What Kind Of Business Can I Do With 1million

Good morning sir, kudos on the great work you are doing here. I am a new resident doctor , actually busy with the work load but I wish to start a business as the “job” is a contract kind of job.  it should be preferably a business that one can start with about 1million.

Thank you for your time, hope to get a reply soon.

New Member Asked on June 8, 2018 in Business.
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There are so many businesses you can start out there with such a huge amount of money. But i will like to ask you for your passion. There must be something you like. When i know that, i can suggest some businesses that will be relevant.

Business is more than just starting anything. There is more

Expert Consultant Answered on June 10, 2018.
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I love fashion designer

New Member Answered on June 12, 2018.
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@Mopelola if you love fashion designing and you have #1m to start a business, i will advice you to start a business that goes along with the fashion trend. Loving fashion designing would mean you know about clothing materials, colour, beauty and maybe tailoring.

You could look for a location somewhere and start a huge fashion designing packaged shop. You just get equipments and employ some good stylist. You market yourself and let the world know about you. Once you are good, the sky will be the starting point.

Me telling you to start blogging or a restaurant or poultry might be a little off. But when you do something around what you love, the motivation comes from within.

Expert Consultant Answered on June 12, 2018.
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You can invest in our cooking salt and become a shareholder. It’s a deal of a lifetime and it’s reward is amazing.. Premium Salt Nigeria.

New Member Answered on June 13, 2018.
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I am looking for an Abuja based partner to co found a consumer goods business with. Products will be produced and marketed by us. Has potential to scale very quickly.

Investment required is relatively small we are not talking millions of Naira at all: We would be investing 50/50 i.e sharing the start-up costs. Really it’s not about the money rather finding a partner who can see the vision. Working with 2 heads will enable one to go much further and very quickly too.

This will involve setting up a limited company in Nigeria.

If you are interested or know someone that may be interested that is not in these forums send me a private message or reply on this thread.

Serious people only: Abuja based, with capital and preferably have access to a car. People that have live abroad would be good as well as I am based abroad but will come back to setup the business.


New Member Answered on June 15, 2018.
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It might sound ridiculous but casava farming can fetch you 10million in a year with that 1million naira. Ask me how?

New Member Answered on June 23, 2018.
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@Budo’s House Investment How ???


Return Member Answered on June 23, 2018.
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@Budo’s house How? Intrested

New Member Answered on July 4, 2018.
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Budo, come and tell us more

Expert Consultant Answered on July 9, 2018.
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budos i like to know more info about the cassava stuff too. thanks

New Member Answered on August 4, 2018.
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Of all businesses and professions in the world, Agriculture is the most noble. Have 1 million? There are so several fields in agriculture you could invest in, including agritech, agro financing, farming, aquaculture and many others. All you need is do your due diligence and we’d be glad to have you on board in the agric business value chain. We wish you all the best. There are some Farm Guides on Naija Farmers! Keep innovating.

New Member Answered on September 10, 2018.
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Hi, You can start cement block making business by buying a concrete block machine. 

RE: What Kind Of Business Can I Do With 1million

There are diffirent machines for block making you can choose as per your budget below I am sharing you a link you can check machines.



New Member Answered on October 3, 2018.
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