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Nigeria is the biggest market for MultiChoice and DSTV in Africa, accounting to 40% of their total subscriber base. This is understandably so because of the country’s huge population of about 200million. This can benefit Nigerian entrepreneurs with the opportunity to become DSTV Agent and earn big if properly utilized. With Multi Choice owning the biggest pay TV in Nigeria, it has created several direct and indirect job opportunities. This to a large extent has been as a result of the acceptance DSTV brand has gotten among Nigerians.


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DSTV, owned by Multi Choice, generates substantial part of its total income on the continent from Nigerian market. At a point, Nigerians felt DSTV was fleecing them dry by charging subscribers exorbitant fees compared to what is obtainable in other African countries.

The company denied by giving their own reasons to refute the accusations. But what is the point of bringing this up? You may ask. It is to buttress that the potential for a DSTV agent is enormous because of large customer base in Nigeria. But how do you become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria? First, let’s find out the difference between agent and a dealer and the requirement to become one.

Difference Between an Agent and a Dealer

There is no difference between being a DSTV agent and a dealer, as both are usually used interchangeably. Being a DSTV dealer will require you to first and foremost know what type of agent you plan on becoming. DSTV has two types of agents; these are the super agents/dealers and the sub agents/dealers.

Requirement to Become a DStv Agent in Nigeria

Being a sub-dealer requires no substantial investment of funds as you are most likely to only pay for learning the installation procedures including other related technical services and work. A DSTV Super Agent/Dealer on the other hand is the opposite of the Sub-dealer. This requires considerable capital to start.

If your choice is to become a super dealer, then you should have considerable capital to commit to this investment as the commitment fee runs into millions. By becoming a super dealer, you are buying into the DSTV franchise.

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The Functions of a DStv Agent

Becoming a DSTV Agent requires that you perform certain duties to new clients which by extension are your clients due to your status as a DSTV Franchisee. The duties you are expected to perform include; the provision of after sales support to clients, the activation of new subscribers, sale or exchange of decoders for newer models, the provision of technical services such as the installation of the dishes for clients (this is mostly done through installation technicians trained by you), subscription renewal, customer services, and the activation of new subscribers among other functions.

The Need for Super Agents/Dealers

As a Super Dealer/Agent, you are trained fill in the supply gap in areas where DSTV offices are not located. Your are to act on behalf of the pay TV company in registering new subscribers and providing any technical assistance that may arise to new subscribers. You are considered the face of the company in the event that a business deal is to be struck.

Is There a Prior Training?

To perform all of these functions as an agent, you will certainly be trained by MultiChoice. You will be trained on the basic technical requirements to be possessed. There is no cause for alarm or discourage as every thing you need to succeed in this business is made available to you by the company. This is after having satisfied the franchise fee requirement.

Location of Agents

DSTV Agents or Dealers are normally located in both large cities and towns. This is because these areas are where the customers population is considerably high. So as a DSTV Agent, you are most likely to reside within a town or a big city as these areas are where the big business is located.

The Potential Return on Investments

Becoming a DStv agent can be financially rewarding as it has a healthy return on investments. At whatever level of investment you may be, there is a huge potential of getting back your principal including impressive profits. The reason why there is great potential for growth is because of the acceptance the DSTV brand has gotten from Nigerians. Operating under the brand name alone is seen as a big deal. As a result of this, there is a lesser likelihood for failure as the company also provides an ongoing support to ensure that you succeed.

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