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This business I am writing about tonight is one of the businesses in Nigeria that is quite close to my heart – Nigeria Local Furniture Business. I recently furnished my home and office and I can tell you, the amount of money I spent on those furniture is enough to turn head. Yes, the furniture we bought are imported designer furniture but the question is — How many Nigerians can afford imported furniture? Local furniture business in Nigeria is a well kept secret and seriously undervalued business opportunity.

How many Nigerians know the difference between designer furniture and Nigeria furniture? This later question is what lead me into probing deeper to discover the really booming local furniture market in Nigeria that I want us to take a look into and see how we can tap from the huge profit in this sector.

The truth is that everyone wants to have furniture in their home regardless of the quality or where it comes from. To some, it doesn’t matter if it is imported or Nigeria furniture; while others simply can’t tell the difference between these two. The best part is that the Nigeria furniture are actually very good looking, especially when it is designed by a good Carpenter. For the fact that many people can’t tell the difference shows that Nigerian local made furniture are nice too, and some of them last long as well.

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Another truth is that they are far cheaper, presenting something affordable to everyone – unlike the designer version that after buying, you start checking your pocket to see if there is hole somewhere. So, if you are in the local furniture business, you are 100% guaranteed of good sales because average Nigerians (greater in number) who could not afford the superior type are always going to buy from you.

However, the greatest truth is that you don’t even have to be a Carpenter to sell this Nigeria Local Furniture. Anyone can do the business, no matter who you are as long as you have the needed capital to start this business which in most cases may not be more than N200,000. That is the truth, N200,000 is just enough to get you started, then as the business starts yielding profit, you may add more, expand, and add imported furniture or even begin to manufacture the superior type here in Nigeria.

Many great Nigerians have made it big through the sales of household and office furniture. One good example is Mrs. Ibukun Awosika – she is the founder of Quebees Ltd, and Chair Centre Ltd which manufacture and sell office furniture that runs into several hundreds of millions of naira here in Nigeria. You too can start small and grow big in the furniture business like her!

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A complete four set of imported SOFA costs from N1.5 m while the same complete set of chair, made with good materials (the Nigerian way) cost about N70,000 from the local carpenters. With good negotiation, you are sure to get it cheaper, sell for N100,000 in your showroom, and make N30,000 pure profit from that single sell! Is that a good business or not?

Now that I have tickled you a bit, let me take you through the 2 easy steps you need to take to get your local furniture business started as soon as this week.

Look For A Good Carpenter

Every Carpenter can hold hammer and nail but not every Carpenter is capable of producing good quality furniture job. Some Carpenters are very good at producing good furniture job but not all of them can deliver it on time. Very few does! Look for one or two among these few and negotiate good deal with them.

They will be responsible for supplying you the furniture you need to sell to your customers. A full set of Living Room Chairs (N70,000), 2 Beds (N40,000), and a Dinning Set (N20,000) is all you need for a start. You may add very good Foams on those Beds which you are going to sell together with the beds and make profits from both.

Get A Showroom For Your Local Furniture Business

You need a showroom to be able to display your furniture to the public. Make sure it is by the roadside for passerby to see them. Advertising is everything in business, if your furniture is hidden, no one will see them and you wouldn’t make a sell. You must by all means get your product where people can see them for you to make sells.

If you don’t have money for a showroom, go for open place by the roadside. Many Nigeria furniture sellers, sell at the open place by the roadside and they still make good sells.

When you have these two things in place, you are ready for business but don’t forget that your Customers are the lifeblood of your business, give them good services and treat them well.

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  • Anonymous February 26, 2014

    HMmmm, quite motivating. I really apreciate your effort to make the youth of our days to be informed and not deformed. I'm a lady with interest in this kind of business, I have capital ready but my fear is where do I source for my goods?


    • Darlinton Omeh February 26, 2014

      There are so many places where you can source for the product


  • Anonymous November 12, 2014

    I'm very much interested with this particular furniture business. I've thought about how to start mine. The good news is that i'm learning the business from my pastor who already owns one. I have the money to start the business but i want to be sure i've learned the in and out of the business before i can start.


  • Dike Rodney May 25, 2016

    I have the full knwledge of the business as i have worked n a well established furniture cmpany i wish to start my own but i do not have the capital to start the business, am still looking for fund, please, where can i get fund?


  • Bruce January 18, 2018

    Hellooo. I have worked in the furniture business for a long time and I can source your goods safely and with the best quality. Of course, prices vary with quality. You may contact me on luxuriafurniture on gmail for more info. Good day to you.


  • Femi June 29, 2018

    Where can one really get these good products cheaper to make good profits when I sell to others in a wealthy environment.


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