How To Establish A Palm Oil Business

Pls I need someone who have experience in palm oil business to help with the following information

1. Where can I get cheap palm oil to sell as am based in delta state

2. How much currently is 50 liters of palm oil or 25 liters

3. Transportation cost from the point of purchase to point of sales as am based in delta state

New Member Asked on November 19, 2016 in Business.
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Price of palm oil fluctuate almost the same way like crude oil unless you are buying in bulk and ready to store until when it is scarce for you to sell at a higher profit margin. But if u are a daily buying and selling merchant, you need to be careful of price fluctuation because you might invest your money and be knocked out from the market due to price somersault.

In every market there are secrets for survival  which you can’t learn overnight and neither can you get that experience from reading a book. Only experience will be your best teacher.

Delta, Edo, and Ondo State are some of the places you can get palm oil in quantity. You need to go there and find out what the current market price is or ask from dealers in your area.

According to a user who helped a client of his buy from Iguobazua village in Edo State. A keg was sold at N9700 and he was was charged N300/keg to transport the palm oil to Lagos. The cost included the keg except you have your own kegs, if you do, you will get it for N9200. The keg we are talking about is the 25/30 liters. For 50 liters, you just multiply that by two.

Pro Consultant Answered on November 27, 2016.
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Am based in Anambra,pls i need the location of where i can i get palm oil  in Ebonyi State,

New Member Answered on January 10, 2017.
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