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Cocoa Farming in Africa presents one of the brightest investment opportunity to local and foreign investors in agribusiness in this region. Cocoa has been and will remain one of the fastest selling agricultural product in both local and international market. Once you have it planted and nurtured to maturity, you harvest cash from it for many decades. The reason is because cocoa is a perennial crop that survive produce for many decades.

Ivory Coast and Indonesia are the world’s biggest cocoa producers, follow by Nigeria, while Ghana is in distant forth position. But one thing special about cocoa farming business in Africa is that the potentials in this sector is massively under utilized. There are thousands of acres of fertile lands in South West and South South Nigeria that are suitable for cocoa farming but currently wasting away. Cocoa was the mainstay of Nigerian economy before the oil boom. The moment oil was discovered, cocoa farming was abandoned, leaving the opportunity for any would-be serious farmer to exploit.

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According to news report, Nigeria recently gave over 10,000 Hectares of fertile farm land to Indonesia for Cocoa and Oil-Palm Production while you are there pursuing useless jobs that doesn’t exist.The consequence is that Indonesian farmers will produce cocoa from the land, export it oversea, sell in dollars and repatriate the fund back to their country.

Opportunities In Cocoa Farming In Africa

A bag of Cocoa is currently sold for $200 (N38,000 in Nigeria) and about the same price in Ivory Coast and Ghana. If you have 1,000 bags of cocoa right now, you can easily swap it with $200,000 (N38,000,000) cash!

To achieve this, you can count on the early-maturing, high-yielding, disease-resistant beans to help double your farm production in two years. This varieties of cocoa plants mature in about 18 months. If you are in Nigeria, you can get the variety from the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria. While the traditional cocoa crop takes about four to five years to mature, the improved variety takes just one and half years.

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The new varieties produce 1 1/2 metric tons of cocoa per hectare (2.47 acres) each season compared with the older types which yield 1/2 ton. South Africans are now killing foreigners in their land who came for greener pasture. In Malaysia, you could be framed up, accused of drug offenses and get sentenced to death for doing nothing just because you are a stranger.

In the United States of America and UK, you could make all the money but end up paying everything back to the Government for taxation. Why not look for opportunity in your own country and develop it? Cocoa farming is one of such opportunities in many West African countries. Ghanians and Nigerians are returning home to Start Commercial Farming in Cocoa, Oil-Palm, Charcoal export, etc. You should be one of them. If you are a foreign investor, the opportunity for cocoa farming in Africa is also open to you.

You shouldn’t be caught making excuses that the economy is bad. As a matter of Fact, the city is too crowded, There’s much space to be occupied in the Rural Areas. Join the Farming Train and Start Making your money while you contribute to your country’s GDP.

Marketing  Of Cocoa Produce

Marketing of Cocoa is extremely fast and easy. Cocoa is probably the only farm produce you can market in just one day no matter the quantity you have. This is because the whole world depends on Cocoa for it’s daily foods and beverages need.

You don’t have to worry about marketing, all you need is to have your own farm, start producing cocoa, and watch the market come after you. This gives you an edge in Cocoa Farming business. Once you have worked hard to setup your farm, nurture your cocoa to the point of production within two years, you just sit back and start reaping your harvest year after year for at least 30 years.

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In Nigeria, We are not producing enough Cocoa. There is a need for more participation in cocoa farming in Africa. Proper Management is also needed to get the best yield.

There are people who make millions of dollars in Cocoa without owning a farm, you can become one of them too. Cocoa Dealers or Cocoa Agents make money by buying the cocoa beans from the farmers and selling directly to the Confectionery and Beverage companies. The business is equally available for Companies that wants to go into Cocoa Marketing, Distribution, and Exportation.

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  • Gerald Cella April 30, 2015

    Can someone who has no knowledge about cocoa go into it Sir?


  • Philip January 27, 2016

    Good afternoon, please how can one get this type of cocoa seed and where.


    • Darlinton Omeh January 27, 2016

      International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is the best place to get improve seeds or seedlings or at least get the information on where to get it. Their objectives are to improve the economic and social well-being of smallholders and the environmental sustainability of tree crop systems in West and Central Africa and to contribute to agricultural growth.

      IITA is somewhere in Ibadan


      • Samuel Orisajo September 4, 2019

        You get the cocoa seed from Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Km 10, IjebuOde-Ibadan Road, Idi-Ayunre, Ibadan, Oyo State, NIGERIA. The Institute was the one that developed and released the new hybrid cocoa varieties as reported in the article and not IITA.


  • Ayorinde Toluwalase February 25, 2016

    Great stuff from you sir, good afternoon. I am more interested in the marketing, distribution and exportation. Please what should be the way forward the moment my money is available?


  • Mairo Danladi March 23, 2016

    Hi, Will cocoa grow within the middle belt region of Nigeria (Nasarawa, Benue, Plateau, FCT).





    • Eaglewing05 August 23, 2016

      You can get 15 bags of cocoa from one ton of cocoa when grading , 1000kgs make a ton and when grading each bag contain 64.5 kgs


    • Shocki April 7, 2017

      Hi did you go to Abusi Odunmare. IJebu Igbo if so pls let me know the name rings a bell


  • UDO JOSEPH June 17, 2016

    Thanks for your effort to share good news and opportunity. Am from Akwa Ibom State, pls can you help me have clear information on how to start cocoa farming, mostly where to have good seeding that can produce fast. 2. Do you have contacts in my State that you can introduce me to, am aware the State Government is also interested in cocoa farming but i cant wait if i have a good source. 3. What size of land is needed to start that will attract marketers? Tks.


  • SKILLCONSULT November 30, 2016

    For your comprehensive and detailed business plan on any of tree crops such as Cocoa, Coconut, Cashew, Cotton, Citrus (orange), Oil palm, Rubber and Kolanut.
    Kindly call
    A trial will convince you.


  • habby February 12, 2017

    Hello mr Darlington. Am so inspired by your blog. Am currently raising few chickens and am also thinking of going into it fully. Am considering turkey as well. How do I know the difference between an imported turkey and a local one. Thanks and God bless you. Keep the good work going. The lord is your strength.


  • habby February 12, 2017

    My dad also has a cocoa farm but am so surprised how he doesn’t sell the produce well. I have been making research on where to sell it directly in Nigeria.


  • Gbolahan Omisesan October 2, 2017

    Hello, I am interested in exporting cocoa, how can get a quality cocoa from and when did the campaign start. What is the production level right now and the right market price


  • Michael Okpalanze October 29, 2017

    I am very amazed with your articulated information on cocoa business . I base here in Europe , working in a chocolate company and they import raw cocoa seed from Africa in a large quantity tonnes . From your Blog , I got the knowledge that Nigeria is one of the major cocoa producer . However , I need to discuss this issue with those that are concern about cocoa purchase in the company where I work .

    Thank you very much Mr Darlington for your insight .



  • igwe April 5, 2018

    how accurate is this your price of a bag of cocoa . PLEASE respond as soon as possible and in what part of Nigeria does it go for that price?


  • Ellatorias May 1, 2018

    I need bags of Cocao seeds.
    ellatorias yah co m


  • Vict Oria Facebook May 1, 2018

    I need bags of Cocoa seeds.
    Vict Oria


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