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Do you have passion for fashion? Why not consider trading in the beauty industry? The demand for hair extension in the Nigerian markets is sky-rocketing everyday. Therefore, hair extension business is a viable and lucrative business in Nigeria. One thing very good about hair extension business in Nigeria is that it requires little capital to start.And almost anyone can do it.

Most women today take extra measure to look good and are willing to spend even their last money to achieve this. One of the symbol of a woman’s beauty is her hair. To achieve good looks, women make their hair with all types of hair extension and they do it almost every week.

Another thing I like about hair extension business is that you can start it small from home without renting a shop, and your customers will still reach you on your mobile phone when the need arises. So, the business is quite simple and affordable.

Different Types Of Hair Extension

There are different types of hair extension available in the market, example; synthetic, human hair, European, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, expression attachments, wigs, amigos attachments etc. They come in different inches, colors, different makes, and their prices vary too.

Before you engage in hair extension business, you need to understand and get familiar with these different types of hair extension that are in the market. Some people may consider selling only human hair depending on who their customers are, while others may prefer to sell all products of hair extension. It is advisable to sell different types of hair extension because people are different so are taste and likes. Being known for different kinds of brands makes you earn more satisfied customers who in turn will help promote your business by word of mouth.

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If you are selling in a shop, you need to purchase the equipment for your shop. Another strategy is advertisement, this could be done through social media marketing, telling friends and family through word of mouth marketing, or showcasing your product at trade fair shows. As a business owner you need to practice what you preach. Use good hair extension products on your hair for people to see. You don’t need much to start this business. All you need is to rent a shop for about N100,000 depending on the location. Buy hair extension/attachment products worth about N500,000 or less depending on what you have, that’s all.

Other Strategies You Need In Hair Extension Business

This business is capable of making you N300,000 monthly if you take it serious and give your all to the marketing. To engage yourself in this type of business you need to put somethings into consideration to avoid  any pitfall.

1. First Educate Yourself

Due to variety in brands of hair extension in the market,  you need to know their names, inches, and where they are made in. Because you will have different customers asking for a particular brand of hair. More so, a new product  can surface in the market that your customer may not be aware of, you can tell your customers more about it. This will go along way to demonstrate to your customers how knowledgeable and up to date you are in the business.

2. Write A Feasibility Study

Make a list on how you want your business to succeed at the beginning and in the future. Think of how you can compete with the existing competitors in this line of business. know how much you need to start up, and what the turnover would be. Also, find out where to buy your products, either from the distributors or manufacturers  in order to get products at a reasonable and affordable price.

3. Capital Prospect

When you invest N 500,000 to buy different types of hair extension that pull traffic in the market such as, expression attachments, human hair, lace wig, and other related items to stock. You stand a chance of making N 300,000 returns from your investment.

3. Add Related Items To Stock

There are some other related products that are used to make hair such are; thread for weavon, needle, weavon glue, weavon oil, relaxers and all types of hair cream and anti-dandruff for hair. This does not only attract individuals but also call for attention of salon owners to patronize your business.

4. Sell At A Reasonable Rate

Have it in mind that there are many competitors in this line of business. Make sure your price is very reasonable and competitive enough. You do not have to make huge profit as a beginner, what you need first is to gain more customers. Providing them with the best quality at affordable rates will help you gain customers and keep them for a long time!

5. Get Goods Directly From  Manufacturers

If you do not have enough financial capacity to import directly from China, you can consider purchasing from local manufacturers. Even so, you can get your product at a reasonable rate while being assured of good quality. In effect, you will be able to give your customers a reasonable discount on product purchase.

6. Attract Your Customers

While reasonable price will help you gain more customers, you can make them loyal by giving incentives on products purchased. This can come as gifts on products bought depending on the quantity. Sometimes, you can run a sales promo. Your customers want to be convinced that there is difference between you and other suppliers. Endeavor to stand out by treating them in such a way to show that they are kings.

I believe these steps above would give you an insight of how to start a successful hair extension business, and make you standout from existing competitors. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to do so below.

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  • Anonymous August 26, 2014

    Please where do you think someone could get the hair extension, i mean a manufactural..

  • Anonymous October 21, 2014

    I have a source for Indian Hair at cheap price s

  • Anonymous November 5, 2014

    hello, please could tell me how i can contact you? i am interested in your hair pieces wholesale. please send a mail with the pictures and price list and address so i can contact you, thanks

    • Anonymous November 23, 2014

      I import bulk hair at wholesale prices,,, my email contact is mimsvbeauty,, or leave your contact details here on yahoo or Gmail you can reach me.

    • Anonymous April 18, 2015

      please connect me to distributor or a manufacturer. This is my contact

      • Abieyuwa April 29, 2018

        i want to start hair extension and accessories business i need info on how to get the products distributors and manufacturers. i want to sale in wholesale. I live in Benin city Edo state please contact me.

  • Anonymous February 6, 2015

    Pls were can I get a manufacturers

  • Anonymous February 23, 2015

    i'm interested in getting human hair for resale pls contact me

  • Anonymous May 27, 2015

    plz i need information of your different hair extension product…. pls contact me i want to start a wholesale shop in abuja city nigeria

    • Lokesh August 7, 2017

      Im the hair distributor in india with reasonable price.. Contact me

  • Fagbenro Olanrewaju January 19, 2016

    Please how can you connect me with a distributor or manufacturer in Nigeria.
    Kindly contact me through my E mail

  • tess January 28, 2016

    i want to start hair extension and accessories business i need info on how to get the produccts distributors and manufacturers. i want to sale in wholesale. contact me

  • diamond January 30, 2016

    Please am interested in having a hair brand/line, please link me up to manufacturers here in Nigeria or me please. Thank you.

  • chika nosike February 9, 2016

    can you link me to manufacturers or distributors?sent to my email please

  • Titilayo February 9, 2016

    Pls how can i get a manufacturer or distributor.

  • ify February 11, 2016

    Please how can I contact a manufacturer

  • bisi February 16, 2016

    Please i need manufacturer or distributors. Connect me, Thanks

    • Eris February 17, 2016

      Hello am a virgin hair distributor in Nigeria with over four years experience, I sell Brazilian Peruvian Russian Burmese funmi curls ombre hair etc add me on whatsap if interested.

  • Pastor Daniel S. Walker February 18, 2016

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    we are pleased to be a partner of your good work you are doing in Nigeria.
    we are seeking your partnership in order to have what you are doing extended to us.
    As a pastor I personally want to get involvement along with my family.
    My wife is specialized in that area. This is what we are doing in Liberia beside the pastoring work.
    May God bless you.
    yours pastor Daniel S. Walker
    Monrovia Liberia

  • Jenny M. March 15, 2016

    Hello, i really need contact of manufacturers or wholesalers of different kinds of hairs and hair accessories and products. Thanks.

    • victor October 4, 2017

      we sell braided wigs at affordable price… follow @mabellawigs on instagram thanks

  • Julian .O. March 20, 2016

    Hello, I want the contact of the manufacturer of different makes of hair products, want to be a major distributors. Am interested

  • maureen March 24, 2016

    I want to start d business. Pls how do I get hooked up to a manufacturer. I also want to b a distributor

  • shonowo bukola April 4, 2016

    I’m interested, pls connect me to manufacturers.

  • Racheal April 17, 2016

    please sir connect me to manufacturer thanks I want to be selling at h sale price thanks

  • B April 26, 2016

    Can someone start the business with 250k importing it from China,email me and link me to diff suppliers thanks.

  • Gift April 29, 2016

    I want to start hair extension and accessories buesiness very soon, pls can you give me their pricelist and how can i get the products. Want to sale in wholesale. Please contact me

  • Jasmine_Rose April 30, 2016

    Thanks for the info. Pls I have just started my beauty products supply business. Kindly link me up with manufacturers or major distributors of hair extensions, hair products and other beauty products. My email address is Ejindu.rose at yahoo dot fr.
    Or WhatsApp me via zero eight one seven five four, two four, eight nine nine.
    Thanks for your prompt response.

  • katherine May 1, 2016

    plz i need a contact of a manufacturer or distributor wid d list and price of d hair extension wt to start d bussines am ready for it wants to sale in wholesale

  • faith May 3, 2016

    good job,pls i want to be a wholeseller in north connect me with manufacturer or major distributors of xpresssion attachment and wigs and others

  • Hyacinth Uyanne May 3, 2016

    Good evening, I want to be a weavon and attachments distributor, what Am I supposed to do? Can it be discussed online or Am I supposed to come to your office? Can I pay online and have the goods delivered to me? Please, guide me. Thanks.

  • Bola May 9, 2016

    pls,I want to start a beauty products business very soon. kindly, link me up with manufacturers or major distributors. Thanks

  • chinedu okoye May 12, 2016

    do u sale on wholesale? cos i want to start up the business so I need the connection or a manufacturer,

    • Rubirald September 4, 2017

      Contact me via whatsapp (zero nine zero five one one four two one two five)

      Collins, The Slay Lounge

      Note: All hair extensions and wigs available at 30 % discount for all resellers

  • chinedu okoye May 12, 2016

    I want to start the business and I need a manufacturer of different product, my whatsapp no

  • SamMy May 14, 2016

    Plz i am a young guy that just made his first 700k…. I really need to invest in this buisness.. Before i spend the money little by little… Hve been looking for help on this… Hvnt gotten any real info…. Plz whatsapp me on …… So we can talk better… Or better still were is ur office

  • Mercy May 19, 2016

    Pls am planing to go into hair business please I need contact of distributors and manufacturers of human hair. You can contact via email at.

  • Bukky May 19, 2016

    Hi Sir/Ma.
    Many thanks for the write up. It was very insightful. Please, I am interested in the business. Kindly link me up with a good manufacturer or distributor.


  • Doris May 20, 2016

    Please where can i get these hair extension products? I want to start the business.

  • Ruthly May 29, 2016

    Thanks for sharing these useful infos. Please am planing on starting up hair extension bisiness as a wholesaler for now and accessories as well in lagos nigeria. Please I will love to discuss more privately with u on some stuffs. Please can you email me or give me your contact. Thanks

    • DivineBeautyCosmetics December 29, 2016

      please, I need the contacts of human hair, weavon, attachment and beauty products manufacturers/distributors. I’m establishing a cosmetics business by 2017 God’s willing and i need help of contacts. pls whatsapp me. Thanks

  • Vivian June 8, 2016

    Good day,can you kindly link me up to manufacturers,I,m opening my shop soonest..thanks..

  • zelda June 15, 2016

    Please I would like to open a shop soon and I will also like to know d price of weavons and attachment

  • Onyeka June 23, 2016

    First of all, thank God for ur inputs. I would like to know one or more manufacturers of hair extensions, a current list of diffent trending hair in d market, et al. Ur reply will bless me more on starting up dis business. I reside in Sango Ota vey close to Lagos state. God bless u Darlinton Omeh.

  • amaka June 28, 2016

    Could you please link me to genuine suppliers of human hair in lagos.

  • Blessing July 7, 2016

    Thanks for these nice tips. i’d love to be a distributor of human hair,especially sweet lady human hair. Pls, how do i get started? and could you pls link me to a manufacturer? Kind Regards. Blessing.

  • Damilola July 12, 2016

    I just came into the business ….and i really need a manufacture or distributors contact as soon as possible ..thanks

  • Faith July 17, 2016

    pls I need a Manufacturer pls send to my email so I can contact them. thanks

  • Agatha Emina July 28, 2016


    Thanks for the write up, really informative. I’m about to start my hair extension business and require a manufacturer or distributor. Please help refer a supplier. My email address has been provided.



    • Sunshine November 17, 2016

      Goodday, I want to be a distributor of expression attachment and human hair, please how do I start? I need manufacturer contact. Tnks

  • goodylovely January 19, 2017

    pls i want to venture into hair extension and accessories biz,am looking for a wholesaler who i can get from for a cheaper rate. am in ph

  • Are Tha June 29, 2017

    I sell in wholesales and retail prices. 7a – 10a hair, contact me if you’re interested (I get some from Dubai, some from China, and they’re really good) . And also, I wouldn’t mind someone’s contact in India to sell for me in wholesale prices too (I heard they have great hair there).

    • joy December 3, 2017

      Please how can I get hair direct from manufacturers because I want to sell in wholesale and retail

  • sumit August 25, 2017

    I am from india. We are the manufacturer of raw human hair. We are the best source of human hair in world for raw hair. We also provide weft braids weaves.
    My whatsapp no. 0091 9996884668

  • Rubirald September 4, 2017


    My name is Collins for The Slay Lounge. We are only distributors of quality hair extensions and wigs in Nigeria straight from the manufacturers in India.

    30% discount available for hair extension resellers. Wigs also available.

    You can choose from a wide range of textures and lengths. If you want the extensions and wigs according to a budget, that is also available.

    Contact me via whatsapp (zero nine zero five one one four two one two five)

    I look forward to working with you

  • Omowunmi October 26, 2017

    Pls hw can I get manufacture because I want to be selling in wholesale nd retail.

  • Beauty Daniel November 2, 2017

    I want to sell in wholesale how do I go about it

  • funmilayo November 14, 2017

    I want to sell different kinds of weavon and attachment and also need distributor who will be supplying me.. .. Please I need the price list of different types of expression hair… Inbox my email

    • Allison November 23, 2017

      Hey I’m a wholesale hair human distributor I sell virgin human hair with amazing wholesale prices and amazing quality if interested please WhatsApp me 1205
      3821 or email me lifelovesugar
      At gmail dot com

  • Suzy January 17, 2018

    How can I contact the manufacturer
    May wish to start a small business in Kenya

  • AdemidunAkinlotan January 21, 2018

    Pls how can I get a good manufacturer or distributor to buy directly from as a beginner. Thank you as I await your response

  • Mary February 4, 2018

    I want to start beauty business in my school campus, pls give me a good link…

  • Happiness February 13, 2018

    please how can i get contact with delers,,i want sale hole sale and retails.

  • kingsley March 12, 2018

    pls can i get list of hair manufacturing companies in nigeria and their locations
    i will love to purchase direct from companies

  • Marina Williamson March 20, 2018

    I supply hair Brazilian human hair and lace closures to Nigeria

  • louis chukwu March 20, 2018

    pls I want start this hair business I what the connection

  • Moses March 22, 2018

    Please i need the contact of distributor of all weavons and attachment . i can be reached through this contact 07036504966, 08142440492.

  • Lizzy April 5, 2018

    I really want to go into Hair Extension business and I want it directly from manufacturers. I will be glad if you will link me to them. Thanks!

  • Ojetunde O Mary April 9, 2018

    Please I wanna go into Real human hair business and I want it directly from manufacturers. I will be glad if you will link me to them. Thanks!

  • Bunmi April 12, 2018

    Please how can I get hair directly from the manufacturer, I need contacts please

  • Bunmi April 12, 2018

    Please how can I get hair directly from the manufacturer, I need contacts please , u can also drop ur email

  • Itimi Charity April 13, 2018

    Please how can I get a manufacturer’s contact?

  • Ikodudu omamuzo Glory April 13, 2018

    I want to establish on this nature human hair extensions business l need a factory production manager.

  • Ikodudu omamuzo Glory April 13, 2018

    How can I get hair extensions factory production manager

  • Okoroleju Juliet April 14, 2018

    Please, I need a manufacturer or distributors contact here in Nigeria.
    And will also love to see the catalogue of your products and prices

  • Elizabeth April 20, 2018

    Please, how can I get hair extension directly from manufacturer, am in Ibadan, am just about to start this business, it’s very urgent

  • Abieyuwa April 29, 2018

    Please I need the contact of a direct manufacturers and distributors want to go into this business , I am in Benin city Edo state. Please drop you info. Thanks

  • Funmi May 15, 2018

    Please how can I get connected with a manufacturer and again, like how much do you think I will need to start importing directly from the manufacturer??? Your assistance in this area will be highly appreciated.

  • Freda May 15, 2018

    I need a manufacturers / distributors contact for hair extension purchase. My location is Abuja.

  • Yasin yachu May 18, 2018

    I have experiance of doing hair business in dubai
    For last 4 years now business is too low in dubai market so i would like to start business in nigeria if any one interested plss contact 00971529463060 watssp
    Nationalty : India

  • WillieD19 May 25, 2018

    I need to start a hair and attachments business so I need a linkup with a a direct manufacturer or a good distributor in Nigeria to register with and start the business ASAP.

  • Funmiosa June 13, 2018

    Please I want to be a sub distributor for xpression weavons and attatchments. Please help me with a contact I can use to achieve this.

  • Esther Amama July 5, 2018

    Hi, I want to sell in wholesale how do I go about it.

  • timothy Ojeh July 27, 2018

    I can supply hair extensions. you pay only on delivery my WhatsApp number is 07031351481

  • chika August 5, 2018

    thank you 4 dis it was helpful can i get a manufacturer’s contact pls

  • oluwafunmbi August 7, 2018

    Please how do I get hair directly from d manufacturer either in China India or here in Nigeria I want to sell in wholesale and retail please replies would be highly appreciated

  • Efe September 27, 2018

    please how can i get your contact

  • Efe September 27, 2018

    how do i get hair extensions into Nigeria. Am interested please

  • Ahanonu Frankeinstein October 8, 2018

    How can I be a distributor direct from the company and the contact of the company and it’s procedures.

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