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The income potentials in show business in this country is staggering. In fact, there are billions of naira to be made from organizing shows in Nigeria within the shortest period of time.

Calculate how much you will make if you are running shows in Nigeria and decides to charge N500, N750, N1,000, N5,000, and N10,000 per ticket. In the showbiz industry, the aforementioned prices are for starters who are considered learners in the game. The real players charges millions for table.

There is no doubt that majority of Nigerians are really poor to say the least. But, the facts remains that even in that poverty condition among many, there are millions who are rich. These few are rich enough to afford shows of millions per ticket. Average guys in Nigeria want to socialize and unwind. They want to dance, laugh, feel belonged and clear off their heads of so many burdens.


Why Show Biz is Big Business in Nigeria

Nigerians love to party no matter the prize. They do this because they believe that all works and no play not only makes Jacks a dull boy but something worst.

They also value the connections they get by attending these shows. Because of this, they don’t consider it as a waste of money shows lovers as so many business links are often formed just like in clubs.

So, not socializing by  attending shows would lead to losing out from real connections. You don’t have to bottle yourself in one corner. You will as well bottle great business opportunities and other real life connections. Nigerians understand this and that is why show business is big in Nigeria.

You are therefore not doing any wrong by organizing shows for people and thereby making your cool cash therein.

Having some popular entertainers in a show is very good

Having some popular entertainers in a show is very good

Profit Potential in Show Business in Nigeria

Big shows has become so important in Nigeria that many consider it normal to part with 30k-50k for a 3/4 hours show.

That is just for the average guys/ladies. But as for the big fish’ shows, talking about the real hot classic high flying men and women, with most of the popular artists in Nigeria like Tuface, and other comedians performing. Yeah, that is when you would hear the adverts on radios and feels like replaying it again and again.

Some shows could be up to N5m for a round table of three or five with others paying N15k and N200k for other lower positions in the same show.

Well planned shows in Nigeria are always money spinning and could make you millions if you know how to play your games very smart.


Though organizing shows is usually not a one man’s thing. It usually involves serious planning and variety of opinions to have things put together and come up with splendid side-attractions that would yield much money in return.

Tips To Organizing Profitable Shows In Nigeria

1. Timing

What is the best time to put out shows in Nigeria and have it well attended? Festive periods and towards the end of the year are usually the best. During these periods, people are usually open to spending money freely as a way of appreciating themselves and others for the success of the year and being alive to enter the next season.

2. Venue


The venue if chosen wisely, could add to the interests of the attendees. Some would love to feel the place and even make some badly needed connections because of the caliber of people that would be coming to the show.

3. Side Attractions

Who are the artists performing? Try to gauge the popularity and the interests of the populace on various entertainers. Which musicians commands most attention? What about the comedians? How populous are their followers on different platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Make your findings and source for their contacts to strike deals with them.

Be firm with your agreements with them as some has been found to be fond of forcing extra fees out of the person that invited them for a show.

4. Well In Advance

Shows planned within reasonable periods of time gives people enough time to plan very well to attend. Also, be realistic in your expectations and don’t have things mixed up.


5. Test The Ground

If you are new in the show business, make sure not to jump in with head first as that may disappoint you. It is always good to consult with old timers in the business. If it calls for registering, do that because you are going into a serious business that would have you knocking horns with the big boys.

Promote Your Shows Aggressively

Be wise with your advertising as that, sometimes take a good chunk of money. Print flyers in support of the other means of advertising. Get the interested people to indicate their interests by booking ahead on time. Many not be money first, but any other ways of booking up seats. Always remember to use fear motivations by stating a pre-fixed numbers to be accommodated in the hall.

Don’t forget to assure people of their safety as no body would want to jeopardize their life, not even for the best shows with the best side-attractions.


Economy may be bad and other things may look discouraging. Despite all that, people just want to be happy and if you can key into that area by providing the avenues for unwinding by following the above tested suggestions, you are sure to be in money. Some shows may be a sham due to poor preparations but properly and well planned shows are sure of raising millions of naira even beyond the expectations of the organizers.

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