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Did you know you can make money on YouTube video for free without spending a dime? That’s the topic of today’s post and by the time we are through with this, you’d start creating your own residual income through YouTube videos without spending a dime building or maintaining a website. is the world’s biggest video website and the world’s third biggest website after Google and Facebook. It currently boast of over 1billion monthly unique visitors and billions of videos uploaded. YouTube belongs to Google who in turn is one of the most generous company on the internet.


No other company create powerful applications and give them out for free as Google does and that’s one of the things that makes the internet go round. In the case of YouTube, Google did not only give it out free for you to upload videos but also opportunity to make money through YouTube Partnership Program that allows you to monetizing your videos.

What this means is that you now have the opportunity to make money on YouTube free by just making and uploading interesting videos on the website. According to YouTube, Thousands of channels owned by individuals like you are already making six figures per annul and you can become one of them if you take the opportunity now.

I recently created my own YouTube channels and having worked excellently to getting it up and running properly. I’ve documented all the secrets, the success stories, and the technicalities that would be of help to you and anyone who wish to learn and earn with YouTube. All you have to do is to pay attention while I take you there!

What It Takes to Earn Money on YouTube

Make Interesting Videos –  The are so many devices through which you can make a nice video. Even if you don’t have money to buy professional digital recording cameras and camcorders, you can use your smart phone and make interesting video that people would want to watch.

However, if you want quality video that will attract millions of viewers, you need to get a high quality camera. The type of video you make could be anything including tutorials.

Create a YouTube Channel – Haven made some fantastic videos, it is time to proceed to YouTube to create your own channel, you need a channel to be able to upload your videos. It is not difficult to create channels on YouTube, Click here to create yours. Below is the page that will appear.



Fill in your detail information and click on continue. Remember that a Google+ account will be created for you too if you don’t already have one. When you click on continue after filling your details, your channel will be created and the page below will popup.



When you click on the “Take a tour” button, YouTube will take you to the tour of your channel, explaining some of the important features. Follow the Tour guide and get yourself acquainted with the environment.

Upload Your Videos – You will see the “Upload video” button in your account. Click the button to upload your video. You must have saved the video file on your laptop, when you click on the upload video button, it will take you to your computer where you’d select the location where you saved the file and upload.

Apply for Monetization – After you have uploaded your video, you need to give it some time to receive good number of views before applying for YouTube partnership program except you already have a functional Google Adsense account. Follow this link to apply for YouTube partnership program.

Promote your video as much as you can for more viewership. The more views you get the more money you’d make. One thing that makes it so easy is that YouTube already have large audience, all you need to do is to grab your share of these audience and leverage it through your videos.

Follow the above steps and you’re good to go in your business. Within months from now, you’d be surprised at the amount of dollars you are going to be making.

For those who wants to get the hands on practical “How to setup a successful YouTube Channels that is guaranteed to earn sustainable income in ongoing basis,  Youtube Partnership Business Training comes up this February – It is a training you wouldn’t want to miss if you are truly serious about making money through the internet and taking your business to the next level.

I have a blunt and easy question for you? Here it goes…

Do you wants to go higher than just ordinary in YOUTUBE Partners Program?

Ok, let’s put it this way… There is more for you to learn if you truly wants to use YouTube to create a FULLY automated online business?

I mean the kind of business that does:

-> $110,450 in 6 months (PURE Profit)

-> $22,000 a month – Within 3 weeks

The training will run for ‘3-Day’ and we will be covering every aspect of YouTube partnership program live and practical. We will also cover “Blogging” and other profitable internet businesses

1. How to create videos that attract much viewership in an ongoing basis.

2. How to edit YouTube videos, giving it professional touch that makes it stand out.

3. How to create robust YouTube channels that will turn out to become your own company, making you nothing less than $2,000 (N320,000) every month.

4. How to make use of camera phones or the Camcorders to create perfect videos.

5. How to identify and focus on a profitable Video Niche, etc…

6. How to turn any festival and carnivals into powerful YouTube content and earn ongoing revenue from them for a lifetime without doing additional work.

All these and many more are what we are going to cover. This training is going to be the best training you ever had in your life.

The training Fee is just N40,000 and the training will take place in Lagos. After the training, every beneficiary is expected to get down to creating simple but quality videos and building perfect YouTube channels following the practical guide we’ll teach.

The better your channel gets the extra rewards you get from Google apart from your regular earning. Therefore, the training will focus on “How to Create The Perfect YouTube Channels” and getting you to at least $2,000 (N320,000) monthly earning within two weeks of starting.

The break-down of Potential Average Earning for YouTube Partners:
No of Videos
Average Views
Earning in Dollars
Earning in Naira

This is not your average Nigerian seminars! It is a training for only serious Entrepreneurs who knows what it means to take advantage of an opportunity.

10 Reasons You Must Be in This Training

1. It is coming from which is one of the most trusted Internet Platform in Nigeria with countless of Business Ideas already given out for free.

2. It is coming from me who have helped over 2,000 Nigerians, some Africans and even some people from Europe to start their own businesses free of charge!

3. It is coming from people who knows exactly what works when it comes to business and wealth creation.

4. The YouTube Partnership Program is powered by Google which is the BIGGEST and the most trusted company on the Internet and one of the BIGGEST company in the world.

5. It is your best chance to create wealth on the Internet. The only way you wouldn’t make money on YouTube is if no one get to view your videos which is impossible in a platform where over 1.2 Billion people visit every month.

6. Owning a Channel on YouTube costs absolutely nothing and it takes $0 to maintain too. Yet, you make lots of money while Google take care of the maintenance for you.

7. Google Inc,, and These are real trusted entities and real trusted people you’d be proud to have as your guardian in business, not some faceless Internet trolls.

8. YouTube business opportunity is very new in Nigeria, you need to grab it now while it’s hot!

9. Opportunity comes but once and people who have missed opportunities in the past only lived to regret it. This training is not going to be continuously there, once we hit 500 participants, that will be the end!

10. If you don’t attend, others will attend and the opportunities and revenues that suppose to accrue to you will be passed on to them while you miss out completely.

Training Schedules and Registration Details:
Fist Day: Lagos
Thursday 21st of February, 2014
9:30AM – 4PM
DACA Consults LTD. 1st Floor, Wing D, Elephant House, Ashbifi Rd. Opposite Shoprite, Alausa, Ikeja
Second Day: Lagos
Friday 22nd February, 2014
Third Day: Lagos
Saturday 23rd February, 2014
Account Name
Account Number
Training Fee

Head to the bank now, Make your payment into the Palness Media’s GTBank Account and text us Your Name, Your Location,  and The Teller Number to. Remember to come with your teller.

I wish you a successful preparation! To be on a safer side, you need to register today or tomorrow to secure your place.

See you all!

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  • Anonymous October 2, 2013

    it great hearing this but the fee is a kind of high,may be u re not putting start up entrepreneurs and student at heart in this


    • Darlinton Omeh October 2, 2013

      It take a lot to organize a first class professional training like this in expensive places like Lagos and Abuja. I have everyone at heart, that's why I first wrote the brief tutorial here but this training is for those who wants to take their business beyond ordinary.


    • Anonymous October 24, 2013

      If every Nigerians are like you, things would have been better in this country. I have been following your blog and programs for a year now and I must tell you that you are doing a wonderful job in the lives of your fellow Nigerians. I have benefited a lot freely on this site. As for this training, I will not only attend but also sponsor two or three people to attend with me by God's grace.

      Thank you.

      The Poultry Man


    • Darlinton Omeh November 26, 2013

      LOL… @Poultry man! We look forward to see you at this January internet business training.


  • Anonymous October 2, 2013

    let the prize be affordable for the student


    • Darlinton Omeh November 26, 2013

      N40,000 for three days training for a business that will earn you hundreds of thousands of naira in ongoing basis? How else do you want it to be affordable? I am sorry, the level of people we want into this is not people who is below this fee!


  • Anonymous October 2, 2013

    good news and when is the next blogging seminar


  • healthfactscare October 19, 2013

    This blog is great and full of useful information AND so many of us are still struggling on how to make money online. I WILL ALWAYS VISIT YOUR BLOG FOR MORE USEFUL TIPS


  • Uzoma Okafor October 26, 2013

    Thanks so much. We'll also like you to give tips and seminars on internet marketing in Nigeria.


  • Uzoma Okafor October 31, 2013

    We live in Kano. Is there any hope of having one here?


    • Darlinton Omeh November 26, 2013

      We can help (you to arrange for decent and affordable accommodation. Anyone who need accommodation should call me for that.


  • Ebi December 12, 2013

    I live in benin and I'm interested in the seminar but I can't come to Lagos because of the nature of my job. What can you do to help? I also want to reach u to discuss other business ideas, how can I reach you?


  • January 10, 2014

    This is a great seminar for the discerning, I do hope to be there, God sparing our lives. Thanks


  • Anonymous April 12, 2014

    Good-day Sir,
    Please when are you likely to come to Abuja.



  • Anonymous August 17, 2014

    Good day Sir,
    I really love this idea of a one-on-one coaching,cos one can see the whole thing…pls sir when are u organizing a new
    class here in lagos,will like to partake bt please let the fee to affordable students like me
    thanks sir


  • Anonymous January 23, 2015

    Good day mr.omeh, thks for all ur effort to upgrade all this information to we all.pls hw can i get the full information of the Training program.i reside in spain.and how can i send you my phone number or email address


  • michael October 15, 2017

    pls i need this training is it still on am in india now but will be in lagos in january .????????/ pls answer is important


  • Oluwaseun April 5, 2018

    Not too long I came to know about your blog and post on wealthresult, but unfortunately your seminars had been executed. How can I benefit from YouTube training and other online business training. Pls


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