Price of Brand New Range Rover Sport in Nigeria

What is the price of brand new Range Rover Sport in Nigeria now? There is no argument that Range Rover Sport is one of the hottest cars in Nigeria right now. This is a country where SUV is the main thing so it is not surprising that cars like Range Rover is very much in demand.

But the biggest obstacle people encounter in the price. Who can break down for us the current price of brand new Range Rover Sport in Nigeria today? Your answer is very important. Thank you

Pro Consultant Asked on October 4, 2017 in Automobile.
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      A brand new Range Rover Sport does not come cheap, as it is designed to fit the class and status of its owners. The price of this beast differs according to the mode which includes the year of its manufacture. Newer models have added features not available in the older versions. The price of a brand new Range Rover Sport ranges from N60,000,000 to N80,000,000. Currently, the 2017 model stands at a whopping N80,000,000!

      Active Member Answered on October 4, 2017.
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