How To Make So Much Money With Your Talking Skills

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In my piece ‘Five Reasons Why It Is Easy To Make Cool Money From Talking’ I mentioned that world over today, on social media and many other sites and blogs, people are making themselves heard. While some are just sharing their opinions with the rest of the world and making themselves rich, others still are sharing some priceless information in wonderful ways but going about broke and hungry, looking for work to do.


There is a lot of money people out there are ready to spend to listen to others tell them what they don’t know and even what they already know. Something amazing I have noticed is that today, people don’t mind how much they spend to be happy. Check out the comedy shows! Check out the football stadia! Check out the movie houses! All these places are places people want to go to for happiness. And so I came to the conclusion that if you know how to win people’s hearts, you will be able to win their pockets. The secret is in words.

If you are a gifted speaker, meaning you are never in lack of words, you know how to present facts in a clear and concise way and thrilling people using words is your thing, then you have no business with being poor. Sit back and read through this piece where I present 6 ways to make money through your talking skills. Here I will talk briefly about each and in my subsequent writings I will be talking deeply about some of them.

1.    Seminar Production

As education has moved out of the four walls of classrooms, to many other places: on the streets, in the hospitals, in the churches, in the buses, etc. People are beginning to get through seminars, more value for their money than they get, sitting in one classroom and listening to one teacher, who may not have any mastery over what he/she teaches. School now is anywhere people can learn, full stop. One place where real learning happens these days, is at seminars-reason why those producing seminars are making so much money.

Seminar production business is one business that has become so lucrative in the last two decades. The business of organizing seminars is so easy to set up and manage and more than that, it has serious wealth creation potential. Many people today make so much money from it. I tell you if you start this business, you will never need to search for a job anymore.

Your seminar production business could take different forms. You could organize your own seminars where you are speaker; you could organize seminars and invite speakers; or you could organize seminars and invite speakers while you also speak. See ‘How To Start Making Money Through Seminar Production’ to get all the gist.

2.    Video Production

A few years back, a few people began packaging their knowledge on CDs as an alternative to writing hard copy books. It was looking like a joke when I first saw it in Nigeria but after a while, no one needed to tell me how much these entrepreneurs were making.

People do educative videos around mathematics, languages, research methods, data analysis, project management, health issues, skill acquisition, and so on; and inspiring videos around leadership, self-esteem, character, business, career, job performance, change, marriage, religion, etc. They target students, professionals, religious bodies, corporate bodies, etc. Whatever topics you choose should depend on the needs of your target audience.
Making money through producing videos is very simple. See ‘How To Make Money Producing Excellent Videos’ for more.

3.    Animation/Entertainment

The entertainment industry has become a gold mine today all over the world and people are mining it daily. Those who know what to say to make people happy are making quite a lot from their skills. The interesting thing is that those who do this as business make more money most times than even those who do just the talking. So you don’t need to be an entertainer, animator or comedian, to get into such a business. You only need to be smart and be able to get the kind of entertainers that will thrill the people. However, if you got both the skills to entertain and to organize, you are doubly advantaged.

See ‘How To Start Making Money By Entertaining People’ as I share with you how to go about this kind of business.

4.    Adverts Production

Some people think that adverts don’t play any much role in people’s choice of what to buy. I use to think so and wonder too why multi-national companies spend so much money on adverts. But I later had a change of thought as I found out that adverts play a lot on the psychology of buyers. In fact, everyone is influenced by them, somehow.

Do you enjoy those MTN, GLO, Orange, Etisalat, Maggi and Bournvita ads you listen to on radio and watch on TV? I have people in my home that would leave everything they were doing to follow up adverts on TV and radio daily! That is how powerful ads can be.

And so going into adverts production as a business can be a gate-way for fortune. You can make so much money if you are able to get people who know how to sound sweet and spicy and can convince people to go for a particular product. When you produce your first few adverts, video or audio, it could land you the rest of your wealth for the rest of your life.

5.    Broadcasting

Some people are not journalists by their training but they got the skills in them. They have the voice and the words. When they are on air on radio, everyone is attentive to hear what they have to say. They are emotional when they talk and can pull a lot of people through their words. The last time some journalists visited my church and introduced themselves, many people were excited just by being able to meet the wonderful people with those spicy voices they listen to daily.

If talking is your thing, consider paying for some air space on a local radio in your community. Run an inspiring or educating program and build an audience over time. In a short while, if you are good at what you do, people will be calling you to buy advert space during your program. That will just be the beginning of so much to come, for you. Don’t lose focus on the program you started with. Keep at it and soon your audience will develop such an emotional attachment to you and your program and you will soon get people opting to sponsor your programs and others sending in more adverts. You know better what this means.

6.    Writing

Not all skillful speakers are skillful on paper. Same as not all skillful writers are great orators. However, these two abilities are much related and many persons I have come across who talk so well, can make great writers, if they dealt with the attitude of laziness and were also a little bit patient. The reason is that while you could speak a thousand words in just a few minutes and without much thinking, writing a thousand words would take longer and much thinking. 

Putting pen on paper is one great way to make money talking. When you know how to write down your wonderful ideas in a very inspiring and clear way that communicates to your target audience so well, you are good to go. Already on this blog, I have written a lot on how to make money through writing. See ‘How To Make Money Through Writing’

If you are a gifted speaker, stop complaining about no jobs or start-up capital for business. Get to work and choose any of the above and call me if you don’t make a lot of money. This year is the year you ever dreamed of. Rise up and take your future into your hands. Wealth is standing at the door and all you need to do is OPEN. Stop opening your mouth for free. Out of the abundance of your mouth wealth floweth. Get such wealth trapped and live big!

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By Kadzem Claude

5 Reasons Why It Is Easy To Make Cool Money From Talking

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Have you seen someone hushed down for talking too much? Sure you have. Today, things have changed. The world is gradually being taken over by people who talk and know what to talk about. Good talking is not much about being a noise but being a voice. The difference lies in what you talk about and how, where and when you speak. Good politicians, marketers, preachers, teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc. are good talkers.

Over the last two decades, people have become more creative in terms of using their talking skill, to make money. All over the internet space on blogs, YouTube and social media like Facebook and Twitter, people are saying different things, sharing their opinion and making themselves heard. Those who have nothing to say just get lost in the crowd and follow those who are leading by their voice. Unfortunately many people who talk, are doing so for free yet going hungry and broke.


Recently I listened to a Comedian say he is paid for talking, and if you talk and you are not paid for it, you are should be slapped for being very stupid. Hahahaha! That is funny you know! But I made sense out of what he said jokingly. Only 20 years ago, who knew that people will be making so much money just talking and entertaining others?

Talking is a skill and not everyone is gifted in it. When you are so fluent in a language and you are charismatic whenever you speak, and you have a convincing voice, you are likely a talented speaker-an orator. A good example in the last decade is the current President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Many people hold the view that his winning his first Presidential elections is hugely attributed to his oratory ability. 

That said, let’s come back to our topic. Why then should anyone consider the business of making money through talking?

1.    It Comes Naturally

Talking is a talent and like any other, it comes naturally. This means that any talented speaker, who chooses to get into the business of talking for money, will be doing business without stress. Talented speakers don’t struggle to get the right words through which to communicate their ideas, each time they speak. Talking is a joy for them and it flows so naturally and easily.

If you are one who never finds it difficult to address a crowd even at short notice; one who always has difficulties with managing time, when talking; one who always knows what to say to move people to go in the direction you choose; one who knows how to stir up people’s emotions when you speak; And one who was born with the microphone in his/her hands, look no further for a business to do. You can make cool money without stress if you get into the business of talking for money.

2.    It Feels Great

There are not many jobs that people do which feel dignifying. Talking can be a very dignifying way of creating wealth for yourself if you know your thing. While most jobs can get boring overtime, talking will never. While most jobs could push you to the wall and put your integrity on the line, talking won’t.

Besides the fact that talking will never get boring nor put your integrity on the line, great speakers always have a ready audience that believes in what they have to say. They soon develop fan-ship all over the globe, having so much influence in the lives of people and the society at large. Every day they are quoted here and there and many people build their levels on the knowledge they have gained from listening to some speaker. This feels great, doesn’t it?

3.    Starting Up Is Relatively Cheap

While most businesses need so much to start, making money through talking requires very little or no capital for some cases. In most cases all you need is the sound human resource who delivers the knowledge to the audience, and the medium through which the knowledge is delivered. However, how much you spend for starting up depends on how big you want to build the business.

If you want to go into full time business in say organizing seminars, you may want to get an office space, a computer, a printer, internet service, stationaries and office supplies, fixed and mobile phone, etc. but all these are the most you will need and doesn’t cost anything much to start-up and run such a business.

4.    Risks Are Relatively Low

There are not many lucrative businesses you can do, that will not present with high risks. Usually when most businesses collapse, the owners lose millions in a very short time and are forced to start all over. This kind of business does not require much capital investment and so does not entail high risk-taking. If it fails, the owner can comfortably stop and look at some other business.

While most businesses are worth millions and are very risky, the business of talking has just one risk: the health and fitness of the human resources. As long as you are fine and strong, you will always be making money if you do your homework. This kind of risk is managed by the owner of the business, taking the necessary precautions and living healthy, to stay wealthy.

5.    It Does Not Require Much Publicity Effort

Like some businesses that directly deal with people, the business of talking for money is on that needs little or nothing to be invested in publicity. The reason is simply that your audience naturally become your marketers and can go about talking about what you do. At some point if you are good at what you do, you just sit back and receive calls from different people and groups, inviting you to talk at different places. When that begins to happen, you are made.

When you decide to go into full scale business, making money through your talking ability, you may soon begin to reject full time jobs because what you will be making for just one job could pay your salary for many months in a full time job somewhere. In fact, the few friends I have who earn a living by talking hardly are interested in anything else apart from freelance. 

Don’t sit back and watch others make use of their talking skills when you got one and could be making millions with it. You sure have an area of knowledge or skill that you master so well. Get down and develop yourself more, sharpen your talking skills and begin to make money from what you know and can confidently talk about. Go ahead and read ‘How To Make Money By Talking’. 

Let me see your comments below.

By Kadzem Claude

6 Bad Habits You Need To Cultivate For Business Success

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Do you know that some of the best business men and women all over the globe are people with poor habits? Shocking right? The interesting thing is that all successful entrepreneurs have this in common. In fact, success in business to some extent demands that you build some of these habits. These habits are bad in other spheres, but good for entrepreneurship.

If you are struggling to deal with some of these issues in your life, I tell you, you may not need to struggle anymore. Just consider utilizing them in the right way and increase your chances of succeeding in business. Here are some of the habits that repel people from you but could bring you to business zenith.


1.    The Habit Of Being Alone

People don’t love loners. Loners are hated for always preferring to be alone and self-dependent. In fact, most loners will not make more than two friends their whole lives. Worse still, most loners don’t love this habit of theirs either. But though being a loner could really be a bad habit to cultivate, every entrepreneur who wants to succeed must know what it means to spend good time alone.

It is in those lonely quiet moments that ideas are born. It is in such moments that a person’s creativity is sharpened. If you have never known what it means to stay alone for hours just reflecting and brainstorming, you have never entered the place of your brain’s optimal capacity. If you want to get the best out of you, learn to spend more time alone. But make sure your time is spent qualitatively.

2.    The Workaholic Habit

Most successful entrepreneurs sleep for fewer hours than most other people. They are the last to bed and first to wake. Their approach to work is so rare and to them, work is the best thing God created. They just love working and when many people around them complain about their being out of touch with every other thing in their lives except work, it does really no difference. They are just addicted to work.

The habit of being a workaholic could really be bad for many reasons but for one: business success. Only hard workers see success. Don’t get me wrong, most often these people are not always doing any physical work as you may imagine. They don’t have to because they have people whom they pay to do all the physical work. They are hard mental workers and so even when they seem to be idle, their brains know no rest.

If your spouse, children, parents or friends complain a lot about your too much involvement in work, never mind, you are most likely the next entrepreneur the world is waiting for. 

3.    The Habit Of Breaking Rules

Most of us have grown up under rules and have learned that rules must not be broken. From home to school, to work places and religious houses, we meet rules that must be kept and each time we break them, we are punished severely. And so we grow up to know that everyone who does not adhere to rules in place, is bad. Unfortunately, as good as the society brandishes the attitude of keeping rules; it could really limit a person a lot.

All the people we celebrate today for success broke one rule or the other and challenged the status quo of settings. At the time they were not popular for their actions; but today they are role models.

Rules are often kept by careful people, people who fear to make mistakes and hurt others. Such people hardly achieve much in life. But if you want to be successful in business, you must not fear to be seen as the odd person; you must think out of the box and refuse to always swallow everything just as it is. You will surely be hated often for this but if you are sure you are right in what you do, then go on. You better not play safe and end up a mediocre for life.

4.    The Habit Of Being Disloyal

This is a strong one right? Being disloyal is very close to being a rule breaker but not exactly the same thing. Disloyal people are just people who don’t easily submit to anyone. This has to do more with the way they relate with their superiors and not just about rules.

Successful entrepreneurs are difficult people when it comes to following. They are born leaders and so getting them pledge their followership always, is not easy.

Most successful entrepreneurs have a history of job terminations and resignations and so have moved from one job to the other in a few years. Most times the reason is that they can hardly settle down in any office and be committed followers. While others will always complain about this attitude in them, they are just being real to themselves because they hate redundancy. They want to have the free hands to do things differently and this attitude will always be a strength if they eventually get into business.

5.    The Habit Of Fighting

Did you use to fight when you were a kid? Or maybe even now you still love fighting. You will agree with me that fighting in this 21st century is really outdated. But let me tell you that some of the people celebrated today, only became known because they were fighters.

Nelson Mandela fought for freedom. Martin Luther King Junior fought for equal rights to all, Mother Theresa fought for justice and William Wilberforce fought for the abolition of slave trade. These people would not have succeeded if they were not fighters. You now see that fighting is not always a bad habit at it appears. It is what you fight for/against and how you fight that matters.

Before you achieve business success you will engage in many fights. You will fight yourself and your competitors and unless you win, you won’t succeed. But your fights will not be with your fists, but with your brains. If Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and all the world-wide celebrated entrepreneurs were not fighters, they would not have succeeded the way they did.

So rise up and fight for the right thing in the right way. Use all that adrenaline in you, to face the challenges that stir at you in the face and you will move mountains.

6.    The Habit Of Competing Always

When we are kids, we compete with our friends in school for the first position. Competition at that time is fun and without any hates. When we grow up, we compete with bitterness and are ready to do anything to be certified the best amongst our fellow competitors. Some of us kill others just to win the race of competition. The result is that we label it BAD.

When you work in any office, you come across people who love competing a lot with others. This kind of competition which is very often negative, instead of boosting productivity, destroys it. But in business, you don’t talk of success without talking about how to beat competition. If you are too tolerant and considerate towards your competitors, you will be outclassed. Business is no war, but it is also no place for the faint hearted. It is a place for people who are not afraid to compete. It is no place for smart people.

If you have the attitude of competing, the business world will offer you the luxury of an exciting adventure. Take it up!

Any of the above 6 bad habits could be very powerful strengths to anyone who possesses them if rightly utilized. You need to build on these habits and make the most out of them. In no time, I see you spelling the word SUCCESS.

By Kadzem Claude

How Passion Will Make You Successful In Business

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Passion here is not that romantic feeling you have towards someone. It is that powerful feeling of enthusiasm we all have about something. We are all passionate about something: sports, fashion, show-bizz, business, health, politics, leadership, etc. When such enthusiasm which is so strong, meets with hard mental work, success is eminent.

I often tell people, it is a waste of time and energy doing something you aren’t passionate about. Getting up early to go out and do work you are not passionate about is a waste. You had better sleep all day. Same for doing business in something you are not passionate about. But on the contrary, when your business is built around something you are passionate about, success is just one of the events that must happen.


One of the most successful companies that exist in the world today is Apple. The success of Apple is seriously grounded in the prowess of its founder, Steve Jobs. When Carmine Gallo wrote the article, ‘The Seven Success Principles of Steve Jobs’ he revealed that the No. 1 principle of Jobs’ success is ‘Doing What You Are Passionate About’. Steve Jobs said that ‘people with passion can change the world for better and that the passion he had for his business, made the difference.

If you have passion for computers, you will naturally excel in trading in computers and related accessories. If rearing of animals is a joy, you don’t need to go looking for a shed to start selling electronics. Get fully into the business of keeping farm animals and you shall be very successful. Some people like myself, love real estate. They love the idea of doing business with landed properties and houses, giving them for rents, improving on them and selling, etc. That is where our passion is and we won’t do better elsewhere.
In this post, I share with you six powerful reasons why passion is vital for business success. They are:

1.    Passion Makes You Face Obstacles Easily

The road to business success is not a smooth one. It is paved with all kinds of obstacles. Some of us call them stumbling blocks and others see them as challenges. Whatever we call them does not diminish their existence and potential to stop any business man. In fact, I know many businesses that folded us recently because of challenges.

It takes a person who is passionate about what he does, to remain in business despite all the odds. When you work hard all day and get nothing to show for your hard work, passion will tell you, ‘tomorrow is another day’. When you are passionate about what you do, you find joy and excitement in the thing you do than what you get out of it. This pushes you to success.

2.    Passion Makes You Cope With Criticisms

One of the inevitable things on the road to business success is much criticism. The world has become so critical today and we tend to even be the first critics of ourselves. Handling the day to day challenges that come with growing your business, along with criticisms, can be very difficult for any entrepreneur. But passion knows how to handle this.

When you are passionate about what you do, you are less inclined to criticisms. You are too involved and distracted by what you do, to notice what some other person thinks. And so passion puts you in a position where you face criticisms with much ease. The truth is that when people see how passionate you are about what you are doing, they give up with their criticisms and soon start believing in you. They eventually contribute towards the success of your business.

3.    Passion Makes Your Absorb Stress Easily

Someone has said, the day you chose to start doing work you are passionate about, that day you stopped working. This is very true. A simple example for me is writing to inspire people. I love sharing my ideas with as many people as care to share in them. And so writing is something I have so much passion for.

Right now I am writing this piece is almost 1 am. I got home at about 6:00 pm, tried to handle a few things and thought I needed to rest so that I can be up again by 6:00 am. But as soon as I thought of this piece I needed to complete, I decided to add some little more to it. Soon I realized I had lost my desire to sleep and just wanted to keep writing. I will probably finish by 1:30 am and still make sure I am up by 6:00 am. While someone things it is stressful, I enjoy it because it is something I am passionate about.

When you are passionate about the business you do, you will hardly ever feel stressed out by it and this will make you do a lot that will attract success.

4.    Passion Makes You Give Your All

Business success requires a lot from any business owner. It requires all you got: time, money, skills, experience, ideas, innovation, etc. You will not really excel in business when you do it like part time. Giving your all into a business is not possible when that business is about something that doesn’t get under your skin.

I have a dad who is so passionate about farming. He says, ‘if you want to kill me, take away farming from me’. I have never seen someone passionate over something as he is over farming. He goes to his farms even when he has nothing to do there but watch the crops grow. His farm is kilometres away from home but he is there every day and I have seen him on some Sundays, going there early in the morning. When the time comes to harvest, you see the reward of passion.

The simple fact is that passion gives rise to hard work that births success.

5.    Passion Makes You Rise Again

The road to business success is punctuated by so many marks of failures and ups and downs. What we call successful entrepreneurs today are people who have failed so many times but refused to settle for failure. The rose up each time they fell and were courageous to take another step forward. One thing that is responsible for this sort of stubborn commitment to what they do is passion. Passion is what gets them back to their feet after falling.

When your business is something you are passionate about, you always make fun out of failure and rise up again with greater determination to get back to work.

6.    Passion Makes You Strive For The Best

I have shared with you in some of my posts that one of the things any business owner who wants to excel greatly in business must do is strive to be the best in whatever you do. When you are the best in your area of business, you will win the market and be very successful.

Passion is one thing that will make you refuse to settle for the good and the better and choose the best. It will make you hate mediocrity and go for the best. When you are passionate about what you do, you will always be thinking about how to improve what you do and the end result will be excellence. Nothing will make you strive for the best than passion.

Chris Gardner the multi-millionaire stock broker says the secret to success is to "find something you love to do so much, you can't wait for the sun to rise to do it all over again." He explains that the most inspiring leaders are those who don't work at a job, but pursue a calling.

Do-It-With-Passion-ImageYou cannot afford to waste your time on that business you are not passionate about. The most you will get out of it is mediocrity. Wake up and go after your passion. Build your business around it and see yourself reaching the zenith sooner than you imagine.

By Kadzem Claude

20 Interesting Facts About Bill Gates For Business Minds

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It is not every generation that is blessed to bask in the accomplishments of the kind of people this present generation has been blessed with for the last few decades. When we live with names like Warren Buffet, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Aliko Dangote, Mo Ibrahim, etc. who rank in Forbe’s list of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs, we have no excuses to remain friends to the life of mediocrity.

This generation is blessed with so many examples to learn from, most of who started doing exploits in their 20s and today are celebrated world over. If there is one man who has thrilled the business and IT world over the last two decades than anyone else, that man is Bill Gates.


Born to William and Mary Gates on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington – USA, William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates attended Harvard College in 1973 after scoring 1590 out of 1600 in SAT. During his first year at Havard, he spent much of his time on computers but after the first year, he dropped out of school and along with his friend, Paul Allen, went on to pursue their dreams in IT. Their combination led to the debut of the world over celebrated company called Microsoft.

Today, Bill Gates has become a household name for being an investor, a computer programmer, a philanthropist and a business magnate. Bill was consistently ranked by Forbes Magazine as the world’s wealthiest man from 1995 (when he was only 40 years) to 2009 except for 2008 when investor Warren Buffett dethroned him. In 2011 he was the wealthiest American and the world’s second wealthiest man.

I wanted to tap into the secrets behind this man’s success so I decided first to do some findings about his wealth and there were so many interesting things that I gathered. While I cannot attest to the integrity of all these facts about this world mover, I think they are not completely far from the truth. Out of the so much I gathered here are 20 interesting facts about Bill.

One: As successful as Bill Gates is, neither of his father nor mother was of business or IT background. His father was a lawyer while his mother was a teacher. Does it really matter the background you have? Stop entertaining complaints.

Two: Bill Gates started writing his own computer programs at an unbelievable age of 13. How old are you? How well are you spending your time?

Three: Bill Gates sold his first computer program at the age of 17 for $4,200. He sold a time-tabling system to his high school. Meaning at such a young age, still a teenager, Bill could boast of such an amount of money in his account, made using his knowledge. At your age, what can you boast of?

Four: Bill Gates started his first company - Microsoft at only 20. What was on your mind at 20? How old do you think you need to be, to start your first business? See my post titled, ‘10 Strong Advantages Of Starting Business Young’

Five: Bill Gates and Paul Allen took 5 years to make Microsoft a big success. Their biggest breakthrough in business came in 1980 when Microsoft won a contract from IBM to provide operating system MS-DOS for IBM’s new personal computers. Bill was only 25 then. Only 6 years later, he became a billionaire. Hard work pays.

Six: In school Bill bragged to his teachers that he would be a millionaire by the time he was 30; he was a billionaire by 31. How ambitious are you? Do you match your words with appropriate actions? What will you be by 30 or 40?

Seven: Bill Gates dropped out of Havard at the age of 20 and eventually became the most successful school dropouts the world has ever known. If you have had more education than him, you have the right to become more successful. Otherwise, your education could be a waste of time. What do you think? Don’t waste a minute doing something that does not lead to where you are going.

Eight: As you read this, Bill Gates earns about US$250 every second, that's about US$20 Million a day and US$7.8 Billion a year! His net worth is some US$72 Billion.

Nine: His estimated wealth in 2013 was US$65 Billion which equals the annual GDP of Ecuador, and maybe a bit more than that of Croatia.

Ten: If Bill Gates were a country, he would be the 37th richest country on earth. Hmmm! What wealth for a single individual! 

Eleven: Bill Gates is said to be worth two Kenyas, three Trinidads and a dozen or so Montenegros!

Twelve: If Bill gave US$15 to everyone on earth he will still be left with US$5 Million! Are you kidding me? 

For a brief period in 1999 Bill Gates net worth went past US$100 Billion and because of this a new term ‘centibillionaire’ was coined.

Fourteen: If Bill Gates were to pay the US national debt which is about 5.62 Trillion, by himself; he will finish it in less than 10years.

Bill Gates will be 59 this year 2014. If we assume that he will live for another 31 years, he has to spend $6 Million per day to use up all of his wealth.

Sixteen:  Michael Jordan is the highest paid athlete in US. If he keeps his annual income of US$30 Million, he'll have to wait for 277 years to become as rich as Bill Gates is now. 

Seventeen: If Microsoft Windows’ users could claim $1 for every time their Microsoft Windows freezes, Bill Gates would be bankrupt in about three days! This tells you how many people on earth use Microsoft Windows daily, making money for Gates.

Eighteen: In June 27, 2008, Bill bid farewell to Microsoft as full-time Chairman and decided to take up a full-time philanthropic role in the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, intending to devote all his time to charity work.

Nineteen: Having already given away more than $28 Billion, Bill Gates intends to eradicate polio, with the same drive he brought to Microsoft. What drives you on earth more than just making money? You need something that makes you lose sleep, in order to work as hard as he does.

Twenty: Only US$10 Million out of Bill Gate’s wealth will be inherited by each of his 3 children, with the most part of it, willed for philanthropic activities.

These are mind-blowing facts about a single individual who will forever be remembered not only for his business success but his contributions towards the fight against diseases. What does this article do to you? Can you share with us in the comment box below?

By Kadzem Claude

How To Master Your Money In 8 Ways

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Many people are slaves to money. Money dictates the way they think, speak and act. They are very excited when they have enough money in their pockets, and sad when their pockets are empty. They are not themselves when they make some good money. They lose their sense of good judgment and the ability to be self-disciplined and can’t say ‘NO’ to anything that appeals to their senses. They are mastered by their money, instead of being masters over it.

Making money is important. But when you don’t master money, you remain a slave to it and work hard forever in order to make it. You need not just to know how to make money but also how to keep it coming and how to make it work for you. You need to be in full control of all money that enters or leaves your hands.

People think that to be in control of your money is to be able to decide when to spend what amount of it. They think it is about having full right over your money. This is a wrong perspective. When you use money in a way that you live to always regret your spending; you have very little or nothing to show for the money you make; you are unable to break out of want; and your lifestyle is dictated by the money you have, you are a slave to it. Here below and 8 wonderful ways of being in full control of your money.

1.    Change The Way You See Money

Everything about money and the ability to handle and grow it begins with the way a person sees it. You will remain a slave to money until you build the right conceptions about money. For example, the person who believes that money brings happiness will spend a lot of money on things that are not very important just to stay happy. At the end of the day, he would have misused his money.

Your understanding that money is meant to facilitate life and make the world a better place for everyone, makes you able to maintain your calm even when you possess much of it. Remembering also that you are a steward of the money you have, and don’t own the money in your hands, will make you live a more humble life even when you are very rich. See more on these misconceptions by reading ‘How Not To See Money If You Want To Be Rich’

2.    Understand Your Cash Flow

Some people earn money monthly, some daily, others per assignment and others still, have no regular pattern of earning. Being clear on how money flows into your pocket could be simple but very important in mastering money. When you know the next time to expect money and how much to expect, you will be better placed to plan your finances and be in control. If you have a very irregular earning pattern, you need to plan based on worst case scenarios and not based on the best.

Understanding your cash flow also entails understanding the sources of your income, how reliable they are and also understanding your spending and how much of your income goes to what. You need to have all these recorded somewhere and begin adjusting from there. When you are not clear on your cash flow, you could even budget on your gross income instead of your net income.

3.    Set Financial Goals & Strive To Achieve Them

If you are thinking of what you want to be in the next 5 or 10 years, then you must also think about how much wealth you should have made by then. Wealth does not just happen like an accident. People who become wealthy take time to set financial goals and plans, working hard daily to achieve them. Only when you have clear financial goals, will you begin to get disciplined about how you spend money. I have noticed that people who earn much and have financial goals, try to minimize as much as possible, their spending.

Set a financial goals for yourself which you hope to have achieve by the next 5, 10 or 20 years. Fix your eyes daily on them without giving room to distractions that could come even from you. Set long-term, medium-term and short-term goals and make sure they are SMARTA.

4.    Develop A Budget And Keep To It

As soon as you have a financial goal for a number of years, the next crucial thing is to have a budget. Most preferably is to have a budget that covers the period between your earnings. So if you earn money monthly, set monthly budgets. Your budget should include all that you intend to spend during that period and what you will be spending for. It will also do you good if you indicate how important that which you will be spending on, is.

When budgeting, also consider what has to go for savings, investing, paying of debts and emergencies. These are all very important aspects in mastering your finances. The ultimate thing about budgeting is you sticking to your budget as much as possible. Sometimes you will need to be dynamic and deviate a little from your budget but be very sure that was is necessary to do so.

5.    Take Charge Of Your Spending

I am sure you have heard people say, ‘spend less than you earn’. This is a common saying and many people think they adhere to it. But their claim is far from the reality because many people spend all they earn before they can be sure of their next income. Meaning they have to get into debt to keep them till the next time they get money.

Taking charge of your spending entails not spending emotionally. It means spending money on things that are really important and budgeted for. If you are prudent enough to get into the details of how you spend your money every month, you may realize that sumptuous amount of money goes into buying things that are not too necessary. Before you make the next buy, ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this? Could I still do without it? Does it fall within my budget limit for expenditures?’ Your answers to these questions should lead you not your emotions.

6.    Eliminate Wastages

Lately, I realized how much is we waste from our income. We spend money on things that are unnecessary and can be avoided. We pay for services we don’t use, pay bills we could avoid, in cure costs that are unnecessary, etc. Some of us have accounts and takes bank services which don’t generate any interest over time and we hardly make use of. Funny enough for some, we rather pay interest at the end of each year. All these things make us poorer. See my post titled ‘Meet The Ten Thieves Of Your Finances’ as I reveal more of the financial wastages you need to avoid.

7.    Refuse To Get Into Debts

As I have shared in many of my post titled ‘How To Attract Money’, debt is a habit that you must kill. It enslaves and demotivates you from working hard to earn more. This is contrary to most people’s views that when you are in debt, you want to do all you can to make money and pay your debts. If it was true that debts motivate us to work harder, we will all want to have more debts always.

One of the decisions you need to make is that of getting completely out of debt. When you don’t have to budget anymore for debts owed, you are freer and can better master your income and grow it.

8.    Set A Savings and Investment Plan

Having savings and investment plans could not be left out of this list for obvious reasons. I have mentioned them above when talking about setting financial goals and also when budgeting.

One reason why people lose control when they have much money is because they don’t know what to do with it apart from spending. They lack financial intelligence. When saving and investing money becomes a way of life to you, you eliminate loose cash and consequently eliminate all unnecessary spending. This is a decision you must make and when you are faithful in it, you will soon be in wealth.

I wish you the best as you adhere to these wonderful strategies that will help you master your finances and grow wealth.

By Kadzem Claude

How Not To See Money If You Want To Be Richer

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There are very few things in this world that are as useful as money. There are also very few things that are as misunderstood. All over the world, people conceive money in different ways. It is interesting to find out that most people who have very negative conceptions about money are those who hardly have it. This makes me to conclude that there is a relationship between the way you see money and your ability to attract it.

Many people would be richer if they just saw money differently. Unfortunately people hold to funny notions about money that are unfounded and they continue to remain poor. If we want to be rich, one of the things we must seek to understand is money. When the way we see money changes, the way we seek and handle it will obviously change and we will be richer. Here are ten ways not to see money if you want to become richer.


1.    Money Is Evil

You are not surprised to read this, are you? I have come across a few people who still think money is evil. The irony is that they use it even though they think and feel that way about it. They only feel that way when they are not in possession of it.

Money is meant to solve problems and meet needs. It is to facilitate life. If you still think money is evil, you will see everyone who has it as evil and you will need to be a demon to attract it, since it is evil.

2.    Money Is To Be Worked For

Daily, many people sleep late, wake very early and work all day with the conception that they are working for money. And so they think that the more work they do, the more money they make. You must have come to realize that those who work more don’t necessarily get richer.

Money is not worked for. It is attracted by who you choose to be and the things you do. Work for 24 hours a day, but be the wrong person and do the wrong things and you are bound to remain poor. See my post titled ‘How To Attract Money’.

3.    Money Is Selective

While you may be wrong if you think that money looks at the faces of people to decide who to go to, you will be correct to think that money selects on those who know what to do in order to attract it.

Money does not respect people. If it had to, it will probably not choose to be in the hands of that mad man on your streets. But money goes where it is attracted. When you know the things to do that will attract money, money comes to you.

4.    More Money, More Problems

Because we never seem to have enough money to solve the problems we have, we tend to see money this way. We imagine that if we had more money we will solve all our problems, but when we eventually have more, our problems seemingly double.

Money is not the source of your problems; neither does it make them double. Your problems are there, whether you had money or not. What happens is that when we know that we have money, we decide to think about more problems to solve which we would have ignored if we were broke. If I put more money in your account and did not tell you, you will be having more money but keep living normally. But the moment you become aware of it, you will begin to accommodate more issues that need to be solved.

5.    Money Makes People Bad

The decision to be bad is a decision that comes from a person and no one can be bad without making the choice to be so. In the Bible, there are many wealthy people who remained good and faithful people. Even in the world today, some of the billionaires we celebrate are very good people. If money made people bad, everyone who got money will be bad.

Money has nothing to do with the way someone chooses to act. There are many bad poor people and good rich people. People who don’t understand money, get it and decide to become bad. People who understand money, get it and use it to do many good things.

6.    Money Is Made To Be Spent

I came to realize that the poor and average people are higher spenders than the rich. They spend because they feel that money is meant to be spent. But this is one reason why they remain broke.

Rich people are wise. They work money once and from then, begin to use it to attract more. Money is not just for spending. It is meant to be used to affect the lives of people and make the world a better place for everyone. When you use money to affect the world, you hardly get empty. In the Bible the one who invested his five talents, got more. No doubt Bill Gates donates as much as he does to charity, but never becomes broke.

7.    Money Will Make You Happier

When I was young, I was broke, but I was happier than now that I am much richer. It is true that money can facilitate life and make things simpler but if you need money to be happier, you are miserable. And should you become a billionaire, you will still always be miserable.

Happiness is a choice that you make, to appreciate the things life has to offer and as well as love yourself the way you are. When you are comfortable with yourself you find out that more people want to gravitate towards you, and you soon become rich.

8.    More Money, Less Debt

Debt is a habit. It has little or nothing to do with how much money we have. In fact, for most people, debt often rises with income. When you cultivate the habit of getting into debt, you find out that you never have enough to keep you from having debts.

What keeps you out of debt isn’t a high income or net worth. It’s not borrowing money. And what will make you not to borrow more money is when you plan your finances well and make sure you live within your means. More money will never make you stop borrowing.

9.    More Money, Less Worries

Money doesn’t end anxiety. It gives you something else to be anxious about: losing your money. Granted, those without enough money to eat or keep a roof over their heads have lots to worry about. But when these people eventually make more money, they never stop worrying.

Worrying is one of the foolish things we all love to do. We do it forgetting that it does not good to our money problem. We never make more money by being worried. We only inherit all forms of health problems and even spend more money solving the health problems we get from worrying. Just like you need to decide to stay happy, decide to live without being worried. Don’t plan to stop worrying when you have more money; you won’t.

10.    Money Is Never Enough

It is strange that this one made my list. Sure we all think that money is never enough. Yes that is true but this is not how to think when you want to get rich. Such a conception makes you to always see the money in your hands as too little to be used to generate more.

People who think money is never enough, hardly grow in wealth. Whenever they make some money, they spend it all with the excuse that the money was too small to be used to generate more. If the money you have in your hands is too small to be a harvest, make it a seed. Plant it!

I am sure with the above ten misconceptions about money, you are beginning to review the way you see money. This is the first step in your being able to attract money and becoming richer. Go on to see ‘How To Attract Money’.

Make your comments below

By Kadzem Claude

How To Attract Money: 7 Powerful Decisions You Must Make

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Becoming rich begins with a decision - the decision to be become rich. Following that decision are appropriate actions that lead to riches. You will not become rich by accident. You will become rich if you make the right decisions which put you in position to make wealth. And funny enough you make thousands of decisions that affect your ability to make wealth, daily.

I tried to look into the lives of some of the world over celebrated multi-billionaires and found out that they had in common the kind of decisions they made. Some of their decisions were seen as foolish by people who today celebrate their achievements. Here are seven powerful decisions you need to make in order to attract money.


1.    Changing Your Mind Set About Money

If you still think money is evil, you will never be rich. This is an assurance. There are many wrong impressions and theories people hold about money and this is one reason why they are not able to rise up to wealth. A few of such wrong impressions are:

-    Money is the root of all evil
-    No one makes so much money genuinely
-    Money is made to be spent
-    More money, more problems
-    More money, more happiness
-    Money is selective on people
-    Money is dirty

See my post titled ‘How Not To See Money If You Want T Be Richer’ as I dwell deeply on these and more.

The truth is that you cannot attract something you don’t believe in. You attract wealth by your actions and your actions are influenced by your thoughts, which are built around your belief system. And so to attract money, you need to make the decision to change your mind set about it. For most people in this category, it will entail a lot because they may have held to these beliefs for many years. But if anything is worth doing, it is this, because making wealth begins from here.

2.    Going The Extra Mile

I read a lot and it bothers me when people say very rich people don’t work too much, they just think smart. While I agree with them on the latter, I think they got their definition of hard work, wrong.

Rich people work hard, both mentally and physically. If reading, making business connections, studying new markets, dealing with poor habits, creating investments, staying awake when others are fast asleep and waking up as early as 5 am each day to think and plan are part of being hard working, wealthy people are the hardest workers.

Rich people work very hard to earn what they get. They just don’t toil or labor much. They work with their brains - that’s the difference. They think smart and work hard and so get results. But, the most important thing to me is that whatever they do, they try to always be outstanding. If they are in an office, they strive for the top. If they are in business, they work hard to be the best. They hate average and mediocre life, with passion.

Most of us are too lazy to ever become rich someday. We sleep long hours, socialize for more than half of our day, get comfortable with going through weeks, months and years without achieving anything, complain about the government, and do everything else but work hard and think smart. This is the second decision you must make and it goes with a lot of self-discipline.

3.    Attaching High Value To Time

Time is a very precious commodity given to everyone in equal quantity. While some people make maximum use of their 24 hours, some others waste theirs on the things that add no value to their lives, yet wonder why they are not as rich others. Proper time management is a serious problem to poor people. Don’t forget that being busy the whole day is not synonymous to making proper use of your 24 hours. You could be busy doing irrelevant things.

Time is a commodity that when wasted can never be regained. Time goes with every passing second and you must make the most value out of it by ranking it above money. You will always use time to make money but will never use money to buy time.

If you will attract wealth, start today by deciding to have full control over your time; schedule and spend it wisely and be accountable to yourself of every time you spend. Cut down as much as possible, on all free time and time for leisure. Eliminate time wasters and distractions. Don’t give your time away too easily. Let people know just how much you value your time. This decision also goes with a lot of discipline and could even earn you enemies. But never mind. Rich people never lack friends.

4.    Planting Money

Before money enters the hands of most people, they have had a million plans of how to spend it. That is why most people are poor. You don’t need to board a plane to go where you can spend money. Opportunities to spend the least in your hands abound all around you.

Taking the decision to plant money is so important in attracting money. It is not a very easy decision because the harvest is hardly immediate. This is called investing. Investing is not a thing for the now. It is a thing that brings future reward. You may have to forsake delicious meals, the comfort of luxury cars, comfortable home or a vacation, just so that you can get these things and much more in the future. Investing is for the future-minded.

One of my personal goals for the next 3 years is to build and invest in as many viable business opportunities as possible. This is a very rewarding goal and can be yours too. Make the decision to invest today. Acquire or invest in assets such as stocks, bonds, businesses, real estate, etc. and guarantee a rich future. But, invest wisely.

5.    Acquiring Enough Knowledge

Knowledge is strength. When you don’t know you have no excuse to give for your ignorance. While men could understand with you that you did not get the opportunity to go to business school or get some form of education, life will not. You will have to live broke all your life.

While Bill Gates may be a Havard Business School dropout, he is very knowledgeable in what he does. So you realize that it is not much about formal knowledge. In fact, some professors are one of the most broke persons in the world.

You need to reading widely and stay current about everything that has to do with what you do and hope to become. You will become rich if you are the best in what you do. And to be the best, you must know all that anyone can, about what you do.

Spend the little money you have to acquire books, attend seminars, get trained, all to build a wealth of knowledge in you on your field. Also acquire enough knowledge on how to build wealth in general. All these will put you in position to attract money. This too needs money and discipline. But it is crucial.

6.    Becoming Debt-Free

Debt is a habit that you must kill, if you are serious about attracting money. Many people think that having debts is a must for everyone. It is not true. Debt to a huge extent is a form of bondage. When you live in debts, your mind’s ability to focus and think about making wealth is reduced because you are constantly bothered about paying your debts. But you can live free of debt if you choose to.

Some people think that having debts to pay give an incentive to working hard to make money. I strongly disagree. If you have ever worked before, you will bear with me that each time you had to go to the bank to receive your salary and remembered that half of the money was going to some other person, you became more reluctant. It is the same thing with making money. When you have cleared all your debts, you are more motivated to think and make money.

Kill the habit of getting into debts. Do everything you can, to live within your means. Don’t earn money to pay someone else. Clear all your debts as soon as possible.

 7.    Thinking & Talking Richly Daily

We all gravitate towards our thoughts and words than any other place. Our thoughts easily become our words and actions and our daily actions chart the course of our lives. Why is thinking and talking rich daily, a tough decision? Because we are more prone to think and talk things from the stand point of what we are at the moment than what we want to be. But what we are has nothing to contribute to where we are going. What determines where we are going are the things we are doing now, which are a result of what we are thinking and saying now.

Take control of your thoughts daily. Think about how wealthy you want to be in a few years to come. Visualize yourself in wealth. Relate with the best things of this life, in your thoughts. Read a lot about wealth and riches. Feed your mind with things that are meant for the rich and acquaint yourself with the ways of the rich. Build a rich mentality.

When your thoughts and words are filled with things that surround wealth, you realize that you become more determined to do the things that attract wealth and you hate anything that makes you poor, including being lazy. Riches follow. But, don’t pursue wealth. Pursue the live that attracts wealth.

If you are yet to make the above seven decisions, I encourage you to make them today. I will love to read your comments below.

By Kadzem Claude

10 Strong Advantages Of Starting Business Young

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Starting a business when you are in your 20s or 30s has lots of advantages most young people are unaware of. This year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google will each turn 41 while Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft will turn 59 and same for Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple.

You must have been thinking that the best time to become a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Lary Page, or some other business magnet, is when you will be in your 40s, 50s or 60s, but surely you have not taken time to consider when these people started their businesses.

Come to think of it. Steve Jobs (1955) founded Apple in 1976 when he was 21; Bill (1955) founded Microsoft in 1975 when he was just 20; Larry (1973) and Sergey (1973), founded Google in 1998 when they were each 25; Zuckerberg (1984) founded Facebook in 2004 when he was turning 20. Mike Lazaridis (1961) founded BlackBerry in 1984 when he was 23; Byung-Chull Lee (1910) founded Samsung in 1938 when he was 28; Sir Richard Branson (1950) founded the Virgin Group that currently owns more than 400 companies including Virgin Records, Virgin Airways, Virgin Mobile, in 1970 when he was only 20; etc.


The above list is endless. These are entrepreneurs who have made their mark, are still doing so and will forever impact the world. The common denominator for all of them is that they started young. They all knew what it felt like, to start at an age which very few people believe is cut out for adventuring into very  challenging grounds like business and investment. 

The good news is that they all succeeded. I know you will be asking, what about those who failed? The answer is simple: Those who failed did not fail because they were young but because they did not do the right things. But every success is punctuated by failures.

Are you considering starting a business and you feel it is too early? Do you consider yourself too young to start a business that will succeed? Pause and think again. Young adulthood is the most ideal time to start your business. When Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg and the others thought to start their businesses, they were probably your age or perhaps even younger. You have no excuse not to start that business today. These are ten strong advantages of starting young.

1.    You Still Have Tons Energy

Business needs energy on a daily basis for it to run. Some of it is mental while some is physical. Every work that is done daily on any business is only possible with the expending of energy.

If you are young, you will still be able to stay awake late and sleep for just a few hours a day and go on fine; you will still be able to travel five days a week for business and have no problem with it; you will still be able to handle many responsibilities at the same time on the business without breaking down. This is not possible at an advanced age.

2.    You Are More Creative & Dynamic

Creativity is the wings on which businesses thrive. The difference between many business successes and failures is creativity.

Young brains have a far higher potential to think sharp and harness creative ideas than the experienced brains of the old. Behind the successes of many businesses is always a young creative brain. A dynamic business is only possible when there are lots of new ideas daily and this is possible only when the brain is young.

3.    You Are More Adventurous

To a very big extent, most successful people are good adventurers. They know how to try out things that most other people fear to try out. They more readily shun fear and take risks.

Business is a big adventure and the young are more likely to dare it. In your 20s and 30s you will adventure many times on different grounds while someone in his/her 50s and 60s will be trying to play safe. Let business be one of those grounds on which you adventure.

4.    You Are More In tune to Technology

With the 21st century computer age, the business stage has gone wild. No one does good business today and doesn’t go online. Here again the young brains thrive.

You have surely watched that teenage guy in your home as he manipulates the computers, ‘twitting’, making free calls online, sharing ideas and linking up to people all over the world with so much ease. As a young adult, you have an edge over any one older in your world because you can easily understand technology and use it optimally to link your business up to the rest of the world. What are you waiting for?

5.    You Got More People & Connections In Your World

Have you ever paused to consider the number of persons you are connected to through one forum or the other? Friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family and others, all make up the hundreds and thousands of people in your world. As you grow older, you will lose many of these people because you will want to focus on the fewest possible people that really matter to you.

Young adulthood is a time of relationship. Young people are very relational and this is a very big advantage to anyone who goes into business, young.

6.    You Got Fewer People To Live For

Starting a business and having to keep up with the demands from family can be very challenging. When you have a family, you have people who need you very much and you start trying to share yourself amongst many people. Apart from that, you have many people to consider in decision making and risk-taking. This typifies the life of the aged family people.

As a young adult you have yourself and maybe one or two other persons to think of. You are not under any pressures. You have maybe just you, to bear the responsibility and outcome of your decisions and actions. This is just the best time to dare and dare more.

7.    You Can Easily Be Tolerated

When you are young you can easily be tolerated by the society when you fail. In fact it feels normal to fail.  No one even expects you to succeed. You feel secured in failing again and again and then succeeding. It is no news when a 20 year old tries on an idea that ends up a failure as it is for a 40 year old. If you are young, realize that you have fewer eyes looking at you and expecting you to succeed. 

More people around you are willing to encourage you than to condemn and criticize you. Take full advantage of this and get all the support you need from the people you have so as to make the success you desire. You don’t have to worry about failing because no one cares very much whether you fail or succeed.

8.    Time Is On Your Side

Starting a business in your 20s or 30s, offers you the resource of time, which many people who start in the later part of their lives, lack. You have enough time to try out different things, make mistakes, learn, grow, gain expertize and flourish.

In most parts of Africa, people start businesses and before their business can emerge powerfully, they are either too tired to carry it on or they die and the businesses follow. If you are still youthful, time is one of the biggest resources you have in your favour. Take advantage of it and start now!

9.    You Can Better Handle Pressures

Business can be very challenging some days. Some days it feels like closing down and giving up. Such days are not funny. It takes a resilient/persistent person to keep going when debts keep increasing and workers’ salaries are due but there is no money to meet up with the needs, coupled with the complaints from customers and resignation of workers.

As a young person you have better shock absorbers to face difficult moments and pressures that happen on the business. You will hardly come down with hypertension as the old. In fact to some extent, you thrive best in the face of challenges. That is a strong point in your favour and you must grab it.

 10.    You Can Easily Access Support

Financial, moral, material and technical support are all very necessary when building up a business. But these are not always very easy to get especially when you are advanced in age. The reason is that people assume that you have all in control and don’t need help. You are more likely to have people trying to lean on you for support than helping you out.

As a young adult, you stand a greater chance of being supported by many people if you are open. You will have many people wanting to offer you advice, financial support, materials and other forms of support, just because they think you are young and need encouragement. If you are a sharp young person, you may not spend anything to start your business. Take full advantage of this today and start. But make sure you come back and let me hear your success story.

Now you have found out why you need to start that business now that you are young. What’s left is for you to wake up and stop procrastinating. The advantages you have today are gradually slipping off your fingers and sooner than later you will find it very hard to start your business. Waste no time. Go for it. Success is not as far away as you imagine!

By Kadzem Claude

How To Achieve Your Business Goals In 8 Steps

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Goals-setting is important for business success. But working towards achieving the goals is what brings the success. It is very interesting to find out that there are many people doing business without goals. They don’t have a place they intend to get to in the next 2, 3, 5 to 10 years, with their business. When you don’t have goals, you don’t know where you are, where you are going and how to get to where you intend to get to.

Working towards the achievement of your business goals is working towards the success of your business. It deserves anything you can give it. It must be your preoccupation daily. After reading my posts on how to set goals for your business, here are the steps to follow in working towards achieving your goals.


Step 1: Set & Discuss The Goals With Your Staff

For any business to achieve her goals, it has to be the efforts of all the staff, put together. This is easy when the staff have a great sense of ownership of the business. One way to make this possible is to set and discuss your business goals, with your staff. This system of management which is participatory is called Management By Objectives (MBO) and it has proven to be the best management method.

Have goals and budgeting forums, say twice in a year. Before each forum, ask your staff (from top management to  lay workers), to write their desires for the business for the next period of 6 months, making suggestions on how they think such desires could be achieved and what they think will be the impact on the business, if achieved.

Step 2: Determine Your Drivers

As you set goals, you become more aware of what is required to achieve each one. For each goal, write all the requirements necessary to achieve it. These are your drivers.

For example, if want to double your sales by the end of the year 2014, you may need to increase the size of your marketing team as well as create a research department attached to the marketing department. Here your goal is to double sales by the end of the year and your needs are additional marketing staff and a research department with staff.

Step 3: Determine Your Needs

When you determine your drivers, the next thing to do is to think of the things you need, to make them possible. If for example your driver is the creation of a research department, some of your needs will be, new or increased office space, more money for salaries, more materials for daily work, increased running costs, etc. All, if not most of your needs will trim down to one thing - MONEY.

Money is very often, the ultimate means by which you can get your needs met and consequently achieve your goals. You need money to hire a new staff, open a new office, start a new department, train your old staff, etc. Try to write down all the things you need, to meet up with your drivers and achieve your goals.

Step 4: Determine Your Actions

Business-Man-Focusing-On-Goal-ImageAs soon as you know what you want to achieve, how to achieve them and what is needed to achieve them, the next thing to do is to plan with your team, how you intend to use the things you have, to achieve your goals. This has to do with actions/activities. Unless your goals are broken down to action steps, you cannot achieve them.

Draft an action plan that shows all the necessary steps you will take to achieve each goal, with the time you will take each one. Make sure your goals are all broken down into the little actions required each month, each week and each day, in order to ensure that at the end of the year, your goals are achieved. 

Step 5: Consider Changes & Obstacles

One thing that is constant is change. There shall be PESTLES (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental and Scientific) changes in your business environment that will affect your business. Also, the workers, the market, the competitors and the customers could all change. All these will necessitate a change in the business operations and this will certainly affect the achievements of your goals.

Now that change is certain, what do you do? You need to anticipate and expect it. Then plan (Plan A) and have contingency plans (Plan B) that takes into consideration all possible changes that you could witness. Though it is not possible to anticipate and prepare for all the possible changes that could occur, considering them will minimize the amount of difficulties you could face.

Remember also that some changes could work in your favor and so when they come, analyze each one to know if to take advantage of them of face them and adjust accordingly.

Step 6: Write Down Your Goals In Terms Of Priority

Now that your goals, needs and action plans are well articulated, go ahead and write them down in order of priority. In prioritizing, you want to ensure that you allocate your resources to the most important goals, first. Remember that your resources are always limited compared to the goals you desire to achieve. You cannot hope to achieve all. If you ever succeed to achieve all, you did not have enough goals.

In prioritizing, list the goals in order of which ones will have the greatest impact on your overall business goal, than the other. In other words, which ones will move the business to its destination, faster than the other? List them in that order, right down to the least important. As you write each goal, write the needs, action steps, etc. for it to be accomplished.

Step 7: Allocate The Resources You Have

Your resources include men, machines, money, materials, space, etc. They are always not enough. So you need to wisely assign these resources to the different tasks which need to be carried out daily in order for you to be able to achieve your goals. Assign tasks daily, weekly and monthly making sure you give the most complex aspects, to the more skilful staff and the trivial aspects, to the least skilled staff. However, keep all your staff busy on a daily basis and let each one realize just how important his/her work is, to the achievement of the goals of the business.

Motivate your staff daily by making them see just how the success of the business will change their lives. Encourage initiative-taking but sit back and supervise from time to time. Adequately compensate them and appraise their work both privately and openly.

Step 8: Carry Out Evaluations

In the achievement of your goals, you need to sit from time to time with your team, to evaluate how far you all are gone in the achievement of your goals. I will recommend monthly evaluation.

In evaluating the business and the team in general, you need to also evaluate the work of each member of your team and help them improve on what they do. Don’t forget that it is the one dollar that John and James each make on a daily basis, that account for the 730 dollars that the business makes at the end of the year. Do little evaluations, daily.

When you set your SMARTA goals and follow the steps above, you will be very much on the road to success. Do you have any goals for your business in 2014? How much have you achieved so far? You can begin today and I will wait to hear you tell me the difference, come the end of this year. I wish you the best as you work tirelessly to succeed on your business. Don’t get tired, success is very close.

By Kadzem Claude