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A rising number of Africans suffer from the scourge of cancer. However, this was not the case as cancer was unheard of among early generations of Africans. What then happened? Rising cancer cases can be attributed to several factors. Change in lifestyle has been a major factor. By lifestyle changes, we mean changes in diet as well as activity (lack of exercise). Other causes of cancer include indulging in at-risk behaviors such as the harmful use of tobacco, and the excessive consumption of alcohol. The field of medicine has evolved over the years. This has seen improvements in more effective treatment methods and cure for cancer.

We are focused on alternative cancer treatment methods as this article discuss the topic; herbal treatment for cancer in Nigeria.  In the course of this article, we will look at the different treatment methods.

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The Cancer Scourge

There has been a gradual increase in cancer cases in recent years. In fact, the deaths from cancer alone outnumbers  the combined deaths from major diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. As a matter of fact, the disease was earlier viewed by Africans (including Nigerians) as a foreign disease. Today, cancer has become a major killer of Africans (Nigerians inclusive). This is due to lifestyle changes among Nigerians. Some of these lifestyle changes include alcohol intake and smoking as well as lack of exercise.

Causes of Cancer

Nigerians consume a lot of genetically modified foods. Most genetically modified foods are designed to increase yield. However, research has shown these food substances to be harmful for human consumption. Other causes of cancer include inactivity. Inactivity as used here refers to the lack of exercise. This is very common among Nigerians. Alot of people, rarely find time to do anything physical, let alone exercise their bodies. This behaviour has been proven to lead to the development of cancer.

Other causes of include excessive exposure to radiation, including radiation from the sun. Viruses, infections as well as smoking are known causes of cancer. This therefore calls for increased health awareness among Nigerians. By reducing our exposure to excessive radiation, avoiding smoking, increasing our level of physical activity among others, we actively reduce cancer cases.

Common Types of Cancer

It is common knowledge that there are several types of cancer. Whatever the case, it is best to commence treatment immediately early symptoms are noticed. The most common types of Cancers include Cervical, Prostate, Liver, and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Although there are several other types, these are the most notorious causes for cancer deaths among Nigerians.

Has there been any progress made by conventional medicine in Nigeria? Of course there are advancements in the treatment of cancer. However, these treatments have not been far reaching in bringing total cure especially for advanced cases.

Conventional Approaches to Cure for Cancer

The field of medicine has made alot of great breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. Some common cancer treatments include treatments by chemotherapy, tumor markers, surgery, and radiation. In addition to these are other methods that include the use of Angiogenesis inhibitors, targeted therapy and Immunotherapy. Although quite effective in bringing relief, they are not 100% failproof. As a result, alternative treatment have increasing become popular. Herbal Cancer treatments continues to attract huge interests, even among the medical community.

Common side effects to cancer treatment include cell damage. Most affect areas are hair follicles. Other areas are red blood cells, cells in the mouth and the reproductive system. Drugs can control these side effects significantly, although not completely. Common side effects include hair loss, vomiting, fatigue and nausea. Others include sores in the mouth, tongue and throat, constipation, diarrhea and anemia among others. Your preferred treatment method and cure for cancer should consider these as well.

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Herbal Cancer Treatments

Interest is gradually shifting to herbal cancer treatment methods.  In the process, local plants have come to the rescue in providing reliable cure for this disease. Some wonder plants with known effects include pawpaw leaf, African pepper, bitter leaf, goat weed, cannabis and scent leaf. However, there is a continued drive by scientists to discover more herbs. Research has revealed the most effective parts of these plants include bark, leaves, seeds and roots. Scientists increasingly believe that cure for cancer will come from nature.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for cancer treatments. This is more so due to herbal discoveries for curing cancer. However, Nigerians should dwell more on preventive measures as they are safer and cheaper. When people adopt preventive methods, there will be significant decline in cancer cases . Again, nature has come to man’s rescue. The abundance natural cancer treatment alternatives makes it highly welcome.

Today, patients suffering from adverse cancer conditions have more choices to select from. People may choose to use medical procedures or prefer herbal treatments in view of their advantages or disadvantages. You should consider expert help before undergoing herbal treatment. This is necessary for effective treatment procedures. Before you select the herbal treatment to use, find out how effective it has been on other patients. You should also be wary of quacks who make bogus claims. It is best for experts to recommend a herbal treatment for you.

Treatment and cure for cancer is delicate. You may likely suffer more harm from quacks. You may want to have proof of successful cancer cures before committing yourself. Having someone with a background in medicine will be great. This is because you are more likely to get the right care. No matter how effective a treatment is, prevention they say is better than cure.

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