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Hello Darlington,

Am interested in farming but I don’t have enough knowledge in it, what should i do to acquire more skills and knowledge?

New Member Asked on April 6, 2017 in Agriculture.
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In a continent where over 50% of people are living below $3 per day and land is fertile and plenty, farming and agric-value chain production is pivotal to reducing poverty, and to building long-term economic self-reliance. We must access high quality culturally appropriate food for local food sovereignty and for importation to other nations and regions.

We do not want to empower people, God has already done that by giving us enviable soil all over the continent, we just want to show them how to explore this prosperity buried in our land. We must rethink inefficient planting, and Land management, reduce the waste through Training and Technology, reuse through value chains.


Green Nation is actively pioneering a unique solution to agricultural challenges in our country – Nigeria.
This approach will engage massive participation in farming and agro-allied businesses. There are two major challenges confronting everyday start-up farmer: adequate knowledge in their chosen field of farming, and the financial muscle needed to start and sustain their farms to profitable enterprises.


We have created this platform to recruit and connect people, educate and train them to pursue farming, and agro-allied businesses professionally. We would also expose our community to hands on farming, agriculture trade fairs and seminars, locally and internationally.

Importantly, our platform is designed to provide predictable financial support for farm and or factory projects of participants through a revenue sharing and donation program. It is time to make our country great again through agriculture and its value chain factories.


The program has been design with a lot of local knowledge of how people in this nation prefer the online network business designed. A lot of stages have been made automated to remove the cumbersome management of previous programs.

We want you to achieve your goals with speed and accuracy, that is why the compensation plan is cute, smart, lucrative, and achievable. No smokes and mirrors.

Understanding the Farm Stages and Process.

A little clarify on our products. Green Nation major product is TRAINING on farming and it’s value chains. At level 1 its one day training at your location. Level 2 its 3 – 5 days @ our consult local and farm. At Level, 3 its 3- 5 days International event once a year. At level 4 its 2 International training or expos yearly
The compensation plan ensures that Independent Project Mangers (IPM) have enough money to fund and grow their business.

The primary sector is Agriculture. Secondary sector is production, manufacturing, fabrication construction etc
Tertiary sector provides infrastructure support.
All IPM will be engaged in the business of Agriculture and it’s Value chain


Within the first 21days of sign up an IPM must submit the area of agriculture/Agro-allied business he/she is interested to do. We have extension workers across the nation that will ensure KYC on each project.
The concept is to ensure that we greatly impact agricultural production in Nigeria within the first year of operation.

Their will be expose to hands-on training, farm experience both local/international and agric trade fairs to connect with international business partners all at company expense.
That is why every IPM will be trained in their chosen field – planting, processing, manufacturing and export of agric related business.

*There will be exposure.

IPM that is yet to acquire land or set up business will in the mean time pending when his project takes off, invest in cluster farms that will pay between 20% – 40% interest quarterly and pay back principal + interest at the end of the year.
Hopefully during this period the IPM will be exposed to that business area and be encouraged to start his/her own project.

Greennation will also encourage IPMs who are interested in forward integration. For example if an IPM is into ranching of cows, they could set up a factory processing milk. You can take each product and see the opportunity in forward integration.
Happy Farming.

New Member Answered on April 9, 2017.
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All the right information you need to know for you to excel in farming business is already here.  All you need to do is to go to the blog section of this site and you will see lots of farming biz tutorials that will get you started.

Active Member Answered on April 10, 2017.
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Good Evening,

i will say it’s not just about reading,if you don’t have a knowledge of agriculture and farming and you want to venture into it,get an agriculture consultant it will safe your stress,your money,and business..

Coastland Consult

Return Member Answered on April 21, 2017.
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