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Bay leaves are wonderful home remedies for a lot of medical conditions like bacterial infections, diabetes, respiratory disorders, indigestion, respiratory disorders and even cancer.

Studies have found these leaves effective in reducing the concentration of sugar in the bloodstream; it boosts healthy hair growth and fights skin problems.

This leaf is mostly used in Asia continent to add flavor to meals and dishes; it is a refreshing herb and it has a wonderful scent. It is also used mostly by traditional healers and naturopaths to naturally treat and cure ailments.

They can be used in the fresh form, dried form or powdered form; oil can also be extracted from bay leaves and used for medicinal purposes, this is called bay leaf essential oil. This leaf cannot be eaten directly because it is very bitter but it can be added to dishes because of their strong flavor.

Bay leaves are also used to signify honor; ancient Greeks used bay leaves to crown their Olympians and heroes of war. We will be looking at the amazing health benefits of bay leaves.

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Wonderful Health Benefits of Bay Leaves

  1. It treats respiratory problems

The essential oil of bay leaves is used in the natural treatment of respiratory infections; it also helps in clearing the nasal passage and airways, it loosens phlegm and gets rid of dangerous microbes that can cause an infection in the respiratory system.

This oil has a strong antibacterial property; it can be used to gently massage the chest to relieve any symptom associated with any type of respiratory infection.

The oil can also be used as aromatherapy; inhaling the vapor in hot water or directly inhaling it can relieve congestion and enhance breathing.

  1. It reduces anxiety and stress

Bay leaves contain Linalool; it helps decrease the levels of stress in the body, it brings down high concentrations of stress hormone in the body thus relieving the body of stress.

It can be taken as a tea or inhaled via aromatherapy; chronic stress leads to all kinds of health problems and chronic diseases, it calms one down and relaxes the body, it also relieves anxiety and tensions.

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  1. It fights inflammation

One of the main actions of bay leaf in the body is the fight against inflammation; it contains a powerful phytochemical called parthenolide, this compound prevents and fights inflammation in the body.

This helps in the treatment of inflammatory diseases like arthritis; joint pains, sore muscles and other problems associated with inflammation.

It can be taken as tea or spices in meals.

  1. It boosts hair growth

Bay leaf is an effective treatment for dandruff and hair loss; it is an ancient remedy for boosting hair growth, these leaves are packed with hair-friendly nutrients and they also treat hair lice and make the hair inhabitable for lice.

Boil few bay leaves in water; allow it to cool down and then you rinse your hair with this solution after washing it. To treat itchy scalp and dandruff; crush few fresh leaves of bay and mix this paste with coconut oil, apply this mixture to your scalp and wash it off after 30 minutes using lukewarm water.

  1. It heals the skin

The rich nutritional content of these leaves makes them a wonderful therapy for the skin; they contain lots of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Traditional healers use this leaf to treat snakebites, wounds, cuts, bruises, insect stings and infected wounds.

It can treat bacterial skin infection; the paste of bay leaf is applied topically to wounds, bruises, cuts, and insect or snake bite. It clears the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles; it prevents and treats outbreaks.

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  1. It treats menstrual problems and it is good for pregnant women

Bay leaves tea treat menstrual pain and relieves cramps; it induces menstruation and boosts its regular flow, it treats menstrual disorders and ensures normal menstruation. They can even treat and cure vaginal discharge.

Their rich content of folic acid prevents births defect in babies; they are beneficial to women who are trying to conceive and women who are three months pregnant. They boost fertility and induce pregnancy.

Women who have passed the first trimester of their pregnancy should avoid taking this leaf because it can cause uterine contraction.

  1. It treats indigestion

Bay leaves boost the digestive system and prevent digestive disorders; it treats symptoms of indigestion like acid reflux, flatulence, and heartburn.

It treats constipation; it enhances the movement of bowels, it helps in the breakdown of proteins, it cures bloating and boosts appetite. Those recovering from an ailment are given bay leave tea or decoction to boost their appetite and help them eat well.

  1. It fights cancer

The various amounts of antioxidants present in bay leaves help it in the fight against cancer and tumor cells; it contains powerful phytochemicals like Catechins, parthenolide, and linalool fights free radicals and oxidative damage which are the main causes of cancer and DNA damage.

Regular intake of bay leaves prevents cancer and enhances the immune system to fight cancer cells.

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  1. It is good for diabetic patients

Bay leaves improve the functions of insulin in the body thus keeping diabetes at bay; it controls the levels of sugar in the bloodstream, it treats hyperglycemia and decreases the risk of diabetes if taken regularly.

Those with diabetes should take bay tea or bay decoction regularly.

  1. It protects the heart

The nutrient quality of these leaves help it protect the heart from diseases and boost its functions; it reduces the risk of chronic diseases, strokes, arthritis, heart attacks, and high blood pressure.

These leaves contain salicylates, caffeic acids, and rutin; these compounds protect the heart and blood vessels, take a decoction of bay leaves daily to reduce your risk of heart disease or to slow its progression.

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Other health benefits of bay leaves are relieving pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties; it fights insomnia and induces sleep, it whitens the teeth, it cures nosebleeds, it treats kidney problems and repels insects.

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