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Generating leads is one of the numerous was you can monetize web content. In the case of leads and related tools like referrals, which is still lead generation, the content is structured with the intention to generate leads.

What Are Leads?

This is a business tool that links buyers to sellers, clients to providers or connects parties that have a relationship where wants and needs are exchanged. A buyer is interested in buying while a seller is interested in selling, a lead connects the two together.

How Do You Generate Leads With Your Web Content?

Leads are great with online content. in fact, the internet has made lead generation a tangible money-generating tool for the parties involved. The internet looks like it was custom built for generating leads and referrals.

That is where the trick lies i.e. custom-built online content for leads generation. There are businesses that have great products and services. They have invested their time and expertise to create these products and services. They are looking for partners who are willing to invest their expertise in content creation to provide leads. You can create content that will link potential clients to these companies. You get paid for those you link to the products and services. The conditions you have to fulfill before getting paid may depend on what the company in question wants from you.

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What they want from you will depend on what they are doing or what aspect of what they are doing needs the leads you will be generating. They might just want people to sign up to something. It may be their website, newsletter or just about anything else. Based on this objective, they may pay you for each successful sign up.

They may want visitors to their landing page and how and what you will be paid will be tied to the people you successfully get to click through to the landing page. There are hard and fast rules to it but all you should do on your part is to make sure you understand their requirements and be certain if it is something you can do.

Know Your Capabilities

You will be using your online content and platform to generate such leads for their product, service or website. It is important you know your capabilities. In this case, you capabilities should include the following:

Your Platform Objective And Strategy

You do not want to work at cross-purposes with yourself. What they are offering may not be in line with your website objective or may be diametrically opposed to the strategy of monetization or content on your platform. Only take what goes in line with your website strategy.

If your platform has a standardized content module, you must make sure what you are doing is in line with it. For instance, you may not have a single sales page on your website because you have looked at your content and deliberately avoided going along that path as a matter of strategy. If you must get into a deal with the said business, you must create content for those links that will not be like sales pages.

Your Ability To Sell That Link

Do you have the skills to sell the link? It is usually more that telling people to click the link. You may have to create unique content around what they offer and you may not want to go the way of a typical sales page. You may not have the ability to sell what they are offering or generate the kind of content that will have people to click through. It is important you concentrate on your strength.

Apply Best Practice

You have to follow legal and ethical considerations with a disclosure. Read what we have said about how to do this here.

Creating The Right Kind Of Content

If you have any article marketing skills, now will be the right time to apply it. The skill I want to highlight is that of indirect marketing. This is about writing in such a way that indirectly markets the link.

    • You talk about that industry
    • Look t what they provide and give useful information
    • Build an authority with the article

The right kind of article in the content of lead generation must still point people to the link. Your content should in effect focus on as aspect of the product or service and create something that is compelling enough for them.

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