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Animal feeds production. Sometimes when I look at the scope of things with regards to business opportunities in Nigeria, I’m often moved to thank God for the country.

So many business guidelines has been provided on this platform free of charge as a way of encouraging everyone to see the ones they could individually do and keep poverty at bay and good enough, thousands of Nigerian entrepreneurs are not sleeping over it as many start ups are springing up almost on daily basis with complete knowledge to go into any type of business of choice.


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Undauntedly and in our continual efforts in having various lucrative business ideas provided for you, we are here again drawing your attentions to another cool business that could be done from home while quietly but continually smiling to the banks and living the life of your choice.

I know by now, that it’s no longer a new thing hearing that both big and small scale livestock farmers in Nigeria are making it so big that some of them are presently said to be competing with oil dealers in terms of money and in an enviable lifestyles.

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Another big but new thing happening now is that, animal feed productions has suddenly become child of necessity as the result of having so many thriving livestock farms in Nigeria with huge amount of money exchanging hands on regular basis.  Yes, in case you don’t know or haven’t paid enough attentions towards that angle, Animal feed production is the next big thing in the country.


Supplying the needed feeds to this kinds of farmer will keep you going higher in feeds production

People are bagging money right from their homes producing bags of livestock feeds day in day out! Are you interested in this business? Hold your breathe as we take you through the basics on how to start this money making business right from any place of your choice and in any scale that you can afford.

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Livestock farmers both big and small scale, all  have one thing in mind and that is providing their teeming customers with healthy and fat animals which in turn yields the needed profits to them and you are in millions if you can key into this position by giving them what would help them to achieve that objective.

For instance, if a single catfish could weigh up to a kilogram and half instead of having 2 or 3 to achieve that, the farmer stands to make much gain as you can see and that solely depends on good feed made with right ingredients.

Livestock farming in Nigeria is attracting much investors which gives rise to feed production boom, and one top secret to feed production business is that, it enjoys low competition because people are concentrating more in farming because of what they are making from that alone.

So we are of the opinion that this sector is worthy to be looked into and more so, as it could be started on a very low scale with limited fund and be grown from there.

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Even if you don’t have money to start it right away, you can leverage from those that have the equipment and grow your customer base and make enough money to procure your own equipment for full time production in shortest time possible.

What you need to start are these:

Getting the right formula, which is the ingredients to put and the ratio to be used. This is what usually give producers an edge over others. So as a new entrant with lean purse, do some research and come up with a unique formula and look for feed producers with the needed equipment to rent from to produce your own brand.

Embark on aggressive marketing by giving sample feeding to farmers, do that over and over and within a short time, you are sure to have your own machine for maximum productions.

Requirements For Animal feeds Production Business

1. Get your formula:

With the right knowledge of where you want to specialize in, spend some time to learn about the nutritional needs. For eg, the combination for chicken feeds is different from that of catfish, likewise those of other livestock. This is where you need the assistance of an animal nutritionist to help you come up with the right formula.

2. Ingredients:

You need to purchase the following ingredients for production. Maize, Corn, Cassava grits for energy, Wheat offal as a source of protein, Noodle wastes for carbohydrate and Proteins, Soybean meal, Fish meals Palm kernel cake, Oyster shells, Bone meals, Minerals and common Salt.


These are the equipment you would need to start a full production on your own. Grinders, wet and dry, Mixers Wet/dry, Pellets, cooker, freezer, crumblier, Elevators, Conveyors, Sifter, Weighing scales, Steam boiler, Sealers and Bag sewers and Packaging bag. If you find this hard to come by, no problem, some effective custom made are readily available to choose from for your business and its size.


This is so important because the size of your feeds either hold or scare your customers away. Give them various sizes to choose from and make sure to stick with what you are known for.

5 Marketing:

This is an area that every aspiring feed producers fear most and they are right because they can only make money by having their products sold repeatedly.

The only solution to this, is to market, market and market! Have enough samples with you any time you are out there and always leave your means of contacts with your prospective customers.

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Get sales representatives and give them enough incentive to keep them motivated to be up and doing.

Warning: Do not put them on a fixed salary. Let their earning be based on commissions because they would be encouraged to work harder for more pay.

Have your own outlets if you can afford that. You can as well supply to livestock feed stores while you leave your contact address with them but do not hope to get a direct referrals from them as that would cut their customers from them, instead, have your contacts discretely inserted into the bag if an end user wishes, he can contact you from there.

Another good idea is to have few trusted farmers in your list and supply them more than enough of what they can use within some stipulated time and be directing customers there, that is another way of indirectly having some outlets for your products.

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Online too, is another avenue that you can sell your products. By the time you are through with the necessary inquiries from some livestock farmers during your market surveying, you would have come up with enough strategies to employ and have your productions stand out among the rest as that could as well help you to know the price tags on your products without hurting your investments negatively. Wishing you success as you embark on this interesting endeavor.

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  • Alfred February 21, 2016

    Where can I get the capital to start?

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    I am deeply interested in doing agro business in a few years from now, when i eventually retired from service. I will like to partner with your org.

  • NOBLE ANGEL May 23, 2016

    thanks so much for your help and contributions , please am very much interested in Agro business but how can i get the Animal nutritionist, please help me.. thanks

  • Simon June 11, 2016

    I doubted this but has now been proven wrong. A friend asked me to google Amaechi Ekeh and select business article under the name and here I’m being loaded with more than enough business info to venture into. Thank you sir for being this generous to fellow Nigerians and others who could browse through this great website.

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    Mr Darlington,
    Thanks soo much for the info. Pl can I get more information on Animal feed production. Thanks

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