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Being choosy about jobs might just be what has been keeping you unemployed, the economy might not be too harsh after all, maybe its your mind set towards certain jobs. we will like to highlight some of these jobs that might be right for you. 

10) Master of Ceremony (MC): ever thought of being an MC? a master of ceremony is a person who anchors an event and unfolds the program of the ceremony, with the recent increase in events in Nigeria, you can be well assure that you will be raking home some cool cash with this type of business, all you need is interpersonal skills,comic skills, and you need to also study the market. being an MC takes lot of practice and experience, you also need to have passion for the job, this will enable you to continually grow. as an MC, you can make up to N120,000 in a month (and/or more than)
9) Comedian: are you funny? humorous? comical? then this is the job for you, in Nigeria now, we have come to to accept comedy as part of our way of life, with the harsh situation in the country, people have come to accept comedy as a form of ‘solace’ for their problem. being a comedian can be very profiting and you can also have a career in this line of business, you will also be needing the services of a manager (especially promotional manager) this person will help you get the contracts for shows, if you really have it in you, you can be having performances every weekends and end up making over N500,000 every month

8) Writer: you can make a fortune by being a writer, there are different kinds of writers, we have song writers, business writers and also book writers, you have to discover which you have passion for, develop the passion and start off with the job! writing is a low risk job and it is quite interesting, learn how to carry the readers along and you could be looking at riches right in its face, its easy, just get a laptop!

7) Florist: you could get interested in selling flowers by studying them online, you could also seek knowledge from experienced florist. you can be guaranteed that there is huge profit potential, all you need to do is get a highbrow location and you might be looking at influx of customers…

6) Online agent: you can also be house/land/car agent online and make cool cash from using the internet. all you have to do is search for buyers and sellers, link them, and 5 percent of the selling price is yours! you can make much money the longer you search for buyers and sellers, in this game, integrity is the key word, if you have integrity, you will end up promoting yourself, you have to be computer literate and you also have be abreast of news always, this will enable you to be on top of the game always.

5)Drama actor/actress: you can make a fortune from being an actor/actress right from your house, you can kick start your career with just a camera! all you need to do is get a group, write a story and you lot can follow your scripts, upload the video on your you tube, blogs, face-book, etc, keep creating videos till you eventually get noticed and hit that contract, you don’t have to go to Nollywood before you get an acting role, you can make Nollywood come to you… gather your friends (that have plenty of time) nominate a scriptwriter, your location are your houses, you are the actors and actresses, go ahead, act a good story, you might just be the next Will Smith or Jada Pinket in the making!!!

4)Blogger: you can make a lot of money from blogging, make some write ups on;business, entertainment,sports,etc, who knows, if your write ups are good, you might have lots of viewers/followers, before you can say jack Robinson, you might get paid for adverts on your blogs and might end up being a big money making blog for you, test your writing skills, go get that pen!!!

3) Artistic design: ever thought of creating some artistic works, like Papier  M ache, tie and dye, paintings,printing and shirts, labeling, photo shopping, Terra Cotta, phone case design, table design, creative design, name it, you might just have the flair for it, go for a seminar today, be investigative, learn and above all, enjoy!

2) Event management: you can make cool money by planning and managing events for clients, you can manage weddings, programs, also you can manage parties, all you need to do is get customers, you can also advertise yourself on blogs, websites, etc and you might end up swimming in cash, just follow your heart!!!

1) Consultant: what is your field of specialization? which area can you excel in? what is your passion? what is your ability? you can put this at work, test yourself, test your skills, consult! consulting can make you excel and even have job opportunities, you can be a business consultant, educational consultant, music,arts,sports,entertainment,events, name it, the sky is your limit!

 have fun doing what you love doing, make money, make yourself and people around you happy, don’t wallow yourself in the unemployment situation in the country, EMPLOY YOURSELF TODAY!!!

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  • emmacall August 28, 2016

    I need to be part of Nigeria nollywood stars pls help me my number is 08136250577


  • Donald Mbia July 14, 2017

    I will love to become a Nollywood . A place where talents are build. My cintact


  • Believe Dike November 23, 2017

    Plz I will like to become a Hollywood actoractor.A place where talent are build. My contact is


  • esther February 18, 2018

    l’d love to be one of nollywood actor


  • Ode samson June 1, 2018

    Im an editor and photogenic with alot of creation upgrade how can i work with nollywood in nigeria?


  • Favour Bernard otaba August 23, 2018

    Hi nigeria m favour Bernard otaba from cross river state am 15 would love to be casted as one of the actresses of nollywood I can sing dance and act it will be a huge favour


  • Gloria September 17, 2018

    I am caterer I need job pls help me


  • Joy Nwaopara November 24, 2018

    I am Joy, i have the passion for acting, i am creative, i have what it takes to become an actress if granted the opportunity. I can give stories and they will become good movies, its just to be given a chance.


  • Robert Ben motambo January 20, 2019

    I really wish to be actor I HV calling of sarve life by teaching and pastoring ,am Malawian ! I have some story that can change world


  • Manuella February 12, 2019

    I’m a writer . Film and song writer . I’m looking forward to hearing from you .


  • Manuella February 12, 2019

    Good day! I’m a writer , Film and song writer to be precised . Please I am looking forward to hearing from you .


  • James March 2, 2019

    Vacancy job in Canada Required Qualifications:
    Must be legally eligible to work in Canada

    Must be 18 years or older

    Preferred Qualifications:
    Production experience

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  • Chika Ruth Onyerionwu March 26, 2019

    I’m a script writer and song writer, and also aspiring to become an actress and a model… Pls I’ll be glad to hear wonderful news from u. Thanks


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