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In this article, you are going to find out where you can get brand new Keke. The Keke NAPEP Tricycle price and the dealers locations. You will also learn How to get loans for commercial tricycle business. How to set up Keke charter or shuttle service. Plus: How to earn up to N150,000 monthly even without driving one yourself.

There is a mass problem and heated debates and outcry about the government ban of Okada. But what most people don’t know is that there must be a need for an immediate mass solution. It is only those who have eyes for opportunity that can grab the cash that comes from solving these problems.

Just imagine a world where there are no problems, no need to be met? Then people will die of hunger because there will be no jobs to do, no service to provide, and worst of all no money to be made.

Why Keke NAPEP Riding is a Big Business

Indeed bike riding has become the easiest business anyone who come into a city like Lagos can go into even if they don’t have cash, no certificate or education. Even if you don’t know how to operate a bike nor money to buy one, you can easily get a bike at hire purchase and start carrying passengers for cash.

I remember the day I was trying to maneuver through the traffic on a bike to where I packed my car on the Island and I saw the MD of Union Bank, Mrs Olafunke Iyabo Osibodu, struggling through the traffic jam on foot crossing in between cars just to catch up with a function some distance away. She had to abandon her car or else she would miss the function with everybody waiting.

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Why Okada is Losing the Market to Keke NAPEP

Biking is not cheap and the largest passengers are mostly lower class workers who are yet to get their own cars. They find using commercial motor cycle as the only means to get to their destination in time. It is also the fastest means to get home to prepare for another day’s work.

No wonder it is easy to find swam of bikes flying every corner of Lagos at jet speed trying not only to make ends meet, but also to meet-up the financial demand of their hired purchase owners. Bike ridding or ‘Okada Ridding’ has turned out to become an endangered business with families losing their bread winner daily due to unrecoverable series of accidents that occurs with bikers. What is the alternative? What is the solution?

Truly the clamp down by the Lagos State Government has generated massive outcry and many of these folks know the law of the government will always stand the test of time in terms of enforcement. No thanks to the dreaded LASTMA officials.

Taking Advantage to Start Keke NAPEP Business

A lot of folks complain of losing business because of okada ban. And many trekking their lives out as the only means of transportation on the Island. Now is the commercial tricycles time to be in business. And since they are few, it has been a fight to finish to get a space, even the yellow buses have long been banned from V.I and Lekki environs.

Over 2,000 Keke may be needed in the areas where bikes have been banned to be able to meet-up the high demand of moving passengers to and fro.

The Multiples Ways of Doing Keke Business

This business has become a booming one as a result you do not need to ride one to be able to do the business, you can simple own one:

1. You can own a Keke and get somebody to ride it for you while remitting cash daily to you.

2. You can also put numbers of Keke on the street and employ drivers who you will put on a salary to do the job while they will remit proceeds to you daily.

3. You can set-up a Keke Marwa hire purchase service where you simply invest in the Keke purchase and give to a riders associations or a particular Keke rider who will give you remittance and terminate the deal at specific time. After the total sum and interest or commission has been paid, the Keke rider now  takes possession of the Keke while you can make a profit of between N50,000 and N 150,000 in three to six months higher purchase duration depending on the hire purchase agreements.

4. You can get finances from banks, co-operatives and NGO organizations to fund the purchase of your Keke and simply start the business right now in V.I or Lekki  and start making your money and paying back a portion to remit your loans, because this business is hot at this time.

5. You can also operate a Keke charter or shuttle service. What this means is that a lot of people who cannot ply regular routes because they want to go to some specific route or operate some special duties may likely like to hire your Keke. You make more money from this process, reduce maintenance cost and the wear & tear of your Keke fleet. Simply brand your Keke service for this purpose. And show your presence to your clients in VI.

When next you are coming into Lagos or looking for what to do within Lagos, remember that this mini transport business that the Lagos government ban on commercial motor cycle has given a boost is there to make you rich.

The Huge Profit In Keke Business

Unlike commercial bus, Kekes don’t have a bust stop. You can maneuver during traffic congestion, and cut a lot of short cuts to your destination. The spare parts for the vehicles are available and replaceable. You can make N5,000 a day and average of N150,000 in a month. With a purchase price of over N300,000 you can become a millionaire in a year and pay back your loans in three months. A single Keke has an average life-span of 3 years.

This is your chance to cash the profit while others complain around town of the heavy crisis the ban on okada has caused.

According to T unji Afuwape, to get money for the purchase of a commercial tricycle, you simply approach an existing microfinance bank in your locality. Some of them will request you deposit 20 to 25% of the total sum while the balance is spread over 20 to 30 weeks. They also have other conditions which you should find out before collecting the loan.

Microfinance banks giving out money for Keke purchase right now include:

(1) Accion Microfinance Bank 3, lyali Avenue VI, Lagos

(2) Citiserve Microfinance Bank, 360, Ikorodu Rd. Lagos.

(3) MIC MFB, 10AllenAvenue, Lagos.

You can also contact NAPEP State office nearest to you, they have office at every Federal Sec. Office in Nigeria. Lagos Office is at Old Federal Min of Works.

Where to get brand new Keke: To get the yellow type, simply go to the assembling centre for Keke office at Shyllon street at Onipanu, Lagos. Collect their bank details, pay into their account and wait until your brand new tricycle gets assembled.

Do not forget to do your own personal due diligence before carrying out any transactions with anybody.

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  • Mr. Kiengkack Rodin April 12, 2018

    Honorable greetings to you sir i’m the assistant general maneger of gester international group, sir we would like to start up a keke napep business in cameroon we want to be partners with tvs keke napep in cameroon we are interested in the resent model that comes with sound syste i’ve been to nigeria edo state precisely and i know the business and how it functions i’m convince on how profitable this business wi;l be if we go in partnership as in representing tvs main seller in cameroon .we will be in cvharge of all government negotiations,marketing, sales, warehouse etc thank you sir while hopefully waiting for your reply.


  • Olusegun Adebayo March 27, 2018


    Qualified Keke Riders are needed at Iba/Iyana Iba/Igbo Elerin/Obadore/Igando axis.

    Pls contact me if you are interested or you know someone who is qualified.



  • Napo February 26, 2018

    pls I need fund to buy my own maruwa. can you be of help or connect me to a source then the conditions , I need it now pls


  • ferdinand February 22, 2018

    good day to you.pls i am interested in this business but dnt have the finance,how can i get a higher purchase in abuja


  • oluwafemi February 15, 2018

    Pls I am really interested in this businesses, Plshelp me on how I can get the hire purchase people around abule egba axis,,Plsmy number Iis 07030858948,, if u can connect me with someI will be so greatful


  • Emma January 12, 2018

    Thanks for this valuable information.
    it was actually timely


  • Awkunanaw Voices October 4, 2017

    We are a private finance based company. We leverage on thrifts, raffle sales schemes and hire purchase of assorted goods and services.


  • Efere Deriateide Ene October 2, 2017

    Thanks for this valuable information that can change the life of serious minded and potential entrepreneurs. I am from Bayelsa State. Please I am interested in this business. Direct me to my state office and to know if the scheme is is still accessible.
    Thank you.


  • usikpeko. John August 23, 2017

    Sir, I really commend you for this article you wrote. I am a graduate, and instead of sitting down at home, I would rather do something. I intend going into the Keke business. The money I have now won’t be enough to buy a Keke. Pls, how can I raise the remaining amount to complete the money. I want to ride the Keke myself. I live in Asaba. Pls, I need your advice, Sir.


  • Taofeeq July 16, 2017

    write a proposal to bank of industry for finance. Beside how much did you need? If it is something I can avoid so that we partner. But if this is not possible then I will advise you to write BOI


  • OFREMU NAPOLEON April 21, 2016



    • babatunde November 27, 2017

      kindly come down to 5b , acme road, ogba-ikeja, Lagos. ask for Babatunde 08068968372


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