How Much Does It Require To Start Up A Pig Farm With 50 Pigs

Good day everyone here, how much capital does it require to start up a pig farm With 50 pigs. What is the required size of land for the 50 pigs.

New Member Asked on April 12, 2018 in Agriculture.
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      The total amount it will cost to raise 50 pigs depends on a lot of factors. The price of a piglet in your area, the price you can get the feed also make a big difference. The price to construct the place to house them and also the cost of maintenance and other things might also affect. You will need about a plot of land to raise 50 pigs because of space and separation as times goes on.

      A piglet can go for #3,000, #5,000 based on the size and how healthy they are.

      You can read more about a previous answer given to a question like this by clicking here.

      You should just have #300,000 or more excluding the cost of the land if you are buying one.

      Expert Consultant Answered on April 21, 2018.
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