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  • Return Member Asked on January 4, 2017 in Business.

      Hi karoltoje,

      Good to see you unfold more of what you do for a clearer understanding of your business.  If you don’t mind, I would ask for your niche and what services you might be offering.

      The way I normally go through this section is to have you pitch me for sale, assuming I am a prospect you are hoping to onboard for your product or services.

      Doing this will not only help give information about what problems you can solve for the prospect but will also give the prospect what tone and terms to look for when looking elsewhere for same product or service. Something like a detailed two-line summary of your business.

      Except you don’t want to have a specific niche like some blogs and hoping to sell adverts space on your blog as a major source of your income. If you have a service or product you want to sell on the internet, then you really may need to consider the relevancy and prominence of your name to your services or product line – solely because of audience traffic and google ranking factors.  This is assuming you are depending on SEO traffic and not pay-per-click on social media and search engines for your traffic.

      Take this blog ( for example, 65% of its traffic is from organic search and his bounce rate at 43% is good enough. This means if he is selling something actively, he is selling it profitably because his cost of acquisition is almost negligible beside what he is spending on SEO. And the traffic is not going away soon because he is not buying it with PPC. This is all because of the relevancy and prominence of his name to his content. Ask yourself what made you come to blogs like this one, then you will have a full understanding of my point.

      One of the clients I work with has this problem sometimes ago. If you hear, you will probably know its something about traveling or tourism. it’s because it’s an auto rental company. Google think so too and in less than 6 months, they rated this business No.1 for bus rental, bus hire, and auto rental niche. It is because the name looked and sound like the business of travel, transport, tourism and everything in that industry (niche).

      If you are going to be depending on google search traffic, choosing something broad may increase your time in achieving a top listed authority status like (both to your prospects and google) in the niche you are operating. This is assuming every other thing remains constant. Things like quality content, valuable service, secure and fast loading blog site.

      So let’s start over. Pitch me for a sale of your product or service, then we can brainstorm and get a broad name that will still sound and look related to your niche. Deal…?

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute. It’s fun…


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    • Return Member Asked on December 29, 2016 in Software.

      Dear Venuehero,

      This is a good idea really but demand is very low. You would still be able to pull good traffic if you will run PPC on google display network and facebook. Even though the demand is so low, the competition is also very low. So using PPC to stay on top for a while will bring reward.

      Demand distribution is throughout the year. That means you will run campaigns every month. My advice is to work hard and invest in SEO to help you transition from paid traffic later in the future. Adverts may get pretty much expensive with time and with this our $100 per month spend limit, that might be a problem in the future except you want to be buying from black markets.

      Work more to optimize your conversion as Darlington has advice. This is very important if you don’t want to be increasing your bounce rate while you are spending on adverts or SEO.

      To scale your revenue, Robor has a very good point. You need to work on his advice from the onset.

      You might also want to study this website in your industry. See how they try to bring their website visitors into their halls with lots of pictures. You need a lot of hires, close-captioned pictures of your venues (Is not that theirs is also perfect though).

      Who though Airbnb would thrive to become a multimillion dollar startup. Everyone believed it can’t make it past its second year. Everybody called it absurd. There was no single demand for a shareable room anywhere in the world but just like bitcoin, it became a game changer overnight.

      So if you believe in it, keep on it but do it right.

      I wish you all the best.

      Best regards.

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    • Return Member Asked on December 29, 2016 in Business.

        Dear Karoltoje,

        Complements of the season to you. Kindly pardon my late response to your request. I came up with two name ideas for you but could not test with CAC. The CAC public name search database was down for about three days. Anyways, I am glad to tell you it is back up today.

        Since you are a blogger and may be rendering info or virtual services on the web to your readers/customers, I thought the following names go well with your kind of business.

        1. Web Revenue – is available and there is no CAC bearer on it yet.
        2. Profit Avenue – is available and there is no CAC bearer on it also.

        You can also add any suffix you like to it but your brand name will be the two words, while your registered business name will be the two words and any suffix you like.


        Brand name – Web Revenue

        Registered name – Web Revenue Media Ltd  (This is what you are registering with CAC)

        URL – www.

        kindly let me know if you don’t like them but I think they are cool. Especially the web revenue…

        N.B: There are about 1000 views on your question. I guess there would be about 20  viewers who may want to start their own blog but still might be looking for unique names just like you. I advise you should reserve your choice as soon as you can. I am just guessing though.

        I wish you success in your blogging business.

        Best regards.

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      • Dear Davyyd,

        It always pained me when I see people like you who seats on potential wealth but find it hard to convert it to real wealth. I am sure anyone on this forum will agree with me that you are sitting on great wealth without knowing how to tap its potentials. But I tell you today that if you will be willing to consider acting on the advice I will give you, it will be the end of this road block situation in your life and probably in the life of your whole family.

        There are a lot of business opportunities for the cassava products industry that you will be amazed once you discover them. The only thing is, it has to be cassava (processed) products and not the real cassava itself. Your cassava holds no dollar value to the people looking for it. I am not saying you can’t sell it raw but you won’t really harvest its wealth selling raw. From the little market research I did for you, those looking for cassava products online are looking for the dried, chipped and floured (powder) form of cassava products.

        With just two avenues to getting buyers already looking for your products explained below, you can start with one or the two concurrently.

        1. Trade key.
        Trade key is a global trade platform for buyers and sellers of any kind of products to meet and conduct business at large scale. My 5min research for the cassava product niche has already discovered buyers looking for cassava in dried, chips and powder (flour) form. They range from buyers in African, Asia, south America and Europe. These buyers already stated their required quantity and form in which they want the cassava.
        Please join trade key to see all these buyers request. I will even advice you join the premium membership to be able to maximize your business opportunities.

        Kindly take note that there are also scammers on tradekey. They are mostly individuals and fake companies set up to scam people. So never do business with individuals no matter how attractive the offer is. Also, do your thorough background check of companies you want to do business with. Search the company location and management in Google. Contact them by phone and email to be sure they exist. Check the business registration portal of the country they operate in to be sure they are legally registered business. If you can, never export your product to any buyer without receiving the down payment that covers your initial cost. They also don’t trust Nigerians and may not want to pay first.
        Register a company and try to make your business look legit.

        The link below will take you to the cassava buyers page on trade key. please don’t jump right into talking business without doing all the recommendations first…

        Just copy and paste the link into your browser.

        2. Your own company website.
        My research on Google trend and keyword planner proved that there are impressive business opportunities for cassava sellers from google’s point of view. Accessing the search engine opportunities will require you own your company website. Getting your website built must be based on the market demand data gathered from the market research. To really kill it in very minimal time, I advise you to add PPC advertisement on google search network. It will amaze you what your website and google data can do for your business in terms of marketing it to the people looking for it. The only caveat is that it must be done right from the onset. Feel free to ask me for more details on how to successfully go about this option. You will still have to do this option even if you are just going to be selling via trade key. It will give your business a legitimate status and a good seller advantage to the trade key merchants. 

        I wish you all the best in your endeavors and compliments of the season.

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      • Return Member Asked on December 27, 2016 in Consulting.

          Dear Beesoul,

          With over 10 years experience in helping my uncle who is an architect, I can tell you confidently that architectural firms rarely get noticed but their works do. My uncle started his firm on our dining table. I don’t think he would want anyone to notice that because he always poses like a multi-million naira firm.

          Starting an Architectural firm is pretty much the same as starting almost any kind of business…

          How to go about it:

          1. Evaluate your skills to identify the category of clients you will like to offer your service to. Decide based on your experience if you want to offer your service to individual clients, corporate clients or both.
          2. Once you have selected your choice of clients, you need to evaluate demand for your service. Google keyword planner will help you. Almost everyone looking for something first go to google these days.
          3. Start talking to your organization (if you are currently working for one) clients to find out if they will need some kind of architectural related services that your company is not providing. Make sure it is only the service your organization doesn’t provide. This will give you leverage of starting with few clients when you start and you won’t be seen as a backstabber by the people you’re trying to reach.
          4. Prepare your business plan to have imaginary knowledge of what is going to cost you to start, run and grow your business. will help if you want to do it yourself. You can also get a business plan expert to do it for you though not recommended. I always advise people to be actively involved in writing their business plan. Also, make sure you follow the plan.
          5. Based on the demand data gathered from the google keyword planner, Have your website built (And I am not talking about me too website here).
          6. Offer your professional advice for free whenever the opportunity arises.
          7. If you have the pictures of your completed projects, Upload them to the projects page of your website.

          I have tried to speak in layman’s language so that you can grab most of the point. These are only the basic to get you up, running and noticed in very reasonable time if you don’t want to wait for the day you will design and develop an epic structure that we will all see and applaud.

          Giving you all the jargon details here may sound jibberish. Let me know if you need more details….

          I wish you good luck in this great pursuit.


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        • Return Member Asked on December 23, 2016 in Finance.

            Dear Tuizy,

            I did most of my training online, so I might not be able to tell you who trains well in Lagos. And besides, do you really want to go through all that stress when you can seat in your home and learn at your pace without incurring and training transit cost (assuming you can discipline yourself for this).

            The little I know that can help you immensely includes:

              1. – Very good training videos on forex and binary options available here.
              2. Michael Freeman facebook group – A community of forex and binary options trader to help you improve. You need to request an invite to this group.

            All these resources are free.

            Investoo requires you to register a live trading account through them or pay $99 to have access to all their Pro account resources. But you can still learn well with the free account until you are ready to go PRO, you can then open a live account through them “if you like to”. 

            I wish you good luck in your forex trading quest. Please trade responsibly…


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          • Return Member Asked on December 23, 2016 in Business.

              Dear Karoltoje,

              I hope this response is not too late. This is the first test of being an entrepreneur. Prepare for another tough search when its time to choose your domain name if your business is going to have a web presence (I highly recommend web presence).

              Though, there is no information about what your business is about and taking an educated guess could also be difficult from your choices. The names sound like an advertising/marketing business or exchange (which could be money, commodity or service) business. All I am saying is the interpretation may be broad except you give more details about what your business is into.

              C.A.C will not give anything “value xchange” because there are two registered companies already bearing that name. Even if they give you (which is not feasible), you would still not be able to register the domain names because the .com, .net, .biz, .ng and versions are all taken.

              My advice is to consider the under listed names. There is no C.A.C bearer on them yet and their domains are available for registration.

                1. Profit Interchange – and are both available. The and .ng are not available.
                2. Gain Swap – is available. The .com is for arbitrage sale. The and .ng are not available.

              One of the names should sail through if not the two. Use the domain names to register your domain with any good host of your choice but educate yourself about it first.

              Note that two words domain names are generally hot cakes and scarce. So you should try to register your domain quickly once CAC as approved before someone else register it.

              I can still assist you with a better name fit if I know what your business is really about…

              I wish you God’s speed and success in your entrepreneurial journey.


              N.B The research resources I used can be found at:

              1. CAC name check –
              2. Domain name check –
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