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Online marketing is probably the most talked about and most written about subject on the Internet. A lot have been said and a lot have been learned over the years, enough knowledge to even build a sky rocket. Online marketing is indeed one of the most rewarding online business adventure anyone could embark upon. It gives you so much opportunities that you think could ever be possible, including the simplicity and ease at which you can get things going.

I wouldn’t want to be much on the tutorial this time, I want to focus on what exactly you need to get it right and I think that’s one of the most important of it all. Get it right and you are on the promise land, and get it wrong and you know what it means. What exactly are the things you need to get right? Just like in building construction, there are materials and tools you must have in place if you hope to have a well constructed building.


Now, take a look at the diagram below and see how the materials needed are laid out. You must have everyone of these in place – at the proper place and at the proper time. At this point, I am assuming you already have your website (If you haven’t got your website in place, do that now) We are looking at what should be in your website to ensure a successful and profit oriented online marketing.

Having looked properly at the diagram above and having created the mental picture of what we are talking about, let’s take on each of these requirements and explain what they stands for and why you must implement them in your online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you can’t be found by your prospective customers, whatever thing you have to market – no matter how good it is, becomes useless. You need to be found on the major search engines by the actual people who are searching for your product and services! This is where search engine optimization comes into the picture. Optimizing your search engine presence is one sure way to market your product very effectively. You must plan out your SEO first before creating your first content, and continue with it thereafter. It’s an ongoing project!

Title tags, Anchors text, and Links, are some of the key factors in your search engine campaign. You need to get each of these very right if you hope to be found on the search engines. Let’s look at them one-by-one and see how we can implement them.

Title Elements – Your website title must contain your primary and secondary keywords, and maybe your brand name. The acceptable format according to SEOMoz  now (Moz) are:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
Brand Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword

Your title should be the accurate and concise short description of what your entire site is all about. It must not be too long to avoid being truncated by the search engines on the search result. It has to be clearly visible and inviting to your potential audience to click on.

Let’s take for instance you are marketing “Cute Dogs” and “Dog training eBooks” while your site brand name is, you may consider your title to go this way “Dogs, Dog training eBooks, get everything about your Dogs on Cuteputty“. This way, every potential Dog training searcher knows that you have exactly what they are looking for on your website.

Anchor Texts – The anchor text is the visible, clickable text that hides the url in a hyperlink. The keywords contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines. Eg:, The anchor texts for this link is How to create wealth with the link hiding under anchor texts. By this, search engine will be able to know what the page is all about and rank it according to the keywords that constitutes the anchor texts.

In your link building process, it is not advisable to throw your url verbatim on pages, you need to hyperlink them with proper anchor texts to enable search engines determine what your page is all about and rank you accordingly.

Link Building – Links are like road networks for search engines, proper roads linkage make for easy movements likewise it is for search engines. When your site is well linked within, it helps search engine crawl your pages with ease. If you are linked to from other websites, Search engines will use it to determine the authority of your website and rank your site based on the quality of links and quality of pages they are coming from.

The truth is that you can increase your site’s ranking by using linkbacks from other website. However, be cautious the way you go about this! Quality Links are built over time and not over night. Each time opportunity present itself for you to have a link within or from other website, make sure you implement it with anchor text.

Content – Create Quality Content for your website

You’ve heard the statement that “content is the king”? That is especially true with online marketing. Fast gone are the days when you just throw in products and people buy without knowing who you are and where you are coming from. These days, you need to build relationship with your prospective customers by creating quality content for them first, then market later. Below are some of he ways you can do that.

Blog Posts – Have a blog on your website if not a blog itself. There is no better way to market things online than through blogs, set up blog on your website and write quality blog posts on regular basis. Create blog posts that your audience would love to read.

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.

Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules.

In simple terms, a blog is a website, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what’s new. Then they comment on it or link to it or email you. Or not. – Blogger

You can build wonderful relationship with your audience through your blog posting. The best way to sell is to give something out first. This way, you let your potential customers see what you are capable of doing. The value of your product can be determined through the quality of your blog post. Give something outstanding to compliment your outstanding products.

Video Content – Like blog posts, video content has a way of getting you across to your audience. It’s like giving them the chance to know the real you while learning some stuffs from you too. Make video tutorial that is relevant to your general content . You are trying to dominate your niche by create a kind of authority in your industry? Video has to be one of the content on your site. Videos uploaded on YouTube has been known to rank very well on Google search engine which will surely bring much traffic back to your site.

Comments – Comment is the major connector between you and your audience, it is the most rewarding aspect of blogging. Enable comments across your content to let your audience share their thought. This helps you get to know your customers more and relate to them closely. Comments can also help improve your blog, adding to the tutorials you already have and enriching your blog content.

E-Mail List – Build Robust E-Mail List

This comes in three stages – Enable and encourage Opt In => Establish Relationship through newsletters => Prepare and deliver your Sales Pitch. If you are online marketer and you aren’t capturing your users email, you are not yet in business. How do you go about doing this?

Opt-In – According to Brian Clark of who also is expert in content marketing – “Your email opt-in page has one goal — to get people to sign up to your email list. Every word and element of the page should support that single action. If it doesn’t, lose it.” Check out this wonderful Article he wrote on E-Mail Opt-In

Relationship – It is very important you build relationship with your audience before pushing the sales pitch buttons. You have started well by creating quality content and asking your site visitors to join your email list, you need to follow it up by building closer relationships with them. Send them regular tips and ideas on how to get better at what you are trying to teach them, let them feel at ease with you, make them trust you, be personal with them sometimes.

There was this email list I joined some couple of years back. The guy started by sending us regular motivational on how to be good at what we do – It was so refreshing, it made me feel someone is really taking genuine interest in me. He did it for a pretty long time before offering his first sales, and I can tell you the sales was well received. Do that first before sales.

Sales Pitch – All things being equal, everything having been done the way it should – this is the time to make sells. Go ahead! Compose that sales pitch and push the button, you will be amazed to how great the response will be. But how do you make a sales pitch that goes down well with your audience?

Follow the same rule of conversation you’ve maintained all through your content. But do not make it too obvious you are out for selling. Make it a recommendation if possible. Experiment and choose what works for you, but all means you need to maintain your voices. Do all these and everything shall fall into it’s proper place. I wish you good luck and success in your online marketing campaign. Don’t forget to click on share the buttons and make a comment below below.

+Darlinton Omeh 

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  • Daniel June 28, 2013

    great post sir,but i think vast number of person would prefer practical tutorial on this subject and how they can create a web.thanks


  • Engr. George Dureke June 30, 2013

    Excellent stuff. You've completely demystified the guts of websites construction. I notice you're now Bizham. Nice. Good job so far Bro.


  • Darlinton Omeh June 30, 2013

    Thank you George, the world is changing so we gotta change with it.. LOL


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