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Blogging is a serious business anywhere in the world including Nigeria. A lot have been said about blogging and I can assure you most of the things you hear is true. No doubt about it that people are making serious money blogging on the internet, that’s why many are looking for How to make money blogging in Nigeria.

Bloggers are riding fast cars and traveling round the world for exotic vacations but don’t hear only the good news, serious effort and investment is required to become successful in blogging to the point where you’d start enjoying such luxury lifestyle. Just like everything good, success in blogging doesn’t come cheap but you can do if you can master the art and follow the rule.

How to Start a Blog That Makes Money

I have written many articles on this Blog on how to start and run a successful blog. This very post will serve as collation to some of the previous articles. I am sure the collation of resources will be of help to you as you make effort to start your own blog.

Create Your Blog Checklist

Before you start your own blog, you need to create checklist and put first thing first. In this article: Blogger’s Brief Checklist – I mentioned some of the things you need to put in place to be able to have a successful blog setup. I also highlighted some of the choices you have when it comes to blogging platform.

Decide on What to Blog About

Most people start a blog without knowing what to blog about. That’s a bad move, you need to decide on what to blog on first before proceeding to setup a blog. You don’t just decide base on mere impulse, you need to carryout effective research. This article: Before You Think Blogging, Decide What To BLOG About First tells you how to go about deciding on what to blog about.

Choose Your Blog Platform

If you are asked to choose between WordPress and Blogger which one would you choose to setup your blog with? Well, you have your point but read this article: Blogger and WordPress, the two most popular blogging platforms to get more ideas.

Blogger promise you start blogging within minutes using their platform. Yeah, it’s as easy as that and much more easier if you follow the simple 123 steps on this article: Easy Steps To Set Up Your Blogging 

Avoid Mediocrity

There is a very common disease that kills people’s opportunity to create sustainable businesses that make money online – the disease it called mediocrity. Read: How Online Nigerians Are Trading Opportunities For Mediocrity to see if you can avoid it.

Take time and go through these five article and see if you can get your blog started within the shortest time possible.

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  • Adewoye Adetunji September 26, 2013

    Mr Darlinton, thanks for much for dis write up u it is meant for me. Thank u once again


  • Dennis Okpokpor June 12, 2014

    Nice one bro


  • The Internet CEO June 18, 2014

    Great Tips Bro! I have known this blog to one of my go-to blogs.


  • Iyanuoluwa Taiwo April 1, 2018

    Very informative article. Straight to the point.

    Honestly blogging is a very lucrative internet business. If seen and handle like a business.

    I love the number two rules in the post(deciding on what to blog about first).

    It is very crucial to know what to blog about first so you don’t carry every shinning post on your blog. Doing this makes you look unserious and not profession.

    It is better and profitable dominating a particular niche than being a jack of all trades. It is best when you blog things you are very good at.

    My recent article (on Internet Cash Archive blog) which was specially written for new beginners or anyone who would love to learn how to blog about their passion, interests, expertise and turn it to profit in no time.

    There, I recommend, advise and show how beginners can start a blog on the things they do or have strong passion about (you flow better this way) and you won’t quit blogging even at the bad times of your blogging activity.

    Blogging truly takes time to be profitable (3 months at least) depending on your effort and consistency by the way.

    To be more profitable blogging online these days, give more of values while you also sell a service, sell a skill, sell your time to people who value you.

    This time around, the best way I think especially for beginners is to start a blog around their passion(interest, talent, gift or expertise) which gives them the best opportunity to reach out to potential customers who value your service or skill and can easily turn them to a buying customers.

    Blog should be a way to reach out,express your thought, share knowledge and giving values every time.

    I talked more about this is my recent article, how to turn your passion into profit blogging in Nigeria and never quit.

    All the best Guys.


  • Nwawulu Gracious Zara September 16, 2018

    While people feel that Yahoo Yahoo is the only way of making money online. There are other people getting paid through blogging as a source of revenue for them


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