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Tuberculosis is a known killer disease especially if left untreated. But why will it be left untreated? When there are no symptoms, this will likely result. Another reason why this disease is deadly is due to its communicable status. However not every case of tuberculosis is communicable. A more elaborate discussion will follow as we progress. Herbal treatment for tuberculosis in Nigeria is the topic under discussion. We seek to highlight the advances made so far in non conventional medicine towards combating this disease.

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Types of Tuberculosis Infections

There are two stages of tuberculosis infections. These are the latent and active stages. Before we proceed lets discuss the causes of TB. Tuberculosis is mainly a lung infection. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is responsible for this disease. TB does not affect the lung alone. It affects other parts of the body as well. The intensity of tuberculosis infections is what differentiates them. There is the active tuberculosis disease as well as the inactive disease. Latent tuberculosis falls under the inactive tuberculosis category.

Latent tuberculosis infections have no symptoms. This makes it very likely for the disease to go unnoticed. On the other hand is the active tuberculosis disease. Here, the disease is full blown and highly communicable.

It is important to note that about 10% of TB infections at the latent stage will progress into active tuberculosis. Tuberculosis at the latent stage cannot is non communicable. The host is most likely not to seek medical help. This is because he/she does not know about infection, making it more deadly. There is a high survival rate from TB treatments.

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Apart from the lungs, tuberculosis also affects other organs and parts of the body like membranes of the brain. This situation leads to meningitis. Tuberculosis also infects the bones, the intestines as well as glands.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

With active tuberculosis, there are noticeable symptoms. These symptoms include night sweats, weight loss, fever and chronic cough accompanied by blood containing sputum. This is not a pleasant experience at all for the patient. In most cases, this stage is the most active stage and highly communicable. Tuberculosis also infects other body organs. However, these come with their own symptoms too. The patient will require immediate treatment to contain the disease.

Alternative Treatments for TB

Alternative treatment methods have witnessed tremendous progress. Herbal treatment for tuberculosis in Nigeria has continually witnessed wide acceptance. People are increasing becoming more attracted to herbal treatment methods than conventional ones. Traditional treatment is another name for this. Although these treatment method has proven to be effective, having standardized dosage is still a problem. This is not only peculiar to herbal treatments for tuberculosis, but a general problem with alternative herbal medicine.

This calls for proper structuring of the herbal industry. Already, there have been calls from the mainstream/conventional medicine sector for a regulation to guide the activities of herbal medicine practitioners. The calls for restructuring and standardization loudest now.

Mode of Transmission

Since TB is a communicable disease, how is it transmitted? It is easily transmitted by air. This is a major means it spreads from person to person. A person infected with TB can easily transmit same to his family. This is because he spends a better part of his/her time with them. The frequent coughs contain bacteria which are easily transmitted by air and can be easily inhaled by a healthy host. An infected person will need to be quarantined in a medical facility while treatment is administered.

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Herbal Medications for Tuberculosis

Herbal treatments for TB infections are diverse. There are many effective herbs and remedies which have proven to be very effective in combating this disease. Some effective herbal medications in Nigeria include garlic, mint, orange juice, green banana, bitter kola, ginger and honey. There are several other medications. The person administering the drug has a mixing ratio he follows. However this may vary from one herbal practitioner to another.

Herbal treatment for tuberculosis have proven quite effective in bringing total relief to infected patients. Patients infected with tuberculosis have a high recovery rate. Although if not urgently treated can lead to death. The absence of side effects is an added advantage of herbal treatments.

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