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Trading on Building material in Nigeria is a sure guaranteed business that makes plenty of money any time of the year. This business is not affected by any season or time, it is an all round business venture. Building material sells extremely fast in Nigeria and people are making good money in the business now due to the current boom in real estate business in Nigeria.

Houses are springing up every now and then, at every corners all over the cities and villages in the country because everyone wants to have his own house, a place he can call his own. This is the major reason building material is selling very fast and with good profit too. Starting a building material business is a very good idea, one that you will never regret.


I know a man who sold his vehicle some months ago to start a building material supply business somewhere in Lagos. Today, the man is doing very well and living big. Formally he was just managing to survive but now everything has changed. That tells you the potential in this business.

So, how exactly do you proceed with starting your own building material sells and supply business in Nigeria?

Woods Ready for Supply

 1. Identify the target area you want to concentrate. Building materials are so diverse. The are too many for any single merchant to deal on all of them at a time, you need to select where you want to focus.

Focus is important because it will enable you get strong and profitable. When you choose any particular niche, you would become expert in that niche and everyone will know you as experienced in that sector.

2. Look for a suitable location for your business. Some building materials are extremely good in certain location while others does well in other locations depending on the target market. E.g: Materials like Cements is best located near new and developing sites/area while Paints does better off new sites IMO.

3. Secure a place. Either an open ground, shop or whale house depending on the type of building material you want to deal on. Materials like Iron doesn’t require a shop or whale house in most cases, though you may get an shop/office for transaction and hosing your customers, not for product storage.

4. Locate a supplier. There are suppliers for virtually all building materials used in Nigeria. Look for suppliers that works well for you and negotiate deal with them. The importance of having a regular supplier can not be over emphasized. If you are reliable and trustworthy, your supplier cab supply and come for the money later which is very good in business especially when you are trading with limited funds.

5. Get the materials ready and begin your marketing. The mistakes most building material dealers do is to wait for the buyers to come. Yes, they do come but better if you can reach out to them, that will eliminate chances of going elsewhere, remember you aren’t the only supplier. It’s not enough to go write on a wall of uncompleted building, you will get ignored many times than you’d get attention.

Seek for time when you can meet the building owner or the contractor and offer him your deal face to face. That way, he’ll be able to see that you are real human being and you would be able to use every marketing skill you have to market your products to him.

Building material supply business is a great money maker for any serious entrepreneur who takes the business serious and get everything right. I have seen people start small and within a short time they are buying supply vehicle and all that. Try it and see!

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  • Anonymous December 10, 2013

    Hi mate, been going through your blog for quite a while now and must say it is very informative. I am a diasporan looking at investing in Nigerian but it is surprising that there is a dearth of information out there – well until I stumbled on your blog. Keep up the good job Bro:)

  • Job Momoh February 25, 2014

    Nice peice of work.Thanks for the information I intend starting up a building materials business soon

  • Job Momoh February 25, 2014

    Nice peice of work. I intend opening a building material shop before the end of the year and this has helped alot. Many thanks

  • jesusinheritance5 May 19, 2014

    I love to start now,money were are you.

  • Anonymous May 22, 2014

    Hahaha is this real

  • jattoenterprises June 14, 2014

    Nice work. Thanks

  • Anonymous July 23, 2014

    Tnx bros for dis graceful wrk ur doing, i realy appriciate it, plz can you still enlighten me on hw to start importation business. Tanx.

  • Anonymous October 2, 2014

    Thank you very much for this piece. I just stumbled on it and it is quite helpful. However, before I can begin operation in Nigeria (Lagos), is there a requisite registration with any umbrella body that has to be made? How is the dealership registrations processed. I will me much delighted if you can direct me in this regard. Thank you.

  • Anonymous February 13, 2015

    Nice work bro… were have u been all my life?

  • szymon wlodarski March 20, 2015


    I would like to get in touch with you regarding this article. Could you please provide e-mail address I can reach you at?


  • szymon wlodarski March 20, 2015


    I would like to get in touch with you regarding this article. Could you please provide your e-mail address I can reach you at?


  • Carol January 21, 2016

    good evening sir/madam, pls i already have a building accessories shop ( wheel barrow, Shovels, Tools, Nails, etc.) i want to know the possibility of buying from Lagos, but will be very glade if i could have a link to do that.


  • Ryte April 13, 2016

    A good job you are doing, pls how much will it take to start up an average building material shop specialized in selling ceilings, doors and floor tiles?

  • augustine April 15, 2016

    problem solved. thanks alot

  • Chyksman April 30, 2016

    thanks bro. The Information I got here is so helpful to me. keep up the good work!

  • Kingsley Aaekhameh May 20, 2016

    Thanks for the information on this subject.
    Am a marketing manager and i need more lecture
    on this sector.


  • oluwaseunyemi May 23, 2016

    if you are interested in selling interior building materials, like insulation, drywall, quality wall, ceiling lining and partitions products. pls call yemi on

  • Donald June 8, 2016

    Thank you very much, hoping to join them soon

  • michael oshingbeme July 3, 2016

    interested in partnership with you and want to be a supplier of building materials.

  • ogefelix April 5, 2017

    Mr darlinton God bless you for this information. I reside in Lagos and am interested to start up a building material sells and supply business and am looking for experience person in this business to partner with anyone interested should please contact me. Thanks.

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