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Waste Recycling business is gearing to takeover right now. Waste recycling is one business that very few are getting right from the onset. This business is money maker but if you don’t start and continue doing it rightly, you are bound to run into rocks thereby turning your money into a waste instead of turning waste into money.

Have you ever felt like going into waste recycling business but was discouraged by the attitudes of those doing the business wrongly? If so, you are not alone but at the same time, no amount of excuses or reasons, no matter how genuine, should come between you and your determinations to succeed in any ethical endeavors in life.


Waste recycling business is money but any business that a person embarks on without having some adequate information about it is bound to fold up within shortest time possible.

Therefore, if you are here for the needed information on waste management business, you are welcome and please be rest assured that the knowledge you will be going away with from here, is just what is needed to go into the business and and do it well with much money to show for it.

Starting waste recycling business goes along with right mindset in knowing that you are offering a service to humanity because recycling not only helps rid the world of garbage but can also help in making sure that there are less polluted lands and water by extensions.

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With the increased awareness in environmental protection, you as a business owner can take the opportunity and start your own waste recycling plant and make money from it.

It’s a business of good thinkers and that’s probably the major reasons why most that go into it casually, usually give up after just few months without the said money pouring into their pockets. But how wrong and inpatient they are.

You want to make money and that’s the reason we are all into different businesses, but even at that, let’s do the business right first before expecting the money which is sure to come.

Steps To Starting Waste Recycling And Management

1. Conduct a feasibility study and know the type of waste recycling to start with.

2. Have a business plan and know where to establish your company/factory and have it run run from there as your base.

3. Obtain the needed permits for your business and make sure you have all the licenses intact to avoid being disturbed by the law enforcement agents as that could hinder your production.

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4 If you are on a lean budget, it’s advisable that you go for a equipment leasing, but having your own is the best option because your productions won’t be hampered by any excuses. Also have in mind that no single machine can handle all types of wastes at the same time. It’s usually better to start with one and later progress to other ones with time.

5. Start with paper first and upgrade to other ones like pure water nylons, bottles, green wastes, electronics, and every other wastes because there are just many for you to choose from.

6. Know what your competitors are dealing on and understand the techniques they are using and if you are financially buoyant you can always key in where there are lapses from other factories around you.

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7. Having your business where people are mostly inclined to drop their recyclable wastes are of utmost important because you will be having goods brought to you freely there.

8. Get appropriate materials like weighing scales, huge bins, trucks, and an office for some of your equipment.

9. Get adequately prepared for the fees to run your business with. Contacting your local government for the requirements is always better as they would list the needed fees for you.

9. Advertising your business through handouts, newspapers ads, websites.

Do not be afraid to venture into the waste business because you are sure to be making millions when your business gets established.

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With N2-3million, one can start this business that is sure of 60% ROI monthly. With a plot of land at least to accommodate your wastes, and other requirements as outlined above, any small scale plant is sure to be producing not less than 2-3 tons of recycled waste per day, with a kilogram going for USD1.55 in international market.

There are also many manufacturing companies in Nigeria that are looking for your recycled materials for use in their manufacturing plants. Waste management business is money if done properly and based on good information to go with it.

Our write up never replaces feasibility findings and that’s why we try as much as possible not to cover every thing to avoid misleading you or denying the opportunities of doing some needed market researches yourself to be up to date with today’s conflicting prices of things out there.

Take the bold step into this secrete money maker and see your investments doubling with your upgraded living standards to show for it.

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  • David March 15, 2016

    Hello, I am very interested in waste recycle. I have gone as far buying some machines for processing polybag wastes and reused it to make bags again.
    The big challenge I have which forced me to stop production is power. Plastics require high temperature to melt. A typical experience is when the process is interrupted due to power outage, the material in the machine remains there until power comes back may be 10 times in a work shift as is common in Nigeria.

  • emeka douglas May 1, 2016

    @Amaechi kindly give me your contact details, i am interested in the waste management/recycling busing.

  • sonia March 21, 2017

    1. How do I start paper waste recycle biz………?

    2. what do I use and what machine will I need……..?

    3. What will I get out from the paper waste dt I will recycle?

    Pls I need advise on these questions

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