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A man is termed infertile when he is unable to make a woman pregnant after having unprotected sex with her for at least one year. According to statistics; 7% of men are infertile and men infertility makes up 40 to 50% of infertility cases among couples.

For a man to be fertile; his body must produce healthy sperm, at least one testicle must be working properly and he must have a normal level of testosterone and other reproductive hormones which help in the production of sperm. There must be enough sperm in the semen or else it will lead to a condition called low sperm count. The sperm produced must be able to move and must be functional.

There are many factors that are responsible for men infertility and they include low amount of sperm produced; blockages that prevents the passage of sperm, abnormal levels of hormones, chronic health problems, exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals, dilated veins around the testicles, medical problems, high levels of exposure to harmful radiation or x-rays, injuries and obesity which can disrupt the normal levels of hormones in the body.

Unhealthy Lifestyle can Cause Infertility

Unhealthy lifestyles can make a man infertile. Smoking and use of other tobacco products and exposing yourself to second hand smoke lead to low sperm count. Taking illicit drugs shrink the testicles and reduce the production and quality of sperm. Heavy drinking disrupts the levels of hormones especially testosterone; it also reduces sperm production and causes erectile dysfunction. Heavy drinking affects the liver and when this happens, fertility is also affected.

Regular and indiscriminate use of painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol causes infertility in men; physical, mental and emotional stress can disrupts the levels of hormones and interfere with their activities and this can lead to infertility. Prolonged emotional stress has been linked with low sperm count. Most obese men are infertile because they are prone to having abnormal levels of hormones.

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Regular exposing the area round the testicles to heat and high temperature can negatively affect sperm production and function; regular use of saunas, hot tubes, sitting for long period of time, working on a laptop placed on your legs for a long period of time and wearing tight clothing. All these raise the temperature around the area of the testicles which can lead to low sperm count and little production of sperm.

The inability to make a woman pregnant is the main symptom of male infertility; other symptoms are pin, swelling or lumps around the scrotum, weak erection and inability to maintain an erection, little ejaculation, difficult ejaculation, low sexual urge, unable to smell and growth of breast which is abnormal in men.

How to Cure Men Infertility with Herbs

To treat infertility; you need to stop doing things that cause them. If you smoke, drink or use illicit drugs or non-prescription drugs regularly, you need to stop. There are many effective natural remedies for pain that are better than all these toxic painkiller drugs. Reduce stress in your life; maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy, practice good personal hygiene and do not do or use things that will create heat around your testicles.

There are effective herbal treatments that can be used to treat infertility in males and the best ten are:

1. American Ginseng Root

This powerful herb increase sexual urge in men with low libido; it is used in treating erectile dysfunction and it increases physical energy thereby enabling men perform well in bed. American ginseng root is also used to balance abnormal hormone levels, reduce stress, improve the functions of the immune systems and boost fertility in general.

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It is used as a male sexual tonic and can be taken in either tincture or capsule forms. For the tincture, take 60 to 100 drops three times daily or you take 2000 mg capsules a day. Please don’t use this herb when on blood thinning medication because it can alter the effects of the drug when taken in high doses.

2. Yohimbe Bark

The bark of the tree Yohimbe is used to treat poor circulation of blood; when taken in, it increases the flow of blood to the reproductive organs and increases libido also. It is used to treat weak erection, it helps men have strong erection and it also helps them to maintain it. It is available as dry powder or liquid extract; take 30 to 40 drops of the liquid extract twice daily or you take 135 mg to 540 mg daily.

Do not use this herb if you have low blood pressure or if you are on blood pressure medications and do not exceed the dosage as high doses will lead to toxicity. Do not take it along with cheese, red wine or liver.

3. Tribulus

This herb helps the body to produce sex hormones; it specifically boost the production of testosterone and routinizing hormone in men. Tribulus is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, hormonal imbalance and sperm with poor health. It comes in the capsule and liquid extract and can be used all month long.

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3 ml to 5 ml of the liquid extract can be taken twice daily or 500 mg of the capsule can be taken daily for a start but you can increase it to 1500 mg daily.

4. Ashwangandha Root

This herb is effective in treating hormonal imbalance; it can balance abnormal levels of hormones and it ensures proper and optimum functions of the endocrine system. It is also used in treating low sex drive and low sperm count. You can take the root powder or the capsule according to the dosage.

5. Garlic

This powerful spice is a natural aphrodisiac; it boosts healthy production of sperm, it increases the circulation of blood and increases the motility of sperm. Its active ingredient Allicin preserves sperm; protects sperm from damage and boost sperm functions. Garlic should be added to your meals generously and you can swallow few chopped cloves of garlic daily.

6. Horny Goat Weed

This is a powerful natural aphrodisiac that is used to increase sexual libido and pleasure; its active ingredient lcariin helps to increase the flow of blood to the extreme parts of the body including the penis and this helps in getting an erection and maintaining it. This Chinese herb is available in powder and capsule forms and it should be taken according to the dosage.

7. Schisandra

This herb is potent in correcting hormonal imbalance; it protects the liver and ensures its healthy functioning, it makes sure the endocrine, nervous and immune systems are functioning properly, it relieves stress and increases the production of sperm and sperm count. It can be taken as an infusion in juice, decoction or glycerin based liquid extract. To make the glycerin based liquid extract; the dried leaves are soaked in glycerin for one month, it is then strained and 1 tablespoon is consumed daily.

8. Fo-ti

This is a popular Chinese herb that is used in treating low sex drive, low production of sperm and low sperm count, difficulty getting and maintaining an erection and poor movement of sperm. It is available in powder, tincture or capsule forms and it should be taken as prescribed by the herbalist. The tincture can be taken 3 to 4 times daily by taking 30 to 40 drops.

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9. Ginkgo Leaves

This powerful herb is mostly used in treating erectile dysfunction; it also improves the flow of blood to the reproductive organs and it promotes the production of healthy sperm. It even protects the sperm from damages and it prevents low sperm count. This herb is available in capsule and powder forms and it should not be taken above the recommended dosage.

10. Panax Ginseng

This powerful herb also known as “Korean ginseng” helps in relieving stress which can cause infertility by disrupting the levels of hormones. It is also used to treat low sperm count, faulty mobility and to increase the production of sperm and testosterone. You can get the powder or the capsule and take it as prescribed.

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Please note that these herbs should not be combined with drugs to prevent interactions and complications; it can only be taken with drugs when stated otherwise by a medical doctor or herbalist.

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