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Social media is one of the latest medium of creating a long lasting relationship. Otherwise known as a global village, where people of same and different ethnicity, races, tribes, countries and continents, who share the same ideology connect and interact with one another as if it’s face to face.

This days, it has become almost expedient for every internet user to be present in one social media or the other. This is due to the vast traffic the social media is generating for individuals and corporate entities on daily basis. However, some people who are endowed with such skill (using social media tools on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc) can help people to create online presence for their market and place their products or services on the top, and market them to their target customers. But before you can ever generate money with your social media skill, you must at least discover yourself by putting your ideas to test and publicizing it to the people who need the service.

Discover Your Skill

You must as a matter of fact discover and acknowledge that you have a knack of social media platforms and its operations. You must be very determined and focused in this area of specialization. It is field of career, just like Engineering, Journalism, Medicine, etc. Once you know this, you can focus your attention on it. Creating a special career in social media and discovering it by helping others to utilize it.

Your Skill Must Have Value

You don’t need to under-estimate your value. If you are a guru in the social media, show it and let people know your strength. Your skill must have a price tag, this will help you to place value on your services and yourself. Social media strategy is a talent, you need to develop it. If you have it, people will definitely want to buy your service.

Put Your Skills To Test

One of the ways you can be sure you have a good social media skill is when you put it to the test. Testing your skill can help you grow your social media talent. Most businesses and non-profit organizations want such services, and it is important that you showcase your skill in the social media. By doing this, clients might love your work and put you in their recommendation list.

Get Your First Deal Contracted

When people see how good you are through your free jobs, they will definitely contact you for a paid job. This is when people will start seeing your ideas and strategies on how you can use social media to re-shape their business and lives.

You can get hooked up through your existing friends or neighbors. They are one of your sources of reaching out to customers that are willing to subscribe to your ideas. Your must at all time make it a necessity to broadcast your services via same social means and other platforms like, word of mouth and handbills.

Design Your Services

Be sure of the type of services you are rendering to your target customers.  Do you make tutorials on how to use such social media platforms? Can you create and manage an online forum/community for clients? Do you offer social media outsourcing services for novice? These are questions you must understand and answer yourself.

Hence, you must also define your clients; decide if you are working for an individual or corporate organizations. Create topics that will  affect a specified client at a point in time. This will help you get the right clients.
You must design your communication and tutorials in a simple language. A language which your prospective client will understand and believe. These are the ways you can design your services.

Fix Your Charges

The best part here is having a fixed charge on all your services. Having a specific charge will make your customers believe and stick with you always. Do not over-charge or under-charge your customers. If you do, they wont believe you are for real. Most people want to experience organizational skills in your service too.

At times, clients may also determine the charges for a particular service, you may decide to give  discount to clients who are regular.

Make Your Voice Heard

Your voice is as important as your business. If your voice is not clear enough, people will not patronize your services. You can decide to make yourself heard by placing promos online and creating social media blogs that prospective clients will see after you’ve shared it in several social media platforms and fora.

Making money online through social media strategy needs you to be up and doing, updating yourself on current issues about the internet on daily basis. Your target clients are waiting for your shared ideas and strength before they can hire your service, so you must tell them in the best platform.

Be Consistent

Consistency will help you to gain more clients and ultimately make more money. You should repeat a system that generated money for you at the initial stage and try the same process again. Being consistent has to do with your ability to continuously offer such services in a way that the client will not find any issue contracting you again. You must be able to connect your service with your clients and know how to market it consistently.

Start Making The Money

Making money is easy with social media. After the above processes, start making money by allocating time of service to different clients. You must be able to manage your schedule with clients and customers in such a way that it wont affect you. It will help you discover yourself and create market presence for products and services which need to find their way into the online community. If you do that, you will help the producer/manufacturer or service provider generate more traffic and money. At the same time, you will get yourself enriched.

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