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I wrote about how to start the importation of cheap products from China to Nigeria and sell at great prices, one of such product you can import is t-shirt. T-Shirt business is bigger than as you think. In major corporate houses, churches, schools, sports clubs , political associations etc, promotional t-shirts are becoming very popular as gift items and more and more corporate or promotional shirts are demanded in the market.

There are also quality designer type pieces with logos, institutional advertising slogans and emblems made for end users which is part of t-shirt business.

Gone are the days of putting on just anything that covers nakedness, everyone whats to look trendy with the latest fashion made of T-Shirts, making this product one of the choicest to import.

Apart from China mainland, other main production centers are Tirupur in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Kalkota, Delhi, and Ludhiana where  makers of synthetic t-shirt materials  like those used by Nike and Adidas for sports wears are found in India.

Fabrics could also be sourced and t-shirts made out of it in accordance with individual specifications depending on the materials and fabrics that decides many features about the t-shirt such as how well it gives its shape after wearing (loose or fitted) and washing. Selection of fabrics depends on the purpose for which the t-shirts are made, For instance,durable fashion t-shirts should be made from soft and flexible or durable heavy fabric or non-shrinkable materials like polyester or cotton blends.

Pre-shrunk and double stitched t-shirt would cost around N375 par piece if one buys up to 100 units and N312 par piece  if  one buys 1000 units from a wholesale market in India. But aside India, there are still other markets such as Sydney in Australia, and Shenzhen in China where this product could be sourced at great prices.

However, it is in every importers expectation to double his direct purchase cost, having provided for other expenses from total sales, thereby leaving reasonable profit margin of at least 50% of total cost in pure profit.

Cost Associated With T-Shirt Business

  • Space|shop rental: This is optional if you decides to supply instead of displaying it in the shop, one can attach or share with another or operate from a parking shop or cubicle to avoid huge initial operating cost.
  • Transportation charge: This comprising ticket fee of between N160,000 – N220,000  par trip, and  visa issuing fee of N72,000 for 1 year multiple entry visa or N92,000 for 5years multiple entry visa.
  • Hotel accommodation charge: Cheap hotel prices ranges between N2,000 to N5,000 par night.
  • Cargo/ shipping/ clearing charges: depends on volume and varies across shipping lines.

Profitability Analysis

This business yields profit  in proportion to the invested capital. Requiring a minimum start up  capital of one million Naira (N1,000,000), unless one plans to go into partnership with a permanent resident in the importing country to eliminate transportation costs.

However, half of the initial capital goes into actual product purchase while the other half goes into re-current expenditure, After the product is imported and sold , an approximate total sales of N1.5million would be realized.

Approximate total sales = N1,500,000. Total expenditure (Approximate re-current expenditure + Approximate product purchase cost)  = N1,000,000 + N500,000 = N1,500,000 – N1,000,000 = N500,000 in pure profit.

The profitability of this business on the long run depends on the rate of turnover ( how quickly stocks are sold and replaced over time). Hence the need  to establish import/supply relationship with heavy consumers of this products such as: schools, churches, corporate houses, political parties and party planners, sports clubs or training centers, boutiques etc. to boost sales.

Conclusively, Boutique business is a  lucrative venture for serious minded business persons, with sufficient investable capital that doubles or in the least, yields quick returns within the shortest possible time, depending on the marketing strategy and sales potential of the importer/trader.

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  • belcom April 20, 2016

    pls how do i start, i recently contacted a supplier from india on indiamart but dont no how to take up with him in terms of payment and shipping


    • IndoAfrica September 5, 2016

      we can help with clothes Import from India and Payments

      no need to come here with dollars

      keep your money on your mobile payments or pay in Lagos to accounts we provide once you reach here

      we give Indian rupees at hand

      there is a place where mainly they export clothes especially t shirts manufactured for exports in India

      contact us and we can go ahead and deal with you through this medium to Guarantee your money safety and if you like go talk with this site administrator secure payments with him we can always send you t-shirts directly to you in Nigeria

      its our business since last 5 years , normally we would like to deal and send clothes for resell to you and pay but we have had bad experience

      talk with admin and surely we can work something out if he guarantees you will pay we can always send t-shirts to you for resale from here in Nigeria

      wish you good luck


      • Annie September 21, 2016

        Please am interested in this business how do I start, and can I get your contact?
        Thank you.


      • Mikhe November 13, 2016

        Please contact me. I’m interested in importing tshirts.


    • Iqbal Singh October 12, 2019

      I saw your comment that you are looking for a genuine exporter of t-shirt from India. Hi, I’m Iqbal and I’m looking for a genuine buyer from your country. I export high-quality polo, v neck, scoop neck, y neck, round neck t-shirts made with polyester cotton to various countries. I’m interested in doing business with you and create a long term relation. If you’re also interested or have any doubt or question, feel free to ping me


  • Amuda Ajiboye May 1, 2016

    This is a very good article. Sir can you explain more? Most especially on the area of transport and visa probably the link to who to who to contact.


  • BIOLA ADESOAL May 3, 2016



  • J. Ijeoma May 10, 2016

    I am interested in this business, do you have an office in Nigeria where i can reach for detailed transactions.

    i need your contact for further clarification.


  • Ehiemere May 11, 2016

    I’m interested pls.I need full details.


  • onyebuchi May 14, 2016

    gud day I love ur adverse in this business plz can u help me with d contact and details of those people in India and China etc so dat I can start d business and also buy 2


  • Chrs July 12, 2016

    how do we go about it?


  • Timipere July 27, 2016

    Hi am interested but how can I contact u,especially for the attachments and weavons


  • Samuel50 July 31, 2016

    Pls I am really interested in this bussiness, its a life changing opportunity, pls how do I get started,


  • Danco August 27, 2016

    I have a trading Company in CHINA and can be of help in sourcing whatever you may need from CHINA.


    • frIdayaleburu October 5, 2016

      if you can help me in my first mini importation business I will for ever grateful


  • IndoAfrica September 5, 2016

    India clothing’s are far Better than China in terms of Quality , 100% cotton t shirts

    Only thing Jeans is better from China we welcome sincere and honest Nigerians who can work with us

    once the administrator can guarantee payments after delivery we DONT need any upfront payments from anyone on this great site

    we only require genuine people who wants to resale t- shirts and earn decent living

    t-shirts we can always send to you for resale

    i will contact admin to see how we can work on these with everyone here to resale NOT only clothings but also other items in Nigeria

    we are working on our websites and will be able to offer such services with this great webforum

    all business negotiations with us MUST go through the admin of this forum and we also can be sure we get paid after sending such to you

    Good luck everyone and stay blessed

    Barth Ayoola

    For Indo Africa Int. Trading Company

    Bangalore south India


  • VictorEkeka September 8, 2016

    How do I get a haulage contractor ready to enter into a sub contractor agreement with me for my covered body Mercedes Benz truck?


  • abel October 7, 2016

    Please where and how can i import vehicles from a trusted and genuine site and what is required to start a car importation business in nigeria.


  • emmadotun December 30, 2016

    i need more information about this T shirt importation ,i would appericate your quick reply either via email or text message i am base in lagos ,nigeria


  • ruk April 6, 2017

    so many questions , no real answer


  • kris12 May 13, 2017

    please i am interested in the tshirt business.i hv a very good market where i can sell can i start


    • Evaristo Mn August 6, 2017

      I am a T-shirt dealer /supplier. We customise your T-shirts according to your tests. We momograme(embroidery), print and make beautiful designs on your T-shirts as well. We deal mostly on ‘Mr Tan’ brand from China. Our Target market are political parties campaigns uniforms, funeral vests, Wedding ashoebi, Schools and colleges uniforms, Clubs and groups polos. Our very creative graphic designers are much endowed to give you best polo designs you can think of.

      We do a very beautiful and neat work. Our T-shirts are also affordable in price with customization to your taste inclusive. We supply in big quantities from 100 pieces and above and shipped across all parts of the country. We can supply 50pieces or less to residents in South East Nigeria.

      You can contact Us through
      Whatsapp, Telegram, Calls and Texts allowed.


      • Peter December 18, 2018

        Plz am very much interested u can add me up on whatsap let’s talk more better 07037355630


  • Chioma uwafili May 14, 2018

    Please I’m interested in importing India T-shirt contact me please


  • Chioma uwafili May 14, 2018

    Please I’m very much interested


  • Austine May 19, 2019

    We are wholesale importer of classy polo T-shirts at wholesale prices .Pls contact us on 08034495305


  • Austine May 19, 2019

    we import and sale classy polo Tshirts at wholesale prices.pls call 08034495305


  • Austine May 19, 2019

    We import classy polo T-shirt and sale wholesale. Pls call 08034495305


  • Iqbal Singh October 12, 2019

    Hi Everyone. I’m an exporter from India and interested in doing business in Nigeria and other South African Countries. If anyone else is interested in exporter of India, reach to me. I’m also looking for a genuine buyer.


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