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Do you know How to make money online in Nigeria? This is one of the most popular questions Nigerians ask on the internet. It is also one of the most answered questions on the internet with different kinds of people trying to share their opinion on the subject. But despite all these tutorials and answers, good number of people are still confused on how to go about making money online. Without getting definite answers or solutions, they conclude there is no money to be made online.

Online-Business-in-NigeriaDoes it mean that the loads of information on the internet that is trying to explain this are just not enough? Or that people are not making sense off the subject matter? Could it be that the answers provided so far are too complicated for most people’s understanding? Probably the people who provides these answers are selfish about it and try to twist it to suit their own businesses and interests?

Well, whatever the case are, I want to try and get straight to the point in this short post by telling you in no ambiguous term how exactly you or anyone else can make money online in Nigeria. It is my humble wish that after reading this, you will be on your way towards the process of creating good business that make money responsibly online without having to go through trial and errors again.

First, let me assure you that you can make money online if you are really serious about it. Millions of people worldwide (including Nigerians) are creating hundreds of billions of dollars worth of businesses online as we speak. To add to the spices, internet is the best, safest, and cheapest place to do business and anyone with genuine interest in it can do it.

Notice however that the lifeblood of online money making is having a business online and just as you can create wealth from your normal offline business, you can as well create wealth from the internet using the same principle – render services that solves people’s problem and you are in wealth. Below are exactly the step by step of what you’d have to do if you want to make money online in Nigeria or anywhere else.

What to Do to Make Money Online

To make money online, you must have a business you do online. There are thousands of things you can do online that makes money but let me isolate some of the most popular ones

Develop Internet Oriented Products

There are millions of different kinds of products that are being developed and sold on the internet. Some of the most popular products you can develop and sell online are:

2. eBooks – If you are knowledgeable enough to write an eBook on any subject you are very familiar with, this is where you can make good money. If you take enough time and write quality eBook on that subject of yours and put it up for sale online, it will make you money for eternity. Millions of copies of eBooks are currently being sold online on daily basis and you can add yours to the number too and begin to make money like others.

Keypoint: People who develop and sell eBooks online are popularly known as “Information Marketers” or “Internet Marketers” which happens to be one of the oldest known means of making money online. It is highly profitable and much more profitable if you use the latest technique known as Content Marketing technique.

3. Software – If you are a good software engineer, you can write quality unique software that solves distinct a problem online. If the software is truly good and people gets to like it, be sure of selling it time and again, making loads of money in the process.

4. Games and Apps – Are you a developer? Are you good at writing quality applications? One of the biggest hitters on the internet right now are application developers. Instead of spending time trying to recycle and cracking what other big internet companies have done, why not concentrate on developing something unique that is patented to you.

Keypoint: If your App is truly unique, the world will know and they will come after you with bags of money. Chinedu Echeruo recently sold app he developed to Apple for a very huge sum. Although the actual price was not disclosed but speculation has it that it’s in billion’s of dollars.

5. Create Interesting Videos – You don’t have to be a cinematographer neither do you have to purchase high priced high definition digital cameras, a smart phone like Blackberry can do the magic for you.  The cost of starting this business is quite minimal and the return on investment is tremendous.

Setup a YouTube channel, take some interesting videos that people would like to watch and upload it to your YouTube channel. As people keep watching it, you will be paid from the advertising revenues that Google generate from the video traffic.

Keypoint: Our regular annual seminar; The 2014 Internet Business Training among other things will focus on How to Make Money on YouTube Partners Program. You don’t wanna miss it!

Render Quality Services on The Internet

There are number of professional services you can render online to make good money and you may probably be good at one of them.

1. Write for People – In those days, you only write for newspapers and get paid nothing. In fact you will even see it as a privilege (of which it is) to have your articles published by a good newspaper because you hope it will bring so many opportunities your way as a result of the exposure and recognition you get through the platform.

The same thing apply to online platforms such as Writing for Us will expose you to the bigger world and bring many opportunities your way but apart from that, you can write for websites and blogs and get paid now. Good writers are in high demand and if you think you are good, head over to One of The Biggest Freelance Site and begin to apply for writing jobs.

Keypoint: It is one of the fastest means to make money online and you will be paid in dollars. Online article writers who work independently are called “Freelance Writers

2. Offer Consultancy Services – You can make a good career on the internet by becoming a consultant. All forms of training and consultancy services can be offered through the “Webinar” an internet form of seminar. This can be achieved cost free through the help of Google+ Hangout.

3. Web Design Services – I know you may might now know how to design a website but the good thing is that you can learn it within 2 – 4 months and I don’t think it’s a big scarifies spending 4 months to learn a trade that could change your financial life.

If you already know how to design good website, this is the time to start making real money with it. You need to take it full time and starts marketing to bigger clients but you have to be good at what you do if you hope to attract good paying customers.

Build Enduring Platform Online

After all said and done, one of the most time tested and sustainable means of making money online in an ongoing basis is by building enduring platforms. What do I mean by enduring platform? Here they are!

1. Start a Blog –  I must tell you that blogging is easy and at the same time one of the hardest thing anyone can do online. The later statement though depends on the type of blogging you do. If you are able to setup at blog and nurture it to the top level, it will make you all the money you need in this world.

In one of my previous posts, I encouraged everyone who read it to Start a Blog Today or Regret it in Three Years Time which I still maintain. If you want to make money online in Nigeria, starting a blog and building it to a successful level is your surest bet.

2. Social Network Site – Social network is probably the most comfortable means of earning money endlessly by having people voluntarily creating content for you through community effort while you monetize it at will. However, kick starting a social network is like pushing a death car but once it kick starts, it will run without stopping. Social network sites includes: 

Dating Sites –  where people meet one and other for intimate relationship and possibly marriage.

Internet Forums – discussion forums where people meet to discuss common interests.

Social Networks – where people meet and connect for everything all things under the sun.

Social Network is the internet business model that created the world’s youngest self made Billionaire whoever lived – Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Read my previous post on How to create a social network site like Facebook using PHPFox

 3. Build Outsourcing Site – Outsourcing platforms is the great way to hire and get hired online. When you have it, thousand of job seekers come there looking for jobs and get hired on freelance basis by thousand of employers looking for qualified hands to handle their projects.

Great sites like,,, etc… are currently making millions of dollars from this online business model, you can too.

These are just the tip of the iceberg the are countless of other means of making money online, so numerous that any book that try to contain it all will grow out of volume and any computer that try to contain it all will crash!

Steps to Setting up Online Business

You can follow these steps just the way they are stated here or twist it a bit according to your circumstances and understanding to suit your plan.

Step One – Choose the niche you want to focus on. In other words, decide of product, services, or solution you want to bring to the internet. You may check How to choose a profitable niche for your internet business.

Step Two – Get yourself acquainted to the internet. You can not be successful doing anything in an environment you are not familiar with, at best it will take you longer time than necessary to figure out your way. So, the first thing to do is to get yourself acquainted to the internet, it doesn’t matter if you already know how to browse or you are expert in using computer, the business aspect of the internet is a different ball game.

You can do that by touring other successful online businesses and taking enough time to understand how they do things. You can choose businesses from any niche that interests you. Let’s for example you want to do “blogging” you’d have to get closer to other successful bloggers by regularly visiting their blogs and commenting. In fact, become a fan of that successful blog, following it closely is the best way to acquaint yourself with what the owners of the target business do and how they do it! Further to gaining little knowledge, it will help you to develop more passion for the particular online business.

Step Three – Go for formal training and seminars (if the need be) to properly learn from the experienced consultants. Make sure you pick up your training seminar from someone who is actually experienced doing the particular online business who teaches from experience not just a mere hear say. 

Step Fours –  Hire a developer to build your site for you if your type of online business will require having a website. If not, you can proceed to setup your business by using the existing platforms.

From this moment on, the learning process begins. Give yourself enough time and appreciable amount of effort business you starts expecting revenue but be sure that when it starts coming in, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Let’s hold it from here and continue the discussion on the comment section. Drop me a comment below asking questions or sharing your opinion.  Don’t forget to register now to attend The 2014 Internet Business Training School. Peace!

+Darlinton Omeh 

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  • Anonymous December 28, 2013

    I have gone through your post and its nice but haven't come across the online trending business "online betting" or does it mean you don't have idea about it. I intend to go into this and I thought could get some tips here.


    • Darlinton Omeh December 28, 2013

      Online Betting is gambling. We don't write about gambling or any business that is not ethical


  • Anonymous December 29, 2013

    People like u deserves an award!u are such a nice inspiration to thousands of ppl.kip it up.But pls how do I make money from my blog?no advertiser yet and am a family man.pls tell me the secret.


    • Darlinton Omeh December 29, 2013

      Find your way to The 2014 Internet Business Training School


  • ABEEB AUDU December 31, 2013

    I will surely make time and cash to attend the training, God's willing. I have read many of your articles, even your life story. I believe the seminar is promising from the way you put it but any assurance from you like guaranteeing money back if am not impress at the end of the day. Abeeb


    • Darlinton Omeh December 31, 2013

      The only way you wouldn't be satisfied is if you didn't come for serious business. As long as you are in for business, you are guaranteed of satisfaction. In the event that you are honestly not satisfied after the training, simply ask for a refund.


  • enlighten July 16, 2014

    nice article


  • Chidi November 4, 2017

    Just read this article now as it was written in 2014.


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