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    Well, just like George said, trading or shorting Bitcoin is too dangerous because of the volatility. What you need to do is learn how to trade Altcoins.

    I taught  Nigerians how to do that since Friday 9th to 12th of November for FREE. I even had to create a Whatsapp group to teach them.

    To whom it was concerned, some of them deposited Bitcoin and they are ready to shoot. So, you are probably late but I can still put you through though.

    Just to copy all the tutorials and give you or open up the group for you to learn about it.

    Below is what you need to know… See the image.

    Crypto tradingHow to trade Crypto

    Nevertheless, to get started,. below are some Crypto Trading you want to know.

    Altcoin: Abbreviation for “Alternative coin”. Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are collectively called Altcoin.

    FOMO – It refers to the fear of missing out or the opportunity cost of a particular investment decision.

    BEAR – Borrowed from the Wall Street honchos, this term refers to an investor or trader believing in the downward sloping price curve of a particular crypto or the entire market with the hope of earning profit from the same.

    ATH – All time high indicates that the price of a particular token has broken all records to reach the highest price ever achieved.

    BAGHOLDER – A trader or investor who presently has to face negative consequences for holding on to a particular crypto for a substantially long span of time.

    WHALE – Borrowed from the world of gambling, this term is used to indicate bullish traders having a fat account. Bullish whale is another term which is used for the Whale investors expecting the market to rise in days to come.

    BEARWHALE – This indicates a trader operating a fat account and hoping for the price of cryptos to skyrocket.

    TO THE MOON – The upper momentum experienced in the crypto market followed by climbing up price.

    REKT – This wrongly spelled term for “wrecked” refers to an investor or trader who has been ruined utterly following the massive losses suffered in crypto industry.

    FUD – Fear, uncertainty and doubt refers to investors having second thoughts about the situation.

    ADDY – Crypto key or public address for example, “Kindly tell me your ADDY.”

    That is where I want to stop for now. You can always learn more if you are ready.

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