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Causes of low sperm count and home remedies to thicken sperm
A low sperm count is one of the ways that infertility manifests in men. It plagues a lot of men in relationships who want to have children. For years, they try and try but in the end, they fail because they have a low sperm count. Some people don’t even know that that’s the problem. So they suffer for a prolonged period, but they don’t know the cause. Suffer no more people, because if it’s a low sperm count, you can fix it, and get your reproductive juices flowing functionally again.

Causes of Low sperm count
Many things can cause a man to have a below functional sperm count and a lot of them are things that are really easy to overlook. It’s most times not massive things, but the simple innocent bad habits, such as working with a laptop on your lap, eating a lot of high fat foods, stress etc. that will lower your baby making abilities.
They can be grouped into two categories
These are health issues that may include diseases or pathologies affecting the reproductive system. It could be STD’s, congenital pathologies or issues acquired over time. A good example is a Varicocele, in which the veins in the scrotum are inflamed, enlarged. This disrupts normal sperm production and results in low sperm count and watery semen. A problem like that would require professional medical attention.
These result from what you do to your body. If you take care of your body well and feed it right, you’ll have good results. On the other hand, if you don’t treat it the right way, you won’t.
There are a number of bad habits that can hinder a man’s sperm production. They include;
Smoking excessively
Excessive stress
Excessive alcohol
Eating excessively and eating the wrong things
All these have the effect of reducing or halting spermatogenesis, hence they should all be avoided.

Home remedies to thicken sperm
You can return to your reproductive prime changing a few little things in your daily routine.
Rid yourself of all the habits I mentioned earlier
If you smoke or drink, stop. Maybe that’s too difficult all at once, reduce the amount that you do. If you’re a person who works a lot already during the day, then returns home and works at night, find a way to reduce the amount of stress you go through. In addition, stay away from caffeine as much as you can and don’t work with your laptop over your nether regions.

Eat right
Eat lots of vitamin and anti-oxidant rich foods such as green vegetables, carrots, cabbage etc.
Lose the refined sugars, and processed foods with preservatives. Cut down on foods like indomie and other pre-packaged foods. Reduce the amount of frying that you do, to remove excess fats and oils from your diet, boil and steam food more.

Maintain your ideal weight
Weight disorders, such as obesity can cause an imbalance of sex hormones in the body and because those hormones are vital when it comes to regulation of spermatogenesis, having them fluctuating all over the place because of your weight will reduce sperm production.

Exercise frequently.
Try and get in some exercise daily, but don’t stress your body too much. The goal is to try and stay fit.
Incorporate some of these into your daily diet;
White Onions/Honey mixture
These have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help keep the body free of toxins and improve the systemic metabolism. They also help with hormonal balance.
If you think that there is a concoction out there that will solve all your problems, you may be right. There are supplements and extracts out there that have been said to help solve this problem and they can easily be found online. But it’s not a must to take them, because the ingredients are usually just extracts and concentrates of some of those things I’ve just mentioned and possibly others which are not found in Nigeria.

In conclusion, with these steps, you can solve the issue of a low sperm count at home, if you follow them diligently. It will take two to three months to notice the inevitable changes, so do not despair if after a few weeks you don’t see a difference.

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