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Good evening everyone! It is my pleasure to inform you that is now operating on it’s own. It is no longer redirecting to, both websites are separate from each other under the same company. We are happy to inform you that the upgrade we have been talking about is complete and Palness Media if fully in charge of the affairs of the two websites and other website within our portfolio henceforth. is a total package that is sure to delight any Entrepreneur who is interested in serious business. The website is made up of the Blog, Forums, and very soon we will be adding other applications such Job Listing app and Business Directory.

All your email subscriptions and Facebook like with remains valid. you do not need to subscribe again if you have done that before. If you haven’t subscribed to our email update, this is the perfect time to do so. You can as well find the subscription boxes for on the website and subscribe for the services we have there.

I will be explaining further on So, go over there and lets get things rolling!

Thank you

Darlinton Omeh

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