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Smoked catfish business is an opportunity waiting to be tapped. How to start dried and smoked catfish business in Nigeria. Venturing into dried and smoked catfish business is indeed a big business with unimaginable potentials as those doing it are making serious money from it already.

Apart from having fish ponds which many has discovered to be like having an automatic ATM at their backyards, dealing on dried fish or smoked and packaged fish has become a serious income generator for those doing it in the right way. You can sell to the open market or supply to the supermarkets and stores.


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With smoked cat catfish business opportunity in Nigeria, some office workers who got exposed to the income potentials of the business are busy today packaging numerous orders for their teaming customers both home and abroad. Yes! You can as well export it oversea and make quick dollars currency.

Starting smoked catfish business is very simple and even simpler than operating a fish pond which comes with additional stresses of making ponds, getting fingerlings, rearing and feeding them to market size which takes at least three months before selling them out to others in the market.

Dealing on dried and smoked catfish is a business with wider appeal. Put simply, all that is required for the business is: buying, processing, smoke drying it, packaging it in a branded polythene bag and having them out to the public.

Starting A Smoked Catfish Business Requires The Following

1. Get a smoke/drying machine from a good welder. The prices are usually dependent on the size of your choice but the assurance is that you can get it locally made if you are just starting out.

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As your business increases, you can now go for more sophisticated ones of between N300-N500k and the good thing about this is that it is capable of drying good number of fishes quicker in an internationally acceptable way.

Again, as a big player in the market, you will also need NAFDAC approval which doesn’t really cost much if you follow the normal process in obtaining your permit. You have to follow the above steps for your products to be widely accepted, but if you are contented with playing small in the big industry, you may not bother implementing all those important strategies.

The Profit Potentials In Smoked Catfish Business

A kilogram of catfish goes between N400 to N600. Each of these costs about N100 to have it processed and packaged.

You can retail to your customers at the rate of N1,500 or more. You can as well take your goods to some supermarkets at the rate of N800 or N1,000 while they sell at any price of their choice.

Assuming that in a whole month, all you were able to dry and sell to your customers are just 1,500 packs and each sold at a moderate price of N1,000, now multiply that by 1,500 while you remove your cost prize per one which may be not up to N600, add up what you get and then compare it with what top average office workers are earning per month.

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You see, there is good money to be made from smoked catfish if you handle it like serious business locally not to talk of expanding your business beyond the shores of this country.

With a place to use as your factory preferably in your compound with a good shade for your machine, going into the business may not even cost you up to N500,000 as such amount is capable of getting you an (ISO) machine for the drying and sealing of the fishes, a business name with CAC, and NAFDAC approval.

When you have all this done, be rest assured that your products would be accepted anywhere in the world!. N/B, Do not take your fish to the supermarkets with hopes of receiving your cash immediately, no they will not pay you unless your goods are sold but if you are able to meet up with the required standards and have your fish properly garnished, hygienically packed, appetizing to the eyes, that on it’s own would turn your products to hotcake in the markets making even the supermarkets to be paying you in advance.

As we talk about the profit potentials in dry catfish business, the demands for Nigerian dried catfish are even more in abroad but the simple truth is that the local market demands has not yet been met.

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  • ayodele March 23, 2016

    Dear writer, i really like the hints in which you have dropped online.
    i am very interested in the smoked fish drying business but i am not so sure where i can purchase the equipment you made mentioned of. at the same time i have taken my time to go round to see where others process their’s
    and i am not encouraged even though i know they are making a lot of money but the whole process is not clean and healthy to eat and i would like to do something better with international standards. i would like in details where i can get the dryer done and where i can see with my eyes the process if possible.
    i reside in Port Hacourt and i do not mind travelling to lagos if possible

    • kem March 24, 2016

      i can get it if u contact me, and which in port harcourt you want it,i was in ph too agree road,just got two of 150kg for my friend leaving in trans amadi, we have , 50kg, 100kg, 150kg 200 kg and biggest so far , drop you line and i will contact you ok?

    • kem March 24, 2016

      With choice oil collector and temperature guage will also be fixed in your smoking kin. 250kg, you can also get, but is quit big but can still be transorted

    • Oladimeji October 29, 2016

      Pls I need to know how much it costs to get an. I SO fish drying machine of about 200g capacity.
      Kindly reach me on’

      Thank you

  • John April 5, 2016

    Pls I’m interested in the smoking machine as well. Pls sms your contact

  • Bidemi April 7, 2016

    Can the oil collected during smoking be re-used or sold?

  • bolaji April 20, 2016

    Well ken I also sell 100kg to 250kg smoking kiln around Lagos, Ogun and Oyo state. Mine doesn’t have temperature regulator and oil collector. Its strictly charcoal powered but can also be cooking gas powered as well. Anyway am interested in your kiln as well.Mr Ayodele, there are very clean and hygiene ones in southwest here. Anyway, seeing is believing.

  • oluwasemipe April 24, 2016

    Pla I Lived In Ilorin Kwara State How Can I Get Smoking Machine

  • Chisom April 26, 2016

    I reside in Lagos and im quite interested in getting a modernised smoking kiln. i would like a medium size and the cost. You can contact me via email on

  • Ese May 5, 2016

    How do we go about export of the smoked fish please ? Any link ? Association or ?

  • ledor May 9, 2016

    Goodday! Am interested in the fish drying machine. I live in Asaba Delta state. My farm is not very big but expanding soon -I want to ssart drying what I have as a starter

  • Alawode Babalola May 10, 2016

    That Was Very Interesting. Pls Can You In Box Me With Your Contact Numbers Either Through SMS With My Number So I Can Have A Chat With You On The Issue Of Drying Machine And Others Thanks.

  • gozie May 11, 2016

    how much 4 50kl

  • Chima May 14, 2016

    Hello, My Name is Chima I served NYSC in Bayelsa State, While serving I discover that the dried fish is very lucrative business. I tried the business for complete 6 month’s. currently I want to expand the business but I don’t have enough fund. Please if you are interested in partnership call me so that we can strategies on how we can start. I have access to some other resources here in bayelsa state.

    • Chima May 14, 2016

      Hello, My Name is Chima I served NYSC in
      Bayelsa State, While serving I discover that
      the dried fish is very lucrative business. I
      tried the business for complete 6 month’s.
      currently I want to expand the business but I
      don’t have enough fund. Please if you are
      interested in partnership call me so that we
      can strategies on how we can start. I have
      access to some other resources here in bayelsa

    • Ikechukwu June 28, 2016

      Chima i will like to partner with you on the dry fish business

    • OlisaNzekwu September 21, 2016

      Hi… Chima can I have your number…. I’m interested in this and would need technical assistance

  • chiddy May 15, 2016

    Nice write up but not much information. Thou I have a simple question and will appreciate your favorable response. What’s the difference between a dryer and an oven.

  • Adeyemi Grace May 15, 2016

    How do I get the machine. I am a fish farmer in Ilorin and I planning to expand my business in d area of packaging. Pls how can I get d 250kg kiln and how much is it? Grace Adeyemi

  • abdul May 18, 2016

    please how do I get the machine, I v a fish farm ,lives in Abuja..

  • Onyedika Danoo May 21, 2016

    Pls am in dare need of smoking kiln that is capable of smoking 200 fishes per batch am living in Anambra bt i don’t mind coming to lagos yo pick it up.

  • morufu May 31, 2016

    am maruff, where can i get automated fish smoking maching that can contain up to 200 fishat a go. u can email me with your contact at

  • Sola June 4, 2016

    Please who get me the exterrior and interior snapshot of this dry kiln machine to have the idea of its look out….am having interest in purchasing one

  • Ade June 6, 2016

    No one is giving contact for the kiln!

  • Ikechukwu June 28, 2016

    Please I need a Fish Drying Machine.

  • Douglas June 29, 2016

    I have the mind of going into the fish business too. I have carried out some feasiblility study, but I need more idea. I can upload the drying machine for us to see. Or add me to ur whatapp if I can’t upload it to this platform.

  • donnie June 29, 2016

    Is there a reason why you didnt leave your no?
    I recently contacted someone to supply a 500-1000 capacity fish drying& smoking oven with oil collector, regulator that works with gas and coal. You may send me an email if you can meet these specs at good price. And did you say packaging?

  • John July 12, 2016

    Need 50 kg fish dryer in Kaduna.
    Please contact me by phone or below email.

  • Abimbola July 25, 2016

    I can dried your fish for you in an hygienic condition for 150/ kg. Contact me on.

  • George Ugwu July 26, 2016

    Pls i have a small farm at sango area of ogun state. How can i get the kiln. How much is it. How does it work.

  • PeterNdObikwelu August 19, 2016

    I reside in enugu and i’m very much interested in getting a modernise drying machine .pls how do I go about. I would need the big size like 200kg kiln . I need to know where and how much it will cost me. Thank u

  • throne August 27, 2016

    hello please i really want to start this up pls can you give me the price for the smoking and also the drying machines.

    • apostle October 25, 2016

      There are different sizes of fish drying machines constructed locally in Nigeria. kindly get in touch with me with your specifications as regards the length, width, height and if gas, electric and charcoal-powered or a combination through.


  • ebonycrystal March 24, 2017

    I’m very much interested in this business and how can I get the drying machine and would also love to learn how it’s done. Thanks

  • dedicated April 1, 2017

    does it mean that no body knows d price of d machine? none was able to answer that many asked question

  • chefiyke April 9, 2017

    I want the iso fish dryer. How much is it? And where should I get it?

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