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If there is any business in Nigeria that is truly lucrative and extremely profitable, it has to be Real Estate business in Nigeria. Most of the top billionaires in Nigeria are real estate investors. The business is a money spinner to the highest level. Real Estate is currently booming in Nigeria and people are making millions in it. Today, we want to take a closer look at the business and see how you can invest in this sector of the economy (irrespective of how much you have) and make serious profit.

One thing very good about real estate business in Nigeria is that the investment opportunity is so diverse that there seem to be something for everyone. Anyone who wish to invest can invest whether he has thousands or billions of naira, you can even invest without a dime in your pocket. Let us see how it works.

This is the first article I am writing on real estate business on this website. So, I will try to highlight some of the best investment opportunities in the industry, and expand on the topics in the subsequent articles.

Profit Potential in Real Estate Business

Before we proceed, we want to look at the profit potential in real estate business in Nigeria. I bought a plot of land in Ikorodu area of Lagos State in 2011 where I had wanted to develop for small hotel. I paid ₦500,000 for the land excluding some minor egunje to the boys.

In 2013, I changed my mind and decided to sell it. When I asked the estate agents how much property was going in that area, they told me the current price as at then was two million naira. And that my own which is very close to the main road will go for between 2.5 to 3 million naira. If I had bought five plots that was offered to me for 2.5 million then, I would have made ₦10,000,000 from that single transaction!

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Just like that, 2 million to 2.5 million gain in less than two years for a green horn like me who was not in anyway into real estate investment. Then imagine what the professionals who knows the ins and outs in the business must be making. I also know a petty medicine seller who is now a multi millionaire through estate investment he started few years ago. And he started with almost zero capital.

I know how some of the millionaires in the industry started. Some of them started as small real estate agents in a kiosk. Today, they control the finest estates in Lagos, Abuja and other major cities in Nigeria.

Investment Opportunities in Real Estate

Investment opportunities abounds in real estate. Start with what you have. As you grow in the business, you can expand your portfolio. Or you can start big straight away if you have access to capital. In this article, I will only deal with real estate categories that are peculiar to Nigeria. Suffice to say this article is made specially for beginner real estate entrepreneurs. Here are some of the areas you can invest and make your own money without tears.

1. Land Flipping

This means buying of land and quickly reselling it for profit. This is one of the smartest investment in the industry and requires no effort whatsoever. Just your money and knowledge and you are good to go. You will need substantial amount if you want to make hundreds of millions but you can start small by buying just one plot and grow to buying tens of plots and acres of lands and keep selling all year round.

2. Open Space Leasing

This works in a simple and unique way. Buy a property in a good location and lease it out for makeshift use. You can lease it to churches or business that wants to develop a makeshift outlet such as car wash and mechanics. They will be paying you monthly rantage while the property still appreciates for future sell. It is like borrowing money for someone and get paid double interest and still get your money back.

3. Real Estate Agency

This one is the simplest and easiest of them all. It is not investment per say but service rendering. How it works? Go round and look for properties to let and for sale, advertise your service and help secure clients for the property owners, you will be paid percentage as commission base on the amount the property is sold or rented. You can start with little or no money and if you are smart enough, you will grow to become a giant realtor.

4. Property Development

This is where the big guys in the industry are doing their stuffs. They acquire properties in nice locations, develop it into luxury apartments, commercial structures, etc and sell at a very high profit margin. If you spend N200 million to develop a property, be sure you are going to sell for N400million.

5. House/Office Rent

Build a house and put it up for rent, get paid all year for a life time. That is exactly how this work but there is much more to that than I just stated, watch out for detailed articles on this soon.

In the coming weeks, I will be publishing articles from our ongoing researches and advice from professional real estate investors and experts in the industry on various aspect of investments. Keep visiting regularly, you never can tell when any of those incisive juicy articles will be published.

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  • Anonymous September 30, 2013

    @darlington, am happy and delighted for your write ups.I'm into real estate and will not mind if i can be allowed to share my wealth of wisdom with my fellow nigerians. Thanks


    • Darlinton Omeh September 30, 2013

      You are highly welcomed to share your experience with your fellow Nigerians. As a matter of fact we're already yearning for it. Send what you have to share to info[at] I can create Authors profile for you if you like?


      • Anonymous January 26, 2014

        Thanks for the write up mr. Darlington. I,m Diaspora Nigerian and I think is right time I come back to invest in our economy. My place of interest is real estate development( building and selling condominiums on mortege) and we want to start with about 100m naira, I want to know what do I need to do and how do I start, will prefer coal city for a start.


        • Darlinton Omeh January 26, 2014

          That's good nut I think N100 million is too small for real estate development. Anyway, it's good to start from somewhere than start nothing, you can start by developing bungalows in a places like the coal city you mentioned.


        • Arc. som Egbo May 28, 2014

          @anonymous, coal city as your choice of location for the real estate development caught my attention. The rapid growth of real estate in coal city is overwhelming. You can never be wrong investing in coal city.


  • Adeoye Saint Adeleye December 6, 2013

    I really enjoy your article, it gladden my heart. I was actually looking round for a business that my wife will fall in love with as she intend to resign from her present job. Am also a real estate practitional (professional). I will send an article to help too if you won't mind. Good job,keep it up


    • Darlinton Omeh December 6, 2013

      Mr. Adeleye, I hope your wife will fall in love with some of the businesses I've written about here. Maybe she can just browse around the site by herself, she'll be able to see lot more. Why not! We welcome your articles in advance. Thank you!


      • Anonymous December 14, 2013

        I find your article very helpful. As a diaspora Nigerian. I will not hesitate to buy as much land as possible. My sister who resides in London bought a plot at the back of MFM for 325,000 in 2008, that area now goes for 2M. I have contacted a few estates along Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway all before Redemption camp. Prices ranges from 2 to 3 million Naira. I intend to get as much as 10 plots then back to my base to hide for another 5 years. Does this make sense or l should just leave my money with the bank and get my 10% p.a on fixed deposit? Please valuable recommendation is welcomed.



        • Darlinton Omeh December 15, 2013

          By the next five years, the properties there may be more than 5million, so go ahead and buy but make sure you are buying genuine ones.

          Keeping money in a bank for 10% is like wasting away resources. If you invest N5M with us, you are sure of getting N250,000 monthly for the next one year which is N3M total. No bank fix deposit will pay you anything close to quarter of that amount.


          • Anonymous April 22, 2016

            Please how ? N400,000 on N5M,monthly?

          • Darlinton Omeh April 22, 2016

            That has been edited. Its N250,000 not N400,000. Thank you

          • Chiboy July 26, 2017

            Thank you for your write up, how can i invest with you ?

  • Anonymous December 24, 2013

    Good Morning Mr Darlinton.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge:may God continue to replenish you in Jesus' Name.

    Please apart from the Receipt of Purchase given by the family,was there any other supporting documents you were given by them,like deed of assignment etc?
    Did you have to work on the survey and c of o by yourself?
    How much does it cost to do a survey on a 3 plots in(the plots are together) in ota area?

    Thank you for your anticipated speedy response.



    • Darlinton Omeh December 24, 2013

      The documents I usually get are:

      1. Receipt of purchase signed by the family head or any designated person.

      2. Family Deed of Assignment (Iwe Ebi) signed by 4-7 family heads

      3. Original Survey plan. Make sure it's original, not back dated.

      I don't used to do c of o due to the cost.

      I really don't know how much it cost to do original survey in Ogun State for now but I think it should be around N50,000 per plot (not sure)


  • Anonymous December 25, 2013

    Good Evening and complements of the season!
    Thanks for this list. it is very helpful.
    However,the one i saw has 1&2. The no.2 will be signed by 3 of the eldest family members,the rest are women who are in their husbands houses. They don't have No.3 as the land has not be surveyed before. it means its the buyer that will do that.
    Enquiries from the person that connected me to the family says that:Survey and its document is N250,000 and it will be ready in 2wks,Cof O is N200,000 per plot. and will be ready in 3yrs.
    Sir should i go ahead and then do the survey by myself? I will appreciate your candid advice as someone who has toed this part before.
    Thank you so much.


    • Darlinton Omeh December 27, 2013

      Yes, you can go ahead and do the survey bu yourself but I think N250,000 is a bit on the high side.


      • Anonymous December 29, 2013

        I absolutely agree with you sir! Contact of a good surveyor with an affordable charge will be highly appreciated.

        Thank you sir.


      • Mr gabriel oni June 18, 2016

        yes it is , too much and deadly


  • Anonymous December 28, 2013

    Thank you very much for this post. I'm a lady and does not have money to start this. Yes being an agent does not quite need capital but I think its strenuous for a lady. can you advice on what I could do, thanks.


  • Paul Oghenejabor February 27, 2014

    Hello Darlington, my name is Paul and i new in the business as a marketer. i dont mind been groomed and nurtured in this business cos i realy have passion for it but i find it difficult in locating my target market.


  • Anonymous March 31, 2014

    Dear Darlington,thanks for the impressive write up. Iam a real estate agent Ebonyi state born and resident. your reply to a Nigerian in diaspora who said he has about one hundred million naira to go into property development in coal city contradicts your article no.4 which you said,develop with twenty million and sell for million. May boldly invite investors and developers to come to Ebonyi state to acquire genuine and strategically located cheap land ,develop,sell and manage. We can assist you get what you want.Ebonyi state is peaceful and investors friendly.patcy real estate enterprises.


    • Darlinton Omeh March 31, 2014

      The N20 million I mentioned in No 4 is an assumption and not the actual cost of developing a prime property. In prime real estate development, finishing a duplex alone could take much more than N20 M.


  • Anonymous April 6, 2014

    Dear Darlington, your information is very impressive.Am a young graduate with passion for real but has no money to start the business, can you link me up with somebody that help me to actualize my dream? I will be glad to hear your response. Thanks


  • Anonymous April 8, 2014

    Thanks for your article. Am a young lady that is very much interested in investments. I would like to know if it is possible to buy shares in real estate development companies or any other 'hard assets' companies as I dont have the money to buy properties myself. Can you help me out?


    • Darlinton Omeh April 8, 2014

      Let's meet for a face to face discussion if you're based in Lagos or ready to travel to Lagos… Add me on Facebook


  • Anonymous April 8, 2014

    Thanks for replyin. I dont stay in Lagos neither am I ready to travel to Lagos and also am a university graduand, so that u dont expect much from me. Am am really interested in wise investments. I will add u up now on facebook. Thank you again


  • Anonymous May 4, 2014

    Dear Darlington, your information is very impressive. Please advice me where to invest in Lagos state on real estate. I am a beginner and i want a long term investment with cheaper lands. Thanks, Kc.


    • Moses July 19, 2017

      The best and profitable place to invest right now in Nigeria is in the Ibeju Lekki axis because it’s around major multibillion dollar projects like the Lekki free trade zone and Dangote Refineries amongst others. So if you are looking for affordable real estate investments with great returns you contact us on 09068511081 for site inspection and more details. Thank you.


  • Anonymous June 13, 2014

    Any lead on the Warri market?


  • Bukola Badmos August 6, 2014

    Hello Am Bukola Badmos
    I have been reading your post and its quit enlighten and i have my onw take as well. I want to express my deep feeling here i dont know if this can work am into property management and i have been doing this for a while now and its a bit hard to get through.
    Sir i have a vision as regards property investment i will like to be part of your goals and work with you as well . Thanks


    • Darlinton Omeh January 6, 2016

      Thank you Bukola, nothing is easy at the beginning but it will surely get cool as time goes on. Just keep your head up and do your thing.


  • Anonymous August 15, 2014

    The whole concept sound interesting, Keep it up, information is power!


  • Chinedu January 12, 2016

    Hi Mr Darlington,

    I really love your piece on Real Estate Investing. I have always wanted to go into it cos i am really crazy about the business but alas no luck despite my many trials.
    I have this property, a double flat bungalow which i want to acquire to start the business with but i just don’t know how to go about it, also sighting the fact that i with no money at hand. Could you give me idea’s on how to go about it?

    Thanks in advance


    • Darlinton Omeh January 12, 2016

      With little or no money, you can start as a property agent, recommending or helping people find property to let or buy for commission. This way you can make enough money to go into other areas of property business.


  • charlotte int. March 2, 2016

    Dear Darlinton ,
    i bought 3 plots at the ibeju -lekki ( lekki free trade zone axis ) in an estate for 1 million each, thanks to give me an estimated cost of a plot in the next 5 year and in the next 10 years in that area.

    May God bless you.


  • remmy caleb March 10, 2016

    How can I start this business in Kaduna. Or can I join your firm to gain the required experience needed. I read architecture from a polytechnic and I am eager to build my investment in real estate.


  • monday prince March 23, 2016

    i well like your ideas on estate development, still need your investors for estate development in eastern part on Nigeria ( Imo state,Egunu state, Anambra state and Abia state) at least less a sample of real state development. we are ensure you security i that has been the problems for estate development here and ensure the full support of the state government in any state you show interest in.


  • ARC. ERUKS April 17, 2016

    Hi Mr Darl, it,s been a mind blowing tips in your article on real estate investment in Nigeria. You know there are a lot scam in the business, one just need to be careful to ensure you dont fall into dumps. Keep it up I love your ideas.
    Rgds. arc Eruks.


  • Benson April 20, 2016

    Nice One, People look ! don’t just patronize any Kiosk Real estate agent you see. Have you heared of fraudlent real estate agents ? beware! they are. When buying your property and Land find a license real estate agent to deal with.


  • Ay April 25, 2016

    Darlington, is it advisable to invest in Farmland in a town in Oyo State?


  • Hi,Mr darlington. I luv ur articles, m an undergraduate of estate management and valuation, v bin hopin how my course will pay me but u just giv me an idyllic answers through ur articles,thankz sir.


  • oluyemi ogundare May 20, 2016

    hello Darlington i stay arround ibbeju leeki Lagos, i want to start business on real estate agent and also buy land and sell,how can i go about this.


  • Mohammed May 22, 2016

    Hi Darlington,

    Let me share a bit on my story here..My name is Mohammed (real name),I have always been a keen addict of success and liked to make money as long as there is an opportunity for earning extra income.As early as 2007,I started my own small business called Gigo enterprises, selling laptops to students and the middle class.I made a good amount of money and later invested in Nigerian used cars and my earning grew substantially.

    In 2010,I took a deadly step.I went into online football betting (betting on top UK sport betting sites,like Ladbrokes and William hill) cut story,By end of 2012,I had lost 65k pounds.(more that 20m),in debt on 6m naira,lost my job because I gambled with my employers money..I recall having just 500 naira account balance and suicidal thoughts set in..Friends and family left me and I became miserable,dejected and frustrated.. Anyways,like they say,NEVER GIVE UP.

    I took several personal and spiritual steps and overcame the addiction.. Now I was faced with getting back on my feet.A friend I went to for financial help,told me about the benefits of real estate and how I could start earning commission selling lands for real estate firm..I wasn’t so keen but I gave it a try.Armed with 40k loan he gave to me,I started to read anything I could find on real estate and later joined as a marketing consultant to reliable real estate coy..One of the firm’s had several lands for sale at the time I I focused on the lands going for 1m around Lekki/Ibeju.

    I took fliers and distributed around my neighborhood and did a seminar that was attended by 100 middle class people in my neighborhood.I spoke to them on the benefits of real estate investment and how they could start by investing small and growing big..At the end of the seminar,20 people accepted to go for inspection.The real estate coy provided transportation and when we got there like magic,they all accepted to buy..I made a commission of 2,000,000..You for see hw I smiled when I received my check.

    Actually the company instantly gave me a job,but I refused…I plugged back 1m into the land and used 900k to pay some debts and other to carry on my marketing..sold more and more,and today I am done with debts,most of which I paid by offering those I owed opportunity to buy lands and worked out my settlement with them (today they say thank u Moh)..The land I bought for 1m is now selling for 6m…Guys nothing like real estate..I must admit it’s never easy, but when u are hard-working, focused and prayerful…You will get there..NO FREEBIES


    • Darlinton Omeh May 22, 2016

      Wow Mr Mohammed, your story is very inspirational and I hope it will motivate many people who are faced with similar situation. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful thought provoking life experience.


  • phil May 25, 2016

    Wow! Moh’s story is a motivation, I am a graduate of Architecture,unemployed, currently doing a Masters in Landscape Architecture, from a poor background, hoping to get a government job upon graduation. Pls Mr Darlington, what can I do with my miserable life?


  • Emmanuel Awoyemi June 15, 2016

    Hi all,

    My name is Emmanuel Awoyemi. I studied at University of Benin and graduated in Chemistry.
    However, due to the condition of our country (Nigeria) I decided to switch sector.
    Currently I am very much interested in Real estate investments and Oil and Gas businesses.
    I have two amazing business ideas. One is related to Real Estate investment. I cannot go in too deep on the idea on this forum but all I can say is that the idea has to do with building properties in luxurious (upcoming) parts of Lagos states (e.g. Lekki, Ajah etc.) and give it out for sale. The plan also include building hotels in these areas.

    The second idea is regarding building filling stations in Ogun state and Lagos State areas.

    To be able to fulfil these plans, I need (an) investor and a business partner to carry out the plans.

    Please feel free to email me if you are interested in this business and let us meet face to face and discuss at length.
    I am aware of fraudulent activities taking place online, that is also the reason why I would like to meet any interested person in person and talk about the ideas.

    Kind regards,

    Emmanuel Awoyemi


  • Mr gabriel oni June 18, 2016

    wow!!!!, am glad meeting up with amazing people here and those that life itself has dealt with on the street, am gabriel am a business development manager in my own companing and also the C E O, ( insideout properties limited} just bying by and i came across this great platform , i so much love amd am hoping to share my testimony soon ….been in the business for over 4 years , building up toward making the company go public. i must be sincere bank and several sector has failed us …..but investing into real estate with the help of professional never fail with God grace…thnks….kindly visit our web; www.


  • Sharon June 30, 2016

    Am so privilege being here, it actually made my day complete. Thank you Mr. Dalinton for sharing this great secret of success to the public and not your family members alone, you are just one in a million. Other beneficiaries will not do so. Some will even say “Abi epe nja e” But you went these far to exposed what others have been hiding and enjoying. That is why I know beyond reasonable doubt, that God will continue to daze you with His manifold blessings because you have been a blessing to others.

    And Mr Mohammed, you are so wonderful, thanks for that motivational testimonies and please be careful so that you wont experience such again now that your million is back. Once beaten, twice shy they say!

    Please Mr. Darlinton don’t hesitate to take me along the higher path.

    Thank you once again.


  • Ben July 6, 2016

    I am so glad to be part of this business forum, my interested in real estate has started paying well to me. I have prospects throughout the south south/south east part of the country. In case you need any property within the zone feel free to reach me.


  • taiwo adewale July 8, 2016

    I am glad to find a forum like this.i was just surfing the internet,trying to get some information on how to further boost my marketing online.anyway,my name is taiwo and i currently work for the first real estate network marketing company in Africa and the 8th in the world.
    i can tell you categorically that real estate business is the only business today that can assure you of 200% return on investment just because you can never go wrong with it.
    network marketing on the other hand is another booming business that can make a millionaire out of you over night with little effort.bill gate said,if i am given the chance to start all over again,i will rather do network marketing.

    i should discourage you about waiting for eternity to get a well paying job (that is if there is any),when you can create yours and have people work for you.
    mind you,real estate in nigeria today requires careful evaluation,so be at your best while searching for which real estate firm to work with.

    i will be available to tutor you on how to be an independent consultant with us and earn a reasonable amount consistently depending on your level of commitment to the business.

    please,do not pay anyone to do real estate except when the package is worth it but do your background check well before anything.
    my name is taiwo and my contact is


  • soma August 8, 2016

    @darlington: nice write up. I am glad that more and more people are beginning to appreciate this industry.
    One fact we need to know and accept is; “Business is like a wheel barrow. Nothing happens until you start pushing.”

    Money lose value over time, particularly in a period when a nation is experiencing recession.
    However, if you invest it in real estate, your investment will:
    i. Help you save money.
    ii. Help grow your money

    According to Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman whose large portion of his Business Empire and wealth is concentrated in real estate investing, “The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”

    To be rich, remain rich or help save your money, please, invest in REAL ESTATE.

    Amos Egwuabor
    Property Agent/Realtor


  • Smallz August 19, 2016

    I am a 300 level student of English in the university and I would like to go into real estate when I am done with my education. But I will need mentorship and I do not know how much money I would need. Any advice?


  • idowuoi December 17, 2016

    The prices of plots of land advertised here are very inviting and can motivate anyone to buy but my concerns are the perfection of documentation or papers as low as the prices of these land. I would like to know how long land registration process takes, process involved and the cost in Lagos State.


  • yinkagreat February 28, 2017

    One of the major advantages of real estate is that it helps you to militate against inflation.Money saved in bank is subject to inflation rate that is when currency lost its purchasing power to any degree your saving will also lose its value to that degree and that is why REAL ESTATE remain the best place to invest your money.


  • IriaevhoPrecious June 23, 2017

    Real estate business is capital intensive and requires huge investment. If you do not have enough it is imperative that you seek investors who can partner with you.

    You can look for equity investors or talk to mortgage or commercial banks for long term loans that can give you enough leverage at the start and accelerate growth.


  • Remi Omoyele July 15, 2017

    Good day Mr Darlington,

    Very lovely and helpful write up. I have always wanted to go into real estate and currently have lands and a property in Ibeju Lekki axis.

    I need mentorship and advise cause i want to grow more in the business.

    I would be glad if i can meet you one on one and have a discussion.


  • Seun July 22, 2017

    My name is Seun, I am in a real estate agent in Lagos Nigeria. The commission on house sales are juicy but you have to be consistent, professional and loyal. For real estate needs, 07039266720


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