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Are you thinking of starting your own concrete block industry here in Nigeria? If yes I want you to consider setting up a cement block molding industry as a viable business.

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The increasing need to build new residential houses, offices, churches, mosques, shop, schools, e.tc to accommodate the needs of Nigerians, these has made the cement mold ling business a very lucrative business in the country. 15 bags of cements can yield about 500 bags of cements blocks with these you could make about N20,000 per day, and N500,000 monthly income as you sell each 9inches block for N120. Starting a block is not difficult in starting it depends on the scale you want to operate. Here are some few tips needed

Acquire A Land For Your Concrete Block Industry

These business requires that you have a large space not only for production and drying your blocks but also for storing cements, your location should be in a developing areas where buildings are going on. You will need a shed where you will have your equipment’s, it should be with a roof over it without a wall.


Here are some machines and equipment’s needed to start a block industry.
Vibrating Block molding Machine (molds cement faster)
Cement Block Carrier: (Needed for proper cement, sand and water mixture)
Head pans
Supply truck to deliver blocks to customers in building sites.
Supply Power Generator, diesel generator is ideal for you block making process

Materials Needed For Concrete Block Industry

Frequent water supply: water is very important in blocking making process, without block you can’t make blocks. therefore to succeed in your cement block industry you need constant water.

Cement: Get  sources of cheap supply of cement, cement is number one this business, you will also need a place to store your cements it must be dry and well covered to avoid rain and sun, and not all types of cement are good for commercial block production, you need the type that dries quickly such as Elephant Cements.

Sand: To start a business, find out places where you can get cheap sand, sand is also very important in this business, there are three kinds of sand needed: Sharp sand,

Hire Experience Workers

o run your block business effectively you need experience people who have experience in this business.

Below are the category of workers you need to start this business

You will need a blocking molding machine operator

Those who can mix cement, sand and water properly

Through this article, I believe you must have gotten some important information that will help you achieving you dreams of what you believe.

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    • Ibitayo Oluwarantimi May 5, 2016

      how much is the moulding machine, and power supply gen. Or any other equipment available.


  • Iroro July 28, 2017

    Good morning my name his mr Aniboro iroro joe,how can someone get an online profile on block industry I will want to know more I do hope to get back from you guy aoon


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