How Do You Make Money Blogging

Dear  Darlinton, How can some one by set up blog like this sharing  business ideas, ?   In fact what is your business model for this blog,  how do you earn money?

New Member Asked on March 11, 2017 in Consulting.
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People make money from Blogs in different ways depending on the content, the traffic sources, and the blog’s niche. Earning revenue is important but that shouldn’t becloud the real essence of the blog which is providing value to the internet users. My main objective has been to provide values to our users first, every other things is secondly.


Pro Consultant Answered on March 11, 2017.
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Darlton Omeah,


I am based in Tanzania, And I have a blog with 1000 email subcriber, My niche is oil and  gas industry, But I’m not making a dime  from this website.Please take a look  of this website,    and kindly advise the best way I can monetize my blog and enjoy the my hard work.

I will be grateful for your kind response

New Member Answered on March 11, 2017.
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Your niche is extremely small and there are very few original content on the site. Monetization shouldn’t be the subject now, take your time to learn and build a better site. Create more and more valuable original content.

When you have done these, you may apply for Adsense program, if Google sees your website as good enough for their advertising program, they will accept you. Then you can begin to monetize by displaying relevant ads in your website.

Pro Consultant Answered on March 11, 2017.
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