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Pile of Iron Rods for Construction

Have you been thinking about starting Steel Rods supply business in Nigeria but don’t know how to go about it? Worry no more, by the time you are done reading this article, you would get to understand how the business works and how to get started easy and simple. How to start this business is actually not difficult at all and anyone can do it.

Like every other good businesses, steel rods supply business has good return on investment. One length of 16mm – Iron Rod sells for about N3,000 retail price. You buy it at N120,000 per tonne and get 52 pieces.When you sell it all, you would get N36,000 profit. The profit could be much higher or lower depending on how much you buy.

The prices of iron in the market varies greatly and there are different price for imported ones compared to Nigerian made. The analysis above is to give you idea of what the profit in the business looks like. Your target will always be to get product at the pest price possible, going directly to the steel companies to buy would be considered more profitable.

I choose to write about steel rods business today because it is very easy to start. Just a space by the roadside and your start up capital in your hands and you are good to go. You don’t need to keep too many logistics and starting up expenses is highly minimized.

Another thing that really make this business one of the choice business is the fact that steel rods is one of the most used building and construction material in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. That makes trading on this material is very viable because you are sure of constant sales.

Below are some of the available Irons in the market and their estimated prices:

25mm – About N7, 000 per length. 21 pieces make a tonne. It cost N120,000 per tonne

20mm – About N4,000 per length. 33 pieces make a tome. N120,000 per tonne

16mm – Around N2, 200 per length. 52 pieces N120,000 per tonne

12mm – About N1, 200 per length. 93 pieces. N120,000 per tonne

10mm – Cost around N1,200 per length. 133 pieces. N120,000 per tonne

8mm – N700 per length. You get 210 pieces per tonne at N120,000 per tonne.

How to get started is simple and straight forward.

Get a space by the roadside in a developing area preferably. That is where the material sells most for average traders. Big construction companies handling big projects like the roads, building of companies and other massive structures used to get their materials direct from the manufacturing companies. Therefore, your target customers are mainly private and commercial building construction people.

Once you have the space sorted out, you proceed to source for your fund. Base on the estimated analysis above, you know how much you would be needing according to your the quantity you wants to start with.

The most popular steel rods in your target market is from 16mm downwards. These are the most popular steels used for private and commercial building and concrete works in Nigeria.

The best places to buy your steel rods is from the steel manufacturing companies, look for the one nearest to you and get your constant supply there. They usually take it to their customers once you buy in reasonable quantity.

Steel Rods used for Construction works

More details will be in the comment section, drop your comment and lets take the discussion further.

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  • Anonymous September 15, 2013

    Great write Up of getting doe. Pls what about other biulding & some furniture materials??


  • Anonymous October 10, 2013

    you guys deserve a recognition………… kudos and keep up the good work. but on the average how much capital is best to start up these business


  • Anonymous January 7, 2014

    Great job !pls which is the right company to deal with if I intend to purchace steel rods.


  • Anonymous January 14, 2014

    Good write up. Can I have more information on imported iron rods and steel


  • Anonymous June 11, 2014

    good write up and could you explain further on this steel rods


  • Anonymous January 30, 2015

    good write but need to know contacts of the steel manufacturers


  • Anonymous February 5, 2015


    Are you aware of any steel manufacturing companies in lagos.


  • impera February 7, 2015

    Hello. We from Ukraine company "Imperative Ukraine". We are produce FRP building construction rebar. This rebar better then steel rods and cheaper.
    We are looking for reliable partners in your area. Please give your email we will send to you file with technical data.

    Steel rebar 6 mm replaced 4 mm FRP – 0,125 $ per meter
    Steel rebar 8 mm replaced 6 mm FRP – 0,196 $ per meter
    Steel rebar 10 mm replaced 7 mm FRP – 0,288 $ per meter
    Steel rebar 12 mm replaced 8 mm FRP – 0,368 $ per meter
    Steel rebar 14 mm replaced 10 mm FRP – 0,518 $ per meter
    Steel rebar 16 mm replaced 12 mm FRP – 0,86 $ per meter
    Steel rebar 18 mm replaced 14 mm FRP – 1,00 $ per meter
    Steel rebar 20 mm replaced 16 mm FRP – 1,30 $ per meter

    Please contact with us if you interesting our products.

    Best Regards
    Mr. Andrey Zagrebelniy

    "Imperative Ukraine"

    Ukraine, Kharkov city


    • AYINDE January 7, 2016

      kindly find my email below


    • akin Osundolire January 21, 2016

      How many ton of a combination of 10,12,14,16mm will fully fill a container? What is total cost including freight?


      • Ige February 29, 2016

        what company do you recommend we buy from and do you just go there and buy? is there no form of registration or retainership? Thanks


    • Ebube Mighty Group April 6, 2016

      Contact me for this business..


    • Remi Adelani April 22, 2016

      Please I realized that this information has been since last year 2015. but still if the business is still open, my email is (email and phone numbers not allowed) Please send me the technical data and any other details.


    • Yemmy July 22, 2017

      Please I would like to do business with you please contact me with my email address. Hope to read from you soon.


    • Emmagency August 11, 2017

      contact me lets do business.your email or phone contact


    • sentchi February 13, 2018

      send me more details about your product and way to do business with your company.


    • samueldavids February 26, 2018

      please contact me


  • Hope April 19, 2016

    What is the minimum quantity of purchase the company will take charge of delivery.


  • Rowland Nwanguma April 26, 2016

    I’m in need of a reliable iron rod manufacturer from Ukraine to partner with on my project. Any recommendations?


  • ojo kemi May 13, 2016

    I am interested in the iron steel business
    find my email below


  • Davidokenwa August 13, 2016

    Nice article, thumbs up


  • Suleiman Aisha Oyiza February 10, 2017

    Please can I get your contact so that we can discuss more better on iron rods?


  • Donald October 1, 2017

    I want to start up iron steel business
    Email me and tell me more on what I need to know
    Thank you


  • idoghor anthony tega March 28, 2018

    Nice write up but am a little confused on something,
    If the rods come from the manufacturers in coils, what process does it go through for th straightening?


  • Azubike chris obinna April 19, 2018

    Need to buy how do we make contact,inbox me your company contact


  • Dada Daniel Ayodeji May 17, 2018

    Daniel Ayodeji sales and dispatch real infrastructure resps. You call iron purchase at low prices, at ikorodu Lagos


  • babatunde June 4, 2018

    i’m interested find my email below


  • Agunwa June 17, 2018

    Need updates on the current prizes of Rods from 6mm to 25mm. Need to buy direct from the company


  • Bassey Nsa September 24, 2018

    I want to start steel/iron rods business early 2019. I can secure reasonable funds to start. Please connect me with reliable manufacturers and an estimate of funds I can use to place order. I think I can benefit from your wealth of advice being that I want to venture new in the business. Thank you.


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