, etc and start raking in your money in thousands if not in millions depending on your investment and dedication and total effort/time spent in marketing the products. In this section, you must create a network marketing group and/or habit that will help the product market itself in your home country or location to your target audience. 

Depending on the platform you want to use(online, one on one, seminar, social gathering etc), once you know and understand your market and target audience, you will sell all your products within few weeks and make your desired 100% profit. I mean it, 100% return on your investment. The reason is that, most Chinese Product are generally cheap and multifunctional in nature, so don't worry, the 100% return on your investment is guaranteed.


In a concluding note, I wish I could recommend series of manufacturers that offers this  form of services in China to you, but what are friends for with,,, and other SEOs that can give you series of companies that offer such services online; with detailed information about them and the seal of recommendation by the Chinese government, so as to avoid fake ones. 

It is all in your hand if you want to dare success. Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa according to Forbes started from somewhere, so is Waren Bufeit and also imagine the wealth of Slim Elu. This people are once ordinary members of the society just like you before, but today they have become great men of mentor and recognition around the globe. the truth is, that is exactly the way most men who can risk their money get to succeed without burning all their fingers. You can, only if you agree you can!

Reasons You Should Invest In Rice Distribution In Nigeria

The prospect of the rice business in Nigeria is very green for any investor who is currently searching for a business to invest in. Are you a business minded individual who is interested in distribution or supply business? Then consider taking Rice distribution or supply as the special business that will enable you smile to your bank.

You will agree with me that there is hardly a household within Nigeria that doesn't eat rice. This means that there will be good returns on investment in this business. The importance of rice to an average Nigerian can never be overemphasized. This article will dwell on rice distribution or supply, and why you should consider it as a good investment opportunity.

Although the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Dr Akinwumi Adesina recently claimed that "Nigeria would become Africa's largest exporter of rice in five years", it is still a consuming economy with populace that eat tons of rice on a daily basis.

The Profit Potential

Depending on your financial strength, you can start this business with 5 million naira or less. Rice distribution business offers you a very good return on investment. For example, 50kg  bag of regular seed of rice in retail price is sold for 8,200 naira, while the smaller seed is about 8,100. 

Now, consider the following profit potential of the business.

As a distributor or wholesaler, you can get a bag for N8,000, N8,100 or probably less from the importers. If you supply 50 bags of rice in a day at the rate of 8,200 naira, you will be making profit of 200 x 50= N10,000. 


Here are some  types of rice available in the country.

Ofada Rice

Ofada rice is a generic name used to describe locally produced rice considered by millions of Nigerians as one of the best. It is produced in the southwest and southeast Nigeria. Compared to others, the price is a bit on the high side, but the demand is high because nutritionists believe that it gives more nutrients.


Stallion/Aroso rice is one of the largest and widely distributed rice worldwide, with high qualities and special brands across the globe. 

The following are some of the Stallion brands: Caprice, Tomatoes King, African Princess, Caprice Gold etc. These are very common in the Nigeria markets. 

Basmati Rice

This is another kind of rice that is very good and of high quality because of the production process.

The good news about this type is that it has a unique sensational taste, gluten free and contains eight essential nutrients such as amino acid, sodium, folic acid, etc. It has a very unique aroma that makes it stand out. It is mostly consumed in francophone African countries.

Brown Rice

The brown rice is a whole grain with a mild, nutty flavor and chewier i.e it requires a lot of chewing before it can be swallowed.

Brown rice is more nutritious than the white rice and it is mainly found in supermarkets or mega supermarkets. 

Where to buy from

Presently, there are different kinds of rice in the Nigerian market. Whichever you want to supply, you can get them from the market.
As far as Lagos is concerned, you can find this rice in the following markets: Daleko Market, Mile 12, Alaba Rago and some other places.

Irrespective of the Nigerian city you are, there are thousands of retailers scattered across the city who are willing to buy. So, if you invest in this business, you will definitely smile to the bank. 

Word of caution: Try as much as possible not to sell on credit.  

The Level Of Consumption 

The Nigeria population has triggered many investors. In addition to other natural endowments, Nigeria has great business opportunities which now includes rice as a great market. The Nigeria population is being estimated as over 170 million people, according to the United Nations (U.N).

The High Level of Demand

The country's increasing population, and the rate of food consumption (especially rice) are essential for any business minded individual to make real money. It is important that you take a close look at the Nigerian market. Even in your locality, you will agree with me that the high level of retailers in such places are much, and when you consider the distance where such goods are transported from to get to their destination,such people will be inclined to buy from you, if you open up a wholesales store in that locality. 

You can inform retailers of your business for you to supply the required quantity to them; while you carefully consider the amount of credit that could be granted within a short time period. 
Consider this piece of information and invest wisely. We therefore, wish you success, as you build your dreams!