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The world is made up of 70% water. Wonder why we are left with a little space to live in? Because water is one of the most needed things in life. However, you need it, especially to live. In this part of the world the need is higher. One of the reasons being that it’s not readily available. More to that, our weather situation. You can’t walk about a mile in a sunny day without the need to cool the heat. Now you see how the need arises, from when you eat to when you get hot. And that’s an opportunity for those who see it.

A lot of people have made much money selling water in various ways. Kegs, bottles and sachets. And yet there is still ever need, due to the aforementioned reasons. And that means that you can always fit in.Talking about the sachet water that is commonly called “pure water”. The good news is, you can start with a very low capital. Many successful stories started as retailers, which means that you don’t need all the money in the world to start.

 Pay attention to these 10 steps

1 Get a location: find a place where it wouldn’t take people some trouble to get to. Set it up with materials that would protect the water.

 2 Get a good refrigerator: the common thing that attracts people to buy is how cold it is. So you have to make it readily available for them in the manner in which they want it. Moreover hawkers are great contributors, and they always go to where it’s chilled.

 3 Get a good Generator: the quest to satisfy the wants of your potential buyers doesn’t stop on a step. Go further, you know that epileptic power situation in the country wouldn’t guarantee your customers satisfaction. That’s why you will need a backup generator. 

 4 Do not look at how much you make on a sachet: the reason why many people have less interest in this is because they regard it with derision. So look at how much  you could sell in a day. The quantity determines how much you will make.

 5 Create awareness: you don’t need a Billboard or TV to do this. Start by displaying the water bags where you are. Tell those around you. They will help you tell others.

5 Have more than one supplier: customers are easily discouraged when they need water and get “sorry I don’t have today.” Your reason being that your supplier has disappointed you. So get as much suppliers as can satisfy your business needs. 

6 Listen to your customers: The complaints of your customers will help you to improve so listen to them. Do not ward them off as mere criticisms. They are complaining because they want something better, give it to them. They satisfaction should mean your happiness.

7 Do not sell bags of water with leakages: that would scare people from you. when your customers complain about leakages, apologize sincerely and change them. you may lose more trying to avoid losing a little. Your customer is that “more”. 

 8 Pay attention the progress you make: as you make progress be observant, know when you have to add more. Sometimes the weather gets temperate, and of course you don’t need to be told that the demand will be low.

 9 Do not tamper with your capital: your relationship with your suppliers is very important. And one thing that will guarantee that is your turnover. So do not compromise a standard that would build your business by using your capital for some other reasons.

10 Save and plan: your objective in business shouldn’t be to make a living only. Life is more than living. See in time how you can add other categories of water. Keep your thoughts on having your own production company someday. “That biggest man you’ve ever seen was once a baby.” 

So what are you waiting for? The recessionary situation of this country is biting harder as the days go by. Cash in on opportunities that others ignore. Don’t keep waiting for that dream job that could never become real. Remember, success is opportunity well used.

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    Thanks a lot. I have learnt a lot from your write-up. I intend starting one soonest. Thanks


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    Thank you so much.
    Very useful to me


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