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Frozen chicken business in Nigeria far more profitable than you think. Frozen chicken is what put food on many Nigerian family tables. Many Nigerians prefer to buy frozen chicken because it is convenient to cook, convenient in the sense that you don’t need to go through stress of processing the chicken at home. Frozen chicken gives you the privilege to choose more of any part you prefer. For instance, if you want only chicken laps you can get it, if it is the wings alone you want it is usually available, heads, legs, necks, and all other parts are usually sold at frozen chicken shops.

Many Nigerians have come to depend on imported frozen chicken and this is detrimental to our local poultry industry and the subsequent health implication to human lives, importing frozen chicken from Europe, Cotonou or where ever involves preserving the frozen chicken with chemicals, some of which are dangerous to human health.

Basic reasons why many Nigerians prefer the frozen chicken is because it saves time. It saves energy, it can be easily stored and used at will. Also, many people believe it is cheap. Frozen chicken can be processed in Nigeria. As a smart entrepreneur, you can venture into frozen chicken business because it is lucrative. All you need is to sacrifice your time to make it a success. To know more on how you can be a successful frozen chicken business owner, please carefully read further as this article. I will explore the rearing and buying from farms to how you can successfully own a frozen chicken brand.

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To own a frozen chicken business in Nigeria is really not a child’s play you know. But trust me if you love what you do you will find it interesting and it will surely excite you. There are reasons for venturing into frozen chicken business in Nigeria. Few of these reasons are explained below

1. Population Increases Demand

Nigeria has a population of over 170 million, and we are under provided with the essential food component which is protein. It is not as if  there are no other means of protein but to get a cattle beef meat is extremely expensive and this brings out a question of how many average Nigerian can afford a cattle beef.

There is usually a high demand for frozen chicken by fast food operators such as hotels, restaurants, and also for home consumption and also for event host and various institutions with catering services, secondary or primary schools with boarding facilities.

2. Ban on Importation

The ban on importation of frozen chicken in Nigeria by the federal government in the year 2003 is one of the reasons smart entrepreneur should invest in frozen chicken business. Really as a Nigerian I am glad that the ban was placed as this has not only created employment in the poultry industry but has actually encouraged investment in poultry production, processing and storage.

3. Time Saving

Because you would not have to go through the process of going to the the market to buy a life chicken, coming back home to start the stress of slaughtering, peeling and dividing into parts. This will make you spend more time in the kitchen just to prepare a pot of chicken. You will even be exhausted before the chicken gets done, so in essence frozen chicken saves a lot of time.

4. Consumption Level

There is high consumption level of frozen chicken, this is largely due to Nigerian population. Our population is far more above 160 million because we record birth on a daily basis. So this makes our population increases everyday. As our population increases, so also people consume more of chicken.

5. Convenience

It is very obvious that frozen chicken is convenient to prepare. You don’t need a knife to slaughter a life chicken as you can get the specified parts you want from frozen chicken store. All you need is just wash your frozen chicken and then add up your ingredients and you just simply boil.

6. It Is Economical

If you want to buy a life chicken in the market it will cost you nothing  less than N2,000. Some families don’t even consume some parts of chicken not because it is a taboo but because they don’t just like the parts. Examples are the chicken legs, head and wings. Some prefers to eat gizzard. So how many life chicken will you slaughter to get the number or gizzards that will satisfy your family. Meanwhile, it will only cost you N700 to buy a kilogram of chicken laps, N750 for wings, N800 for gizzard, and so on. You see? You will pay less buying frozen chicken from the stores.

You are wondering how do you now make profit if it is this cheap to buy? Don’t forget you are selling different parts at different prices. The chicken head will be sold in kilograms, wings, chest, and all the parts has people demanding for them. So here you will make your profit.

To be successful in your frozen chicken business, you must love what you do and you must be passionate about it. As long as you have these criteria, believe me success is surely yours. Now that you know there is high demand for frozen chicken, what are you going to do next?

To know more about this business please follow my next article. Cheers!

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