My name is Darlinton Omeh. I had a wonderful time growing up but my childhood wasn’t really as fun as I had wanted it to be. The reason is because I didn’t live with my parents all my childhood, I was sent to live with one of our family friend at the age of 3. It was a popular custom among my people, that if you are named (namesake) after someone, you have to stay with the person/family until you grow up. So, I was sent to live with my namesake at the tender age of 3 even when it was totally against my little wish.

It was late in the evening, I remembered holding on to a wooden pillar in protest of my imminent exiling. I felt like the Prince Rama, who is wrongly exiled from his father’s kingdom. But I had to embark on the journey whether I like it or not; It was a journey non of my kid will ever embark upon not that it’s totally bad but because such arrangement is against my own idea of parenting.

I get to see my siblings after a long period of time, sometimes up to a month or two. I missed the fun of crying to mother at every drop of pin to be pampered like other kids. I just wish I could go back to my childhood over again because of some of the fun I missed. 😀

My Mom was a caterer. She also farmed occasionally and traded in the local market, and I lost her in 2007. My dad traveled like a monster, so much that he used to know almost all the streets in all the cities in Nigeria and beyond. I got the chance to step out of my village for the first time at the age of 10. Then my elder brother invited me over to live with him in Benin City, Bendel State (now Edo State Nigeria).

To ride on a vehicle in those days is considered a huge fun for a village kid like me, especially when you had to ride through a very long journey. That means, plenty of motor ride. The days leading up the the trip was crazy; I felt like the day was slowing back because all my focus was lets get going! I picked every little things of mine and packaged them in my small bag in readiness for the trip. I didn’t sleep throughout the night leading to the journey, I was like let the day break and lets get going! Finally, the day arrived and off to Benin City we go

However, it turned out to be like jumping from frying pan to fire; I was not only away from my parents this time, but living in the midst of kids I hardly spoke with due to the language barrier. The popular language spoken in Benin city is Pidgin English which completely dominate the Edo native language. Playing with other kids was a misery, so I had to put effort to learn the new language.

I stayed in Benin City with my brother for about three years and later returned back to my village to continue my primary school. There in my village I started and completed my primary and secondary school. After which I moved to Ondo State (Bamikimo, Ile-Oluji) to work and to process my admission into university, and later had to live with my Uncle.

In 1999, January 5th. I moved to Lagos with the hope of finding a better job after I had serious quarrel with my uncle and his family to whom I lived with for about four years. I thought things would be better in Lagos, that I’d find a job and eventually become a man of my own. Yet, that was never to come easily the way I thought.

I got to Lagos the same day and stayed in Majidun, Ikorodu, the outskirt of Lagos mainland – a very dirty and waterlogged slum. I wont forget how water from the nearby Majidun River used to over flow the river bank, flood our rooms and made everyone to wake up around 2:00am and stay awake till 4:00am. A situation we had to adapt to for about four months of every year! Living in such environment is like a torture, especially when you consider yourself a decent human-being.

Every morning, we’d wake up and hit the road in search of where to work for the day. Sometimes, we see laborer jobs in a construction site. Most of the times we wouldn’t see, meaning there will be no food for the whole day and the next! To see laborer’s job around those area was like winning a lottery due to the sheer number of hustlers. I worked in construction sites, block industries, did okada riding, and worked in a factory (as a casual factory worker) for 8 years.

The most trying time of my struggling life seems to be my ordeal with Multilevel marketing. I  was persuaded to joined GNLD in 2006 by a friend who too was recruited by another distributor earlier that year into the business. We joined hoping that would be the end to our financial suffering but we ended up becoming poorer. I sold my TV and mattress to raise the registration fee and to buy some of the GNLD products. I later sold everything I had when the situation became hot just to keep up with the monthly PV’s as they used to call it. By the time I left GNLD, all the things I managed to acquire over the years from hard work was gone with the wind of MLM!

Once you are in, you are brainwashed to believe there is no other business greater than GNLD product distribution and recruiting, which is what every multilevel marketing is all about anyway – aggressive marketing through brainwash. Finally, in November 2006, I dropped out of the business after all the efforts I put in failed to yield anything. The saddest part was not about me or what I lost but about the people I convinced to join!

I have always known it is possible to do business on the Internet but the problem was how to go about it. Until February 2007 when I attend a seminar on Internet Marketing. That seminar turned out to be an eye opener; It clearly opened my eyes to see the possibility of doing business on the Internet. It took me nine months of trial and error to earn $5.00 from the Internet. I started with Information Marketing and Blogging but instead of making money, I was piling up dept doing trial and errors.

I did seminars on different business ideas for about six years before I decided to quit and move completely to professional blogging and content management from which Palness MEDIA was founded. To be honest – most of the seminars I organized were excellently put together, while some at that time was not that excellent, but, in all, I always put serious effort to teach and to motivate.

In January 31st 2012, I started blogging on business ideas. That was how this blog (WealthResult.com) was founded.

In September 2008, I went to Computer Village to buy some of my training materials, the boy I wanted to buy from didn’t have the empty CD-Rom I was looking for but offered to look for it elsewhere. He left without offering me a seat, so I decided to look around for a place to sit down.

At the nearby Bookshop there was a bench on which a Beautiful Girl was sitting on. What crossed my mind was “are you sure this girl wouldn’t embarrass me if I ask her to allow me sit by her side considering how beautiful she is?” Somehow, I managed to ask “Sister please, can I sit with you on your chair?” and I was surprised to how polite she turned out to be!

We started talking and I collected her phone number pretending I wanted to buy books later. From there we became friend. That my beautiful friend is today my Lovely Wife and the Mother of the house, for me and the Kids!

What Has Helped Me Survive All These Years?

1. Endurance through hardship – I’ve had my fair share of hardship, more than fair share but I’d never given up in any of my endeavors no matter how hard they seem until I see to the end of it. Except for some I later discovered to be useless.

I’ve worked in extremely hard conditions, come in contact with terrible people, and passed through hard times. It is easier to give up in those situations but I choose never to give up and here I am today. Whatever condition you’re currently passing through, if you DECIDE not to give up, believe me you will make it to the happy end.

2. Not relying on anyone to survive – My uncle once told me I am nothing without him! He promised to set up a business for me, I worked very hard towards it, practically worked days and nights in his Cocoa Farm to help and to please him into fulfilling the promise. I worked very hard for years but when the time comes, he simply reneged.

3. Creativity and good thinking
– There are so many things I know and do today that no human-being ever taught me, including Blogging. What I am saying is; make good use of your creative ability, always learn new things and put whatever good thing you learned to good use. You sure have learned a lot in your life, this is the time to put it into good use.

I have had my own bad times and now I think I am having a good time; in all of these, I have remained who I am, always working hard to attain higher level.

My Objectives – This website is one way I think I could reach out to others with quality business ideas because information is power – when properly applied, it could lead to transformation. I will stay awake all night most of the times, writing on this Blog what may help someone in his business and life somewhere the next morning. I may not be the best of writer anyone can be but I still put effort to make sure someone is educated through what I write and the researches I carry out. My aim is to put in as many useful information as possible on how anyone could start and do business and live a happy and fulfilling life.

As for you, always remember that whatever thing you do today, you will have story to tell in the future. Let it be a positive one for you because what you do today could change your life forever and will live long after you’ve gone!

Thank You!


  • Shafiq Khokhar February 18, 2018


    Hope you are having a wonderful time!

    I am Shafiq and I work for an online agency referred to as “Futuristic Artists”.

    I was intrigued in your site wealthresult.com because of the exquisite business and finance oriented info and sensations it displayed.

    I was wondering if you allow sponsored post on your site? If yes, kindly reply me with the best price per post.

    Shafiq :


  • BASIT OMEIZA January 18, 2018

    Very informative website.


  • Lawrence October 11, 2017

    Great site this is


  • Azeta Sunday July 21, 2017

    hello Darlington

    great work you have here , am a faithful flower of your blog and i think your forum is on the verge of knocking nairaland off the chat if some Growth levers that nairaland have failed to use over the years are properly utilized

    that aside

    how can i contact you so that i can invest with you and for other enquiries i might have


    • Darlinton Omeh July 21, 2017

      Thank you Mr Sunday for the kind appreciation. You can call the number on this page


  • EzehChigozie June 30, 2017

    Hello Mr. Darlington,

    I am truly inspired and encouraged by your story. I must state that you have a unique “About Me” Page here.
    In reading through it, am able to resonate with you as I am on the same journey you have undertaken and am grateful for the experience though I have a whole lot to learn.

    However, I want to add to what has helped you survive over the years( am sure You’ll agree am quite right).
    It’s this, You have dedicated a lot to LEARNING and cultivated the COURAGE to put it into action. And its very admirable.

    More grace to your side.
    I look forward to learning a whole lot from you and if possible get mentored by you, for I am dying to produce results.

    My Best Regards 🙂


  • luniz March 25, 2017

    mr darlinton,,
    your road to success is highly inspiring which translates to preparation meets opportunity.
    am encouraged. i will have some discussion with you soon.

    thank you.
    emeka hero


  • tamusty January 3, 2017

    Compliment of the season Mr. Darlinton, u are doing a great job with wealth result and thank you for giving out this valued information for free. I just got a link to register my company as a haulage service coy in a sanitary wear manufacturing company. to start off, I was advised to write a proposal for the required service, Please I would need your help in order to package a selling proposal to this client. I am prepared to visit you and talk one on one, sir when would you be available? kindly send me your office address and appropriate time to visit.


  • apeiron October 14, 2016

    waoooo……am speechless


  • Nelson May 15, 2016

    I must salute your victory over failure, and most importantly your passion to share with everyone the knowledge of starting a business, which most of our entrepreneurs are not willing to share even with their friends.
    Many at times, I’ve been referred to your blog when I search for information on how to start up a lucrative business here in Nigeria.
    I’ve searched through your blog trying to get your email address or a means of reaching to speak with you to get some more information and advice on the business I’m about venturing into.
    please sir I lld like to get a notification from you on how I can speak or chat with you privately



  • Anirudha Singh May 12, 2016

    Hey Darlington,

    I was wondering there is no direct contact details of yours. I have some subjects on which i would like you to write upon


  • Clifford May 11, 2016

    Hi Darlington,

    I was planning the exportation of pineapple from Nigeria to Europe while on google I came across this homepage which has been really helpful to me in terms of calculating and the prices it cost.

    I will like to know more on what to do on the aspects of documentation when exporting fruits products from Nigeria to Europe, and will also like to know some really good farmers that I can contact or to buy already made farm,that is ready to be harvested.

    Your responses and contribution will be highly appreciated.




  • Usiere-Abasi Essien April 28, 2016

    Dear Brother, Greetings & May Our Lord Grant U Greater Grace And Allround Mercy For His Purpose. Welldone For Ur Gud Work, By His Leading I Come Across Ur Message & With Time Will Write U About The Testimony That Wil Be Birth From My Encounter Wit Ur Ministry(PALNESS MEDIA). I’ll Talk To U Again On Partner By His Grace, Meanwhile U’ve Impact, Affect & Touch My Life. Greater Heights To U. Phil 1:6 B Urs & Family IJN. I Am, Urs In Christ For Souls, U. Essien


  • Bowale Abiodun April 25, 2016

    Good day Dr. Darlinton i will like to have more information on Ugwu cultivation. How do i go about it and get to chat with you. Sir, do you have any publication on it? I hope to hear from you soonest. I am really interested and i have actually started, but i am looking at going a bit on a commercial basis.
    Thank you.


  • Triumph April 24, 2016

    good job Dr. Darlinton Omeh. I really get inspire with your work. Can I have your contact number? would love to speak with you.


  • Obinna Jassy December 8, 2015

    i am high inspired by your story. it means i am not really on a wrong track. though i am not ndoing internet base business. but i think the princple is universal and i am sure mine will also pay me in no time. may God bless you for this store and may God continue to help you as you keep climbing the ladder.


    • Darlinton Omeh April 18, 2016

      Thank you so much Jassy, you will surely attain any height you want if you put efforts in your business.


  • Omoniyi Temitope June 28, 2015

    Rome was not built in a day. We love you Darlington, keep the good work going


  • Omoniyi Temitope June 28, 2015

    Rome was not built in a day.


  • Braye Glover April 28, 2015

    Hi, Darlinton, your story is inspiring.
    I would love to learn from you. Ps how do we meet.
    Do you have any contact ?


  • Anonymous April 20, 2015

    hi Mr darlington,i sent sent you an email concerning the custard production E book but no reply ye,t please can you kindly send will appreciate your urgent reply thank you sooooooooo much.


  • ojeamiran Auxtins natt March 15, 2015

    hello sir please i need direct contact of aluminum long span sheet dealers in Lagos


  • ojeamiran Auxtins natt March 15, 2015

    hello sir please i need direct contact of aluminum long span sheet dealers in Lagos


  • wise wisdom February 28, 2015

    Darlinton all i can say is thank you God bless you


  • Shadracrach Omofowa February 16, 2015

    How many super starter and layer mash need to cater for five hundred pullets


  • Shadracrach Omofowa February 16, 2015

    How many super starter and layer mash needed to cater for500 pullets


  • dr obe January 27, 2015

    Hi mr omeh
    i wonder why you dont publish your email nor your phone no for contacts. Anyway we have just started in pko production and we hope to go in a big way. We are based in lagos. Why not let us discuss in area of area of partnership in marketing of products to the end users. rgds dr larry


  • Morgan Parker December 21, 2014

    How to contact you please, i will like to have a private discussion with you. Thanks


  • Anonymous December 19, 2014

    how can i contact you sir.. i need help in starting up a farm business.


  • oscar kemboi December 10, 2014

    we belong together. #Nuff #Respect


  • Tobi Adebiyi October 25, 2014

    Hi Darlington,
    Thank you for encouraging people that are interested in starting a business in Nigeria. My name is Tobi. I am interested in starting a livestock feed mill in Nigeria. Do you know of any reputable account firm that can embark on a feasibility study of this project for me. The mill is to be situated at Abeokuta, Ogun state. I am looking forward to your reply.


  • Anonymous October 20, 2014

    Pls i need your advice mr darlintin. I am about to join this gnld network. Pls i need you to give me an honest advice.


  • Ike Max October 14, 2014

    Good day Darlinton, u are doing a great job job with wealth result and thank you for giving out so much value for free. I am looking at starting a distributorship business for consumer goods, and i will like referrals, how tos, requirements, feasibility or on any resource material on that. please if you can.


  • Don K October 10, 2014

    Sir Darlington,i was moved by your words.I happen to be someone who believes in entrepreneurship and even won a grant from the government,courtesy my wife on my entrepreneurial idea.but the woman i married instead of being supportive has seen entrepreneurship as mere game.thinking that every successful entrepreneur must belong to a cult or something to succeed.Anyways,i think you already have someone to partner with.When im fully ready with funds,il be in touch.COURAGE TRULY ISN'T THE ABSENCE OF FEAR,BUT THE TRIUMPH OVER IT.


    • Darlinton Omeh October 10, 2014

      Hi Don K, thank you for those kind words and I must add, you have a great mentality, the type of mentality designed for success. Looking forward for any possible partnership. Thank you


      • DON K November 16, 2014

        Sir Darlington,i have been on tour as i'm a recording artist.So i have not been here for a while.I would want to visit your office and discuss what it is i have in mind and we can see to it at your convenience.I just followed you on twitter


        • Darlinton Omeh November 16, 2014

          You are welcome. Pls send me message on Facebook as I prefer contacting through Facebook to Twitter or you can email me directly on admin at palness dot com. Thank you


  • I I Nigeria October 3, 2014

    Sir Darlington, you have done a fantastic job. Anytime I search for business ideas on Google, I'm always referred to your blog. It shows how much of hardwork you have invested in here. See you at the top!


  • Anonymous October 3, 2014

    Oga Darlington, I have been reading lots of blog from very long time but never fell compiled to write. This is first one where i am commenting.Good job carry on and God bless you.


  • Andrew William September 21, 2014

    WealthResult is a pacesetter, a central hub of business ideas. Oga Darlington, please keep up the good work. How do I write for you?


  • Anonymous September 17, 2014

    your blessed


  • Ade Ajayi September 15, 2014

    I think i have to bookmark your blog Darlinton, i must confess that your story is really inspiring. The point is persistence, no matter what one is doing or about to do persistence must be the key thing to hold on to cos the road will never and has never been 100% smooth.

    I don't know if there is a way to contact you personally. I just started a blog on effective blogging though its something i have been nursing for a while inside me. I will say my internet and computer skill is way above average but if you dont mind you could check out the blog. i would really love to have a feedback from you.

    If you have any suggestion on how i can make the blog better, traffic and content wise please dont hesitate to drop me a mail through my contact page on the blog. i will really appreciate your feedback.


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