How to Become a Successful Innovator

How does one start a successful career as a business innovator and what does the future hold for such individual? Thank you for your answer in advance.

New Member Asked on June 8, 2018 in Business.
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Not long ago, creativity guru Todd Henry recommended to one of his consulting clients, a high-ranking manager, that he set aside one hour a week to generate new ideas — “one hour, predictably scheduled, no exceptions and no violations,”  “This is not time to do work. This is time to think about work.”

This one hour is the time that managers and business owners don’t have. And that exactly is where you come in. The purpose of businesses is to make money and if you are a creative business innovator who brings a business idea that could expand and grow a business, most people will do anything to hire.

There is always a way to make anything better.

You start by investigating a targeted individuals or business owners. You do a survey and do some creative thinking to see how it can be better than the present state which will make more money. Once you come up with an idea, you write a proposal or approach your target with all confidence.

The future is bright because we don’t have so many of them out there. Give it a shot bro.

You don’t need to be Steve Jobs to influence an idea. That idea in tour head might be what that company across the street need.

Expert Consultant Answered on June 9, 2018.
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