Where Can I Get Farmland To Buy In Oyo And Osun State?

Please urgently neededWhere can I see farmland to purchase in Oyo and Osun state?

New Member Asked on January 1, 2017 in Agriculture.
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    There is no state in Nigeria where you can’t get a good farmland to buy or rent. All you need to do is to travel down to the state, talk to the local farmers there who will help you arrange for a good farmland to buy.

    Osun state is one of the states in Nigeria with vast expanse of forests and fertile farmlands suitable for different types of agriculture. You can get portion of farmland there to buy for less than N250,000


    Active Member Answered on January 7, 2017.
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    I will advice you get land agents to help you out. And before payment is made, kindly carry out a feasibility study on the land. Kindly find below a guide;

    1. Chart the land in the Ministry of Lands (this will prevent buying a government acquired land)
    2. Carry out a soil test
    3. Conduct a geophysical test to ascertain the quantity of underground water.
    4. Also put into consideration accessibility and nearness to market

    For more assistance, you can contact me.

    New Member Answered 1 day ago.
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