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How to apply for Italy Student Visa from Nigeria, Italian student visa, Italian student visa application form, Italian student Visa and other related questions is probably the main reason you are reading this article. Either you are planning to study in Italy or you have made up your mind to apply for a student Visa in Italy you should read this article to the end. Because I will give you an easy step by step guide on How to apply for Italy Student Visa from Nigeria from start to finish.

Unlike UK, US, Australia, Germany, Canada, South Africa, UAE and others, Italy Visa application is easy as long as you comply and provide the necessary documents. You don’t need to worry yourself about the necessary documents because that is exactly what this post is all about. At the end of this article, you will not only know How to apply for Italy Student Visa from Nigeria, you will have perfect understanding about everything you need to get started.

Italy is a nation in the Southern area of Europe and also has a rich society with a myriad of eye-catching locations that tourists will simply love. Rome is the funding city and also the country is among the most seen in Europe.

Italy is a very good place to study and their system of education is of standard. So if you are still doubting, you should drop the doubts and start the application processing.

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Applying for Italy Student Visa

Prior to gaining access right into the country, you will have to request for an Italy visa. You cannot just walk into the country as a Nigerian, you need a pass.

Depending on the objective of your traveling, there are various types of visas that you can apply for. Whether you are planning to go on a check out, study or job as well as live there permanently, you will certainly need to make an application for a different visa, accordingly. For the purpose of this article, I will be talking only on how to get the student pass.

Documents Required for Italy Student Visa

Here are the checklist of documents you will need if the purpose you are going to Italy is for study training, research, or other kind of teaching training program:

1. Evidence Financial Backing

Your bank declarations for the past four to six months, a bank draft in exchangeable money and also evidence of payment of tuition as well as holiday accommodation charges.

If someone is sponsoring you, you will need to present a letter from the person or organization providing you with cash.

Proof of financial income and sufficient funds via a bank account statement, scholarship certificate grants and financial documentations/guarantees of your sponsor. The financial prove will have to cover all living, study, accommodation, healthcare, entertainment and return travel costs for the school year

2. Letter of Acceptance and Admission

You have to provide the letter of acceptance you obtained from the educational institution that you will be attending.

A letter of acceptance is provided by the nation’s university on main letterhead, and also shows the specific quantity of tuition charges you are needed to pay, the anticipated starting and finishing dates, as well as the day by which you have to register.

If you are a returning student, please request the nation school to release you a “Letter of Enrolment/Registration”. The letter should consist of the length of time you have been studying at that establishment, as well as if appropriate, your anticipated graduation date.

3. Nigerian International Passport

You will need an international passport. There are obviously no country you can travel to with your international passport. The passport must be valid even 6 months after your study date.

I have a guide that can show you how to apply for a Nigerian international passport in case you don’t have one.

The passport must be Original, signed Nigeria passport with at the very least 6 months of remaining legitimacy like I already stated above.

4. Purpose of Travel

Your flight ticket for departing the country and also a return ticket. Do not book until your visa has actually been released. Your travel plan (e.g. areas you will check out or remain, such as resort reservation) should be added too.

5. Invitation Letter Guide

You need to offer a letter of invite from the person welcoming you to the nation. The letter has to be composed by the host as well as needs to have particular info about the host and also invitee.

The letter needs to mention the function as well as length of the visit, the nature of the relationship in between you and also the host.

Your school of choice will have to provide this letter.

6. Passport Photographs

Two recent passport-size photographs in dimensions of 35 – 40 mm, full face capture. Please make sure the passport is a recent one and don’t try submitting an old passport where you will not be easily recognized. Just take the pictures before you start the processing of your Visa.

7. Bio Data and ID

Three copies of your international passport bio-data page showing your passport number, date of birth, country of origin.

The Consulates will need Copies of your ID card. The candidate needs to provide Xeroxes of the original passport and ID card, consisting of copy of all visas.

8. Travel Medical Insurance Certificate.

It is required that the insurance covers all days you are planning to stay in the Schengen area. This document must cover medical costs of up to €30,000.

Just have a health insurance. The officials or the school managements will not want to send you home when some things is wrong with your body.

9. Educational Documents

Original and photocopies of legalized birth records, school certificates and academic records (Bachelor degree, WAEC, etc) used for obtaining your admission to the Italian institute from the Ministry of Education, Foreign Affairs and the Italian consulate, Documents legalization.

10. Application Form

A properly completed and signed Italy Entry Visa Application Form. You will want to fill this application very well without mistakes. And you should be all honest and don’t try to play smart. Input no wrong information or an information you are not sure of. Click here to download

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How to Apply for Italy Student Visa from Nigeria

There are steps you will need to follow to achieve this. The application is incomplete without the payment of the application charge. It is, nevertheless, necessary to ensure that you pay the fee at the right time as well as through the right network.

Follow these steps below

  • Download an on the internet Italy application form
  • Load it and send to the Italy visa application facility.
  • Pay the visa application charge
  • Submit the called for supporting documents
  • Supply biometric info

All candidates are expected to submit a document declaring that every information that they have given holds true as well as legitimate. This is to be sent together with the application form. You can also track you application progress here.

Am sure by now you have everything you need on how to apply for Italy Student Visa from Nigeria. Just be honest in filling your visa application form. Once all the documents ready and you are good to go.

If you have any other question, you can ask and you can read my previous articles on different countries here. Please share this article via our social buttons below and lets someone else benefits from it.

Thank you so much for reading.

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