Where To Send Free SMS From PC To Phone Online And The Disadvantages

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Everyone likes free things, including sending Free SMS. But is it always possible to get Free SMS considering the saying that goes thus: "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch"? Ok, let's say there is indeed Free SMS, are they disadvantages of sending Free SMS through Free SMS Sites? Everything that has advantages may also have disadvantages! Therefore, lets take a look into Free SMS and the both sides of the coin.

There are platforms that offers Free SMS and some that claim to offer SMS for free. Some of them are SMS Reseller sites, they offer limited number of Free SMS in a bid to attract customers who will in turn use their paid SMS services  either as a reseller or as individual user or for personal use. In which ever way, the Free SMS serves as a bet, which is a good marketing practice.

Other platformS that offers Free SMS are some Social Network and eCommerce Sites. You know, every social network and eCommerce site need loyal members and they need them in great number. One means of getting such loyal membership is to offer them some free stuffs, this is where Free SMS comes in handy. As a member, you have the privilege of sending limited number of Free SMS per day to your friends for using their site to any phone number of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Advantages - It affords you the opportunity of sending some number of Free SMS without paying a dime. And you can use most of them over and over again. That means, you wouldn't be paying for SMS as long as you're connected to the Internet; just login, compose your SMS and send. This is how far the advantage gets.

Like they says: Everything that has advantages also has disadvantages, and in some cases the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages.

Disadvantages - Free SMS from these websites is always accompanied with adverts that in most cases, you're not aware of. While you send those Free SMS to your friends, families, business associate, and co workers. You are in reality, sending them advertisements, recommending products that you may not know anything about to them.

Imagine this scenario:- You sent Free SMS from a website to your wife telling her to prepare Pounded Yam and Vegetable Soup for you and your guests. Under that SMS, there is advert reading: You can also buy meat pie from Sweet Sensation instead of cooking. Your wife thought the later message is part of your SMS and went for Meat Pie instead of the Pounded Yam and Vegetable Soup your actually asked her to prepare. How would take that... badly? But that is the message she got from you!

In a nutshell, most of your Free SMS from online sources are accompanied by adverts, containing messages you did not compose. Would you like to be sending people messages you didn't write or someone to send messages to your friends as you?

Secondly, some of those Free SMS Platforms are merely phone number harvesters. They capture your phone number and the phone numbers of people you sent SMS to and use them for their own advantages.

They will bombard those numbers with advertisements or even send them scam messages from some of them who may be fraudulent. Fraudsters use different mean to get to their victims, including offering you Free SMS to get access to your numbers.

Research Well - Before you use any Free SMS website, you need to carry out proper research about the reputation and the way the platform you want to use operate. Make use that by using them, you are not "Robbing Peter to pay Paul". However, many of them are legitimate but one thing that may not be avoided is advertisements. There's no such thing as a free lunch, you are getting those SMS for free because something must be asked for it in return, they pay for the SMS you're sending.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, it is your duty to weigh it and make your decisions. I don't want to recommend anyone, If you are looking for where to send Free SMS online, Google it and you will find them.

Paid SMS - You can send SMS online from SMS Service Providers for as low as few kobos per SMS if you buy in Bulk. So, why not go for the one you will pay few cents and have peace of mind instead of getting free and exposing yourself danger and privacy invasion.

In my previous posts, I have compiled lists of SMS Service Providers you can do business with. Go  through them and chose your choice.

What is your opinion in this; let us have your reaction, make your comment below and use the share buttons to pass it to your friends.

Top 10 Online Businesses That Makes Money Within 3 Months

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Are you desiring to get into Internet business and you really don't know how to go about it or where to start from? You've been hearing about people making money from the Internet and you feel like becoming one of them? 

Have you been trying one Internet based program or the other, but it seems the money doesn't want to come? I am sure you must have found yourself in one of these scenario, that's why you're here.

First, I want to assure you that doing business on the Internet is real, and millions of people round the world are currently making good money from the Internet, including people in your country. In other words, Internet business isn't a rocket science! 

It is as simple as anything you can think about. At the same time, as hard as any real business you know. How can one reconcile this seemingly contradictory statement? That a business is simple and hard at the same time?


Internet business is simple because unlike the conventional offline work or businesses, you can start Internet business from your bedroom, you can do it on your kitchen table, you can work while relaxing on the beach so to say! You don't have to run errands in effort to get around to your working place, at least at the early stage. Everything you need to do your business online may just be a Laptop and Internet connection.

I wrote this post at about nine o'clock in the night, lying down on my bed with my laptop! That Is the fun of Internet based work. Right here on my bed I will write, edit, finish, and publish. If it were to be offline publishing, I would probably write with my Biro, take it to the printing press, print it out and begin to distribute it; which you know will take lots of time and hard work. Internet makes it easy and conveniently done in my bedroom and you are able to read it without going to the nearby vendor to purchase it.

But that is where the fun ends. Like every real business, you need a lot of hard work (brain work) to set up, run, and sustain your business to the point where it starts making you money. You'll need to learn a lot things if you really want to be up and doing with your Internet business. Nothing is left to chances, a simple miscalculation or improper configuration of your server could get your business crashing like a pack of card.

I used to see some stuffs online - like adverts that promises you seat back and let someone else do the Internet business for you while you take the money home. There is nothing like that anywhere. How can you realistically expect someone to do business and bring the profit to you?

If you want it done properly, you must learn to do it yourself, experienced what works and what doesn't. Many are not able to make money with their Internet business because they believed it can happen suddenly and just by chance which may not be the case. The truth is, If you are willing to learn rope and master the strategies, I can assure you it's gonna be lots of fun.

Now, assuming you're ready to give it a go, here are my top ten Internet businesses that can make you good money with hard work, and consistent efforts.

1. Affiliate Marketing -  I'm not particularly excited about affiliate business, but it does make some money! What is affiliate marketing (affiliate programs) by the way? Affiliate marketing is online business where you are offered incentives by merchants to help them promote their product on your website or elsewhere. 

Usually, such incentives are like profit sharing, you get some percentage of the sale each time you successfully refer a customer who buy their products or perform whatever action the merchant stipulates. It is also called Referral Programs.

Affiliate marketing is best promoted on your website when you already have a site that receive good traffic. You simply recommend the affiliate product to your site visitors which will save you some marketing budgets. 

If you don't have a website, you'll have to promote your affiliate link through Google Adword system which would cost you some advertising money but you'll make money at the end.

Don't make the mistake of parading affiliate links on your Facebook walls or spamming forums with the hope of making a kill! It doesn't work that way!! The only two options that works is: 

(a) Either you have a website with good traffic. 

(b) Or you're ready to spend money on Adword. 

Outside these two, there is no gain. Good Affiliate Marketer earn up to $2,500 monthly while the gurus earn double of that or more.
2. Article Writing - This falls under Freelances but I want to talk about it separately due to the importance. Thousands of Bloggers and web owners around the world are ready and willing to pay you good money if you can write good, high quality, original articles on any niche. Some are even ready to employ you full time if you'd like employment.

Firstly, set up a website to advertise yourself show some sample of articles you've written previously and see people troop for you. You will charge per article or get paid per months, the choice is your to make. You can submit some of your articles on article directory to get traffic back to your website. This can give you $2,000 monthly depending on how many articles you write per day.

3. Blogging For Money - Blogging is act of self publishing, a process of publishing your views and understanding of a subject on the Internet. Blogging is a way of life to some of us who finds delight in doing it. Blogging gives you so much freedom of expression, you can make your voices heard on any subject. And most importantly, you can make money through blogging.

I know some guys who get their bills paid while they have fun at the same time through blogging. Pick any niche of your choice, any subject you find interesting and start blogging about it. Write as much as you can, and as best as you can on that subject.

Then as your readership (traffic) grows, you'll find a way of making money off them. This is where Adsense comes in. Adsense is not a business as some people use to say. Adsense is means of monetizing your blog or any type of website by serving contextual ads to your traffic. You CAN set up a free Blog Site from Blogger or Wordpress within minutes and starts blogging.

4. Domain Name Business - Nigerians are finding it difficult to make money with domain because they just know the basics. Domain name as a business goes far beyond just knowing how to register a domain, you need to understand what qualities that make a Domain good or bad. What to do with a domain to make you some money, etc.

There are three major Categories of domain business: 

Domain Development - Most people quickly rush to the marketplace to sell their domain for thousands of dollars. When you have a good domain name and you want it sold for thousands of Dollars, the best way to go about it is to develop it.

A developed domain name will earn you more money in terms of revenue generation, and when it's time to sell, people will be more interested in that domain because you are not just selling empty domain, you are selling a Domain with existing business. A developed Domain also goes for a higher price, 1000% higher than undeveloped Domains.

Domain Speculation - You register a domain name, list it in the marketplace with the hope of selling it for big cash to intended buyers. This aspect of domaining requires serious know how, plenty of patience, and participation. 

You don't just grab a domain and expect it to sell within days for thousands of Dollars! However, a good domain sell could fetch you more money than what average salary earners would ever think of in a whole year.

Domain Traffic Monetization - This is about the fastest means of making money from Domain business and from the Internet as a whole! It's as simple as you pick up good domain that has traffic, park it and the money starts coming. 

If you park empty domain, it will just seat there looking at you without any income, but if you park domain with traffic, you're sure to start making money within hours. Domain Goldmine teaches how to do it real good! The training is weekly and monthly.

5. Freelancing - This requires that you have special skills that people would be willing to hire you for just like in the case of article writing. Are you good with graphics and you are quite creative? Can you code on any coding language? Do you know web design, even if it's just drag-and-drop? Then, freelance is for you, and you don't need additional setups.

Go to freelance websites like oDesk, Freelance.com or 99Design  sign up and start bidding for jobs. You must be very good at what you do considering that no one wants to hire a green horn. You'll be paid per hour as you work, or you charge for the whole project. Average earning per project is $2,000 to $5,000.

6. Information Marketing - This one is Internet marketer's number one choice means of making money, not necessarily on the Internet as most of them do it offline with just very little Internet presence. In this business, everyone claimeds Internet Marketing Guru! 

One thing I don't like about Information Marketing is that, it's a business where everyone is a teacher, no one is a student and very few are doing the actual business they teaches. There is nothing as good as teaching from experience.

To do Information Marketing the right way: 

(a) Pick up any problem that good number of people are looking for it's solution. 

(b) Research and find out the solution to the problem.

(c) Write a well detailed eBook, outlining the solutions to the problem. 

(d) Design a very attractive sell page (mostly one page website) and write a convincing sell pitch. 

(e) Put your payment processor to collect your money, and you're good to go.

A good Information Marketer earns above $8,000 per month, but the Information he markets must contain solution to people's problem.

7. Paid Reviews - Set up a review website on any specific niche; at first you will be reviewing for review sake until you are able to build some credibility and wide readership. Then, charge to review some products and websites. The most popular niche in this category of Internet business is Web Hosting.

Make sure your reviews are objective enough to attract followers for you. Remember that, to review products effectively, you must know much about the said products or services. Pick the niche you're competent at. You can also sell affiliate products through your product reviews.

8. Sell on Internet Marketplace - Ebay should have been number one choice. Unfortunately, not all country is included on the list of countries that are qualified to do business with them. Never mind, there are hundreds of other marketplaces where you can sell. Such as Google Trader, OLX, etc. List your products there and sell. Some of them even support on spot sale with payment processors.

9. SMS Service - Seems to be the latest trend in Online Business Circle. I really can't vouch for the profitability but many are into it, and I guess it should be profitable if you do your marketing very well.

10. Social Networking - I stumbled on this business model on one of the Facebook Fan Pages and I think I liked it! Someone opened a Facebook fan page for Jewelry, selected some nice wedding and engagement rings, upload their pictures, and list the prices. You need to see how people were making inquiries about those Jewelry.

The business is simple: Set up a fan page for your products on Facebook. (b) Upload the pictures of the products you wants to sell. (c) Do Facebook PPC advertising to increase following. (d) Keep them engaged with relevant discussion around your product line. Watch as your business grows with regular profit in your pocket.

You can use your home as a contact point for some who would like to come to you, see the product, make payment face to face and go home with their product. Any product can be sold using this model.

That's all I have for you now. Remember, you didn't pay me anything to share this Information with you, all I asked from you is to make good use of it and tell others about this website. Do you have any question or comment? Post them in the comment box below