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You’ve been contemplating taking your goods and services online but, you really can’t point out enough reason you have to do that? This Article will help clear your doubt as to why online marketing is the best way to go —>

Online marketing also known as internet marketing is no doubt the fastest growing form of marketing and seems to have since grown past the traditional media marketing. As more and more people keeps turning to the Internet in search of goods and services, so comes more opportunities for internet marketers who are cashing on the opportunities presented by the influx of people to the internet to market their goods and services more effectively.

There are probably a thousand and one reasons why Online Marketing is preferred by many over the tradition marketing. However, lets take a look at some of the most popular reasons – below are the top 5 advantages of online marketing that every serious marketers must consider.

1. Cost Effective – The less you spend in marketing, the more your profit. Online advertising is known to be far cheaper than the traditional media advertising. The cost of a full page of intrusive advert on a popular newspaper for one day can get you a whole one month of targeted pay per click advert online, ensuring that you cut cost while advertising to the actual people who needs your products.

Would you like to spend much dollars in advertising and marketing when there is opportunity to spend less? I’m sure one wants that, every good marketer will do everything possible to keep the cost of marketing as low as possible while making the maximum profit. Advertising online ensures that you spend less while making more.

2. Measurable – With online marketing, you can measure your progress easily – you know exactly when you’re getting it right and when you’re screwing things up. Nearly all the advertising companies online has sophisticated tools through which you can measure percentage of conversion and other important metrics. That enables you to know if you’re making progress or you need to change your campaign tactics.

Offline marketing, there are no such tools whatsoever – you just rely on imagination and guess work to try to figure out your progress.

3. Product Comparison – These days more and more people wants to compare products as part of their decision making process before they buy, which is very good for marketer who has excellent product. Imagine the frustration you get when trying to explain to a prospective customer the difference between what you have to that of your competitors and he looks at you and feel like “Oh, this guy is just try to sell by putting down the other guys”?

In online marketing, there are several means customers can compare products and services on their own, taking the stress of long rhetoric explanation off you.

4. More Targeted – You choose exactly who sees your adverts! Online marketing ads are well targeted, so much that you place your advertisement to be seen only by the people who are searching for related products. Let’s assume you are marketing sports wears, you get to place your adverts only to those searching for sports wears on Google or Yahoo. You can narrow it down to the exact product like football boots – brands – sizes, and locations. It is like taking your products to people whom you are sure really needs it, contrary to traditional marketing where most of the times you take your products and services to people who doesn’t even know what it is all about.

When product advertisement is targeted this way, you are sure of the highest return on investment

5. Less Annoying – Do you find it fun flipping through those irrelevant ads on the daily papers, seeing Diapers Ads on politically inclined pages? There is simply no way you can target your marketing adverts to particular interest group with traditional offline media such as Newspapers, Radios, Televisions, and Billboards; thereby leaving you with no option than to annoy people who are not interested in your products with your irrelevant advertisements.

With online marketing, such annoyance factor is highly reduced or even eliminated with ads targeting systems that gives you the opportunity to advertise only to people who are genuinely interested in your product and services, while cutting the cost of irrelevant campaigns.

There are numerous other reasons Online Marketing is preferred over traditional offline media marketing, some of which will be covered in my next articles.

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