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Please is there any recharge card dealer here, or anyone with their contact should please help. Thanks


New Member Asked on February 10, 2018 in Business.

Hello Dove,I am not a recharge card dealer,but can help you with the information you need. Onelink Telekoms is a major recharge card dealer. You can contact Onelink on 08056854848 or on 08034256217. Onelink Telekoms is located in Lagos. If you need recharge card dealers outside Lagos, kindly indicate so I can help you with information on them.

5 days ago.
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Though I am not a recharge card dealer, I can help you with the information you need. Tessytop Productions is a recharge card dealer you can reach on 08186004077 or 08032455930. This dealer is located at Alausa Ikeja. There several other recharge card dealers spread across Nigeria. I hope this information will be helpful to you. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us through this medium

Active Member Answered 5 days ago.
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Which state are you or do you just need contacts from anywhere in Nigeria?

Expert Consultant Answered 5 days ago.
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Thanks to your response

Please I need contact in Port Harcourt to be precise

New Member Answered 1 day ago.
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Can’t find in Port harcourt for now. just stay with me. As soon as i find someone, i will drop it asap

Expert Consultant Answered 24 hours ago.
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Thanks, I will be anticipating

New Member Answered 5 hours ago.
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