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Nylon production business is a very good business anybody could actually start up in Nigeria and start making some real profits. The business is quite profitable. For one thing, the demand for nylon is on the high side each day in Nigeria due to the many uses of nylon such as bagging, shopping, packaging, etc.

The process of nylon production begins with the raw material (B.A.S.F or Escorene or Dow) being poured first into the heating and melting unit of the extruder machine. It is then blown under pressure through a medium after it has first been transformed into the liquid state. Thereafter, it is cooled, producing polythene sheets which later become converted to bales ready for cutting and sealing.

Types of Polythene Bags

Basically, there are two (2) main types of polythene nylon bags needed in the Nigerian market:

High Density:

The high density polythene nylon bags are the commonly used ones due to their numerous qualities such as strength, versatility, and durability. These polythene nylon bags are commonly used as garbage bags, for packaging, in pharmaceuticals, as disposables, etc.

Low Density:

The low density polythene nylon bags are mainly used for clothes packaging, food wrapping, bread packaging, water sealing, et al.

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Before you can start nylon production in Nigeria, there are a number of things you must first consider. Aside the usual requirements of registering your business and getting the appropriate licenses, it is very important you pay attention to the following things highlighted in this post.

Get Experience

I would recommend that before you venture into the nylon production business, you take out time to learn everything you can about the business. It would not hurt if you take out some time to work in a nylon production plant for some period to gain some useful experience and develop yourself. Other ways you could develop yourself include attending seminars and trade workshops.

Also, you could source for the advice of people who are in the nylon production business, especially those in far off areas, since the people in your area will not easily give out information about the business to a potential competitor. Affording yourself experience in the business will ensure you test the waters before diving in.

Source for Capital

The amount of capital for your nylon production business will depend on the size or scale and scope of the operation. You will have to determine how you intend to cover your start-up expenses. Unless you have a lot of money to carve out from your pockets, you may want to consider obtaining loans to generate the start-up capital.

You will need capital to cover expenses such as land purchase or lease, equipment, labour, electricity and generator, and other additional expenses. For the equipment, you will require as much as N16 million for the machines if you want to get them imported, or as much as N8 million if you should source for them locally. To start this business, you will need to have a budget of N10 million – N30 million. These figures are not exact. How much you will really require to set-up this business will be determined by the location and scale of operation.

Secure a good Land

You will have to secure a good land to accommodate your nylon production plant. If possible, it is important to site the location of your nylon production plant close to your source of raw materials and market so as to cut back on transportation expenses. However, you will need a space big enough to contain all the machines for the nylon production.

Hire Employees

You will need to hire employees for the whole nylon production process. First, it is important you get the services of good engineers to help with the installation of the machines. You will also need machine operators, truck drivers, product managers, sales executives, etc. You may want to try and recruit very experienced hands into your nylon production business.

Carryout a Market Survey

Before you even venture into the nylon production business, it is pertinent you carry out a thorough market survey to determine who your target market is. The market survey must be done within the area you decide to site your nylon production business.

In most places in Nigeria, you will likely have the following groups make up the target market for nylon production businesses:

  • Pharmacies
  • Water production companies
  • Eateries and restaurants
  • Traders
  • Hospitals
  • Bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Laundry
  • Fashion stores
  • Schools

Things You Will Need

Raw Materials:

The raw materials needed for nylon production are all by-products of petroleum. They include:

  • Escorene
  • Dow

Others include:

  • A.S.F and,
  • Master Berg

The Master Berg is the colouring agent for producing different colours of nylons. The Dow or

B.A.S.F or Escorene is what is poured into the heating unit of the extruder machine.

Ideally, for every 7 bales of polyethylene sheets produced with 2 bags of 25kg of Dow or Escorene and 8kg of Master Berg, you should get about 1,000 pieces of 50 x 40 x 0.45 shopping bags.


Extruder Blowing Machine:

This machine is responsible for producing the nylons by converting the raw materials required for the process first into liquid, then to polythene sheets, and which can then be moulded into the desired density and colour. The extruder blowing machine (foreign) will cost you about N4 million – N5 million, while the local one could be gotten for around N1 million – N5 million.

Nylon Cutting Machine:

This machine is responsible for cutting the polythene into the various sizes which are needed. The nylon cutting machine (foreign double checker machine) should cost you around N3 million or more, while the local one would cost you about N1 million or more.

Punching Machine:

This machine particularly punches holes of various shapes which will serve as handles. The punching machine (foreign hydraulic) will cost you around N1 million, while the local one will cost around N500, 000 – N800, 000.

Printing Machine:

This machine is for creating designs on the nylon sheets. The high definition of this machine will cost you around N1.5 million – N2.5 million, while the low definition will cost you around N1.5 million.

Delivery Truck (for delivering your products to the market)

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  • Mary November 15, 2017

    Thank you.
    If one cannot raise the required start up capital of ngn10mm – ngn20mm, what can a prospect do with ngn 200,000 in this business?

    Kindly advice.


    • Ademola May 27, 2018

      Yiu can engage in buying the products from factory and supplying them to the retailers, and in no time, depending on the kind of product you want to purchase, 07068855308 contact me if you are serious about it…


  • Queen Adeniyi February 9, 2018

    How can one start small with at least 150,000 to 250,000. Kindly advice. Thank you


  • Aribisala Gboyega February 10, 2018

    Please how can I start the production of nylon(comprehensive one) with am amount within #3m–#4m. Pls advice


  • Rose Umontuen April 2, 2018

    Please how can one start with a small amount of money like #150 to #200k, and still make good profit? .


    • Ademola May 27, 2018

      You’ll start by on a small scale of buying it directly from the factory and supplying it for retailers


  • Opeyemi April 18, 2018

    Pls how can I start dis business in a small scale… I have a capital of 1m


  • Dominica Una April 20, 2018

    Please where can i get quality training for this business. I am interested but i need to be trained.


  • Gody Eyo May 5, 2018

    Please where can I have training for the nylons products.


    • Ademola May 27, 2018

      I’m 24years old and 6years of experience in 2 different polythene companies, I can be of help if you truly want to invest on it, it’s a very good and profitable business, this is my contact 07068855308


  • Ademola May 27, 2018

    I’m 24years old and 6years of experience in 2 different polythene companies, I can be of help if you truly want to invest on it, it’s a very good and profitable business, this is my contact 07068855308
    Reply Waiting


    • Alice Iyos December 17, 2018

      Hi Ademola,i want to invest on polythene how do i go about it


  • Ndiana-Abasi George May 30, 2018

    My Name is George, i am an extruder operator. I have worked in many places, and i have all the experience that it take to manage ur extruder machine for you then give u a quality job. It is one thing to open up a factary an it is anoder thing to have a good and experience operator that will give u what customers is looking for, i can be of help if u need me contact with this… 07088688134


    • presh January 22, 2019

      i would give you a call. calling from america. just inxcase you see a foreign number


  • Bola Adegpke June 16, 2018

    Thanks for the information, pls where can I get training.


  • Ogbonnaya Alum July 7, 2018

    My Name: Ogbonnaya Alum, I can Do The Cutting Very Well I Need Work, 08100323790


  • Abegunde Oluwafemi August 1, 2018

    well done for the good job. Can you please supply me with all the machine /tools needed for this business and where they can be bought in Nigeria, and possibly where to get technical personel and proposal that can cover #10,000,000. I ‘ll call your line to discuss. thanks


  • Oluwaseyi August 28, 2018

    I am interested in nylon production business. How can I get required knowledge for the business and is 8million enough to begin the business


  • ngozi August 28, 2018

    this is great, but I need to go for the seminar for more information. please, is there anywhere they are hosting it.


  • Adisa September 6, 2018

    I am Adisa frm Ib. Where can i get full training,including practical,on polythene production. Thks


  • vera chidera October 4, 2018

    my name is Vera, please where can i get both the theoretical and practical training of nylon production process in Nigeria.


  • chisom jude December 31, 2018

    lovely, where can get trained?


  • presh January 22, 2019

    i would give you a call. calling from america. just inxcase you see a foreign number


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