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University of Lagos (UNILAG) is one of Nigeria’s first generation universities founded in 1962. Over the years, it has held a monopoly for the most sought after university in Nigeria. Located in the heart of Nigeria’s prime city Lagos and center of excellence, it is a healthy benefactor of patronage from the population surge of Nigeria’s largest city. This higher citadel of learning have produced eminent men and women in the society calling the shots in their respective domains. It is highly sought after and this has forced her to streamline her standards and be even better. The environment is pristine and friendly for both fun and studies, it offers a unique blend of academic endeavors and social unwinding. The university has a vast range of career disciplines to make a pick from.

Studying here affords you the opportunity to be in touch with Nigeria’s daily society trend and a greener field for first hand experiences of all the theories learnt behind the classroom walls.

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Getting admission into the university of Lagos can be done by following the under listed steps.

Eligibility Criteria

1. You must possess a WAEC result with at least 5 credits passes at one sitting in subjects relevant to your course of study with Mathematics and English language forming the integral part of it.

2. Choose Unilag as first choice institution in your JAMB form.3.  You must have scored up to 200 in your JAMB exams at the time of application and be certain of your subject combinations which are in the JAMB brochure. Although JAMB has reduced the cut off for all universities and have pegged it firmly on 150 ,don’t get your mind fixated on that, strive up to the 200 to increase your chances. Need I remind you that you’re competition with over 50,000+ students for admission?  So JAMB reducing the cut off is not an endorsement to be officially lazy.

4. You must be up to age 16 at the time of application 5. You must participate in the post UTME exercise else there’s no admission whatsoever for you.

How to Apply for the Post UME

After you have gotten all it takes that has been listed above you can now do the following;

  • 1. Go to the school’s website @
  • 2. Click on Admissions
  • 3. Click on Post-UTME Application
  • 4. Login with your JAMB registration number as username and surname inlowercase as password. This is to enable you recollect at ease.
  • 5.  Generate and print payment advice
  • 6. Proceed to any commercial bank to make payment of N2,000 which is the screening fee. You can pay online too with your mobile banking app.or your visa ATM card.
  • 7. Return to the University portal  (website) and  upload your passport photograph and  complete the application form
  • 8.. Print Post-UTME confirmation slip and Examination Pass
  • 9. Note down your own scheduled exams and start preparing in Ernest.
  • 10. On the date of the exams, go with your print out in two colored copies
  • 11. Write the post utme involving your best into it. After writing, you keep.yourself updated by visiting the site often to know when the result is out.
  • 12. After checking your result keep your hopes and convictions alive as you await the admission list.

This university is void of sentimental differences and the admission process is technically based on the principles of merit.

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So read all you can and then you can be ready to take on fewer surprises in the exam hall which grants you hitch free admission.

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