Are they still oil and gas investment opportunities in Nigeria? Nigerian oil and gas Industry is the engine of the Nations economy – an economy that suppose to be the biggest in Africa and one of the biggest in the world if not for mismanagement and corruption. Everything in Nigeria practically depends on oil. It funds The Government, the meager infrastructure, and the untold huge corruption that runs into hundreds of billions of dollars!

According to BBC report:  Nigeria is one of the world’s biggest oil producers but most of its people remain mired in poverty. Anyway, that is the talk of another day. The business at hand now is that legitimate investors are making millions of dollars everyday and you could just be one of them if you take the step and invest in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector today.

Oil and Gas is another name for wealth – you need to get close to some guys who are into oil business to understand what I am talking about. At my office complex in Alausa Lagos, you will see Mercedes Benz cars of N80 million, Bentley of N100 million, Porch cars of N80 million in different shapes models allover the place. Who own those cars? Oil Investors occupying some of the offices in the same complex! That tells you the extent of wealth in the business.

A look into the sector reveals that there is almost business for everyone, this means that no matter who you are and your financial capacity you can still invest somehow in the Industry and make your own mega buck.

Most of the activities is at Downstream sector and that is where most of us can afford to invest. The Upstream sector is mainly for multinationals and big investors who has the money and the expertise.

Before you talk of investing you need to know where to invest, the decision you make after this depends on your capacity. What I mean is: After reading through this post you decide if you can afford building a Refinery or a Kerosene Tank by the roadside. Whichever way you take, you are sure to make good money.

The Oil And Gas Investment Opportunities

1. Oil Refinery – This one is the most ambitious of them all and the heart beat of the Downstream sector. It cost between $5 billion to as much as $500 billion to build one and take at least two years to complete. As you can see, this is not business for faint hearted Investors. Refinery requires huge deployment of fund, careful environmental and physical planning and technology.Nigeria-Oil-and-gas

People are trying hard to make me believe that building a refinery isn’t economically viable but I don’t believe them. I just wonder why people like Dangote and co can not do this even if only as a service to Nigeria and Africa? If I have the money I will surely invest in refinery. I remember in those days when Filling Station owners used to go to the nearby refinery to buy their product directly and the cost of fuel per litre was about N10 then.

If you can afford this or there is anyway you can pull together Investors who are ready to shell out huge fund go for this. You will be buying crude oil here in Nigeria, refine and sell locally to millions of dealers and distributors, export to other African countries and even Europe, plus you make millions of dollars from other petroleum by-products.

You will make your billions back – Dangote and other Billionaires where are you? I think the reason most Nigerian billionaire don’t want to invest in this is because they prefer to steal money from Government through importation. We heard what happened during the fuel subsidy scam probe and thereafter?

2. Fuel Importation – This is where all the big men are falling over each other, making untold billions of legitimate and corrupt money. You too can invest in importation and make legitimate money. There is currently importation root from Niger Republic. One of the major requirement for fuel importation is having a Tank Farm or group of filling stations where the imported product can be stored.

Fuel importation is a big money business and heavy infrastructures are also required. To be able to get the importation license and permit, you would need to have fuel depot and functional jetty among other things. Those who are into it are making double kill from the sale of products and Government subsidy money. You can go into this on a very small scale and make good money.

3. Oil Servicing Business – Oil and Gas installations requires constant maintenance and servicing. This is where the business of oil servicing companies comes in. It is one of the most essential aspect of Upstream and Downstream sector of Oil and Gas Industry.

Huge money is flowing in Nigeria oil and gas sector. You and your group can grab part of it take the step and invest now. To be in this, you will need to put together the technology, equipment, and highly skilled personnel.

4. Petrol Filling Station – Thousands of Investors across the country have been making billions of naira annually. It is one cool business, full of money for those who have the investment capital. I know a man some years back who only manage to sustain himself through his local tea making – gradually he raised money and built his first small filling station in a local area – today he has over ten Petrol Filling Stations spread across the states.

5. Petroleum Haulage
– This involves the transportation of petroleum products from one location to another as a service rendering. One Tanker is enough for you to be in this business and it is very lucrative. From one tanker, you can expand to build fleet of Tankers and huge Haulage company.

Tanker owners charge about N150,000 to transport product from Lagos to Kaduna. According to insiders information, the transportation of petroleum products from places like the Port Harcourt refinery to other various parts of the country is indeed good business.

The price for haulage services ranges from N20, 000 to N200,000 per trip, depending on the location the product will be taken to and the capacity of the tanker.

6. Diesel Supply – Many guys are going into this one now and I am considering joining the deal. I wrote article recently on Diesel Supply Business and based on my finding, it is a mega million naira business.

7. Kerosene Business – One thing most people don’t know about Kerosene is that the product is actually gotten so cheap from NNPC. From NNPC you can land the product at unit cost of N50 per litre and sell for N120 per litre. That is what filling station owners and other dealers do.

If you lift 10,000 litres and gain at least N50 per litre, you will gain N50 x 10,000 = N500,000.

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