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Do you know you can make money  through egg shells? Egg shells can be used to make scouring powder when grounded into powdery form. Scouring powder is a widely used household product. It is used in the cleaning of metallic and ceramic products such as; tiles, toilet bawls, bathtubs, rinsing sinks, pots, etc. 

Reason people prefer  the egg shell scouring  powder is that  so many of the scouring powder out there are full of toxic junks and when they are used for cleaning they are absorbed by bodies of the users through the skin and it is harmful to the body.

You can produce a locally made scouring powder and still make  reasonable profit from it, Do you want to know how to make a scouring powder using eggshell? Of course its easy! You can produce a locally made scouring powder and still make  reasonable profit from it.
Scouring Powder
scouring powder production process |

Production of Scouring Powder

Below are what you need to produce a bowl of scouring powder:
1 cup ground up egg shell (about 2 dozen eggs worth)
3 cups of detergent
1/4  cup of salt
The production process involves blending the egg shell smooth mix with a quality detergent and mix with salt.

How to get eggshells since you will not be eating many crates of eggs a day, you can simply  book eggshell from food vendors (especially mallams who sells noodles and eggs) there you can bargain the cost of the eggshell with them. if you have the eggs, then you can start with the preparation of the scouring powder.

How to Make Scouring Powder

Set the shells on trays.

Sun dry the eggshell, they need to be completely dry or else they will not grind up well in your mortar and pestle or blender. 

Grind  them into a coarse powder.

Mix with detergent and salt

Use this cleaner on cooking utensils, tough stains on sinks and tubs, toilet bowl

How to Use Scouring Powder

Wet surface and apply cleanser; rub/scour gently as needed and rinse. Now the profit making aspect –

Capital Requirement to Setup Scouring Powder Making

You do not  need  a huge capital to get this business started, in fact you can start this business with as little as N5,000. You will invest the bulk of your capital on buying eggshell. 

To make one bowl of scouring powder, this will cost N500 for egg shell, detergent will also cost you N100, and salt worth N50 will be sufficient for this quantity of eggshell scouring powder. Grinding should cost N100. 

Total cost that will be incurred on a bowl of eggshell scouring powder is N750. You can make up to 6 bowls of scouring powder with N5000.


Your product needs to be well branded for it to be marketable, you can use polythene or plastics to package your product. This will help your product to have image and be more marketable, you will package a bowl into 7 portions.

Locate Your Market

Rent a mini shop to be able to distribute your product to your customers and also for your customers to locate you. This location should be at an area that is highly domesticated, this will ensure that you have prospective customers.

Advertise your product

Advertising is very important in this business, if you don’t advertise your business, no one will know about your product. So, make proper advert for your product. This could be in a form of one-on-one advertisement, or simply going to the market and introducing it to market women yourself. You can as well get people that will advertise for you.

Pricing Your Scouring Powder

The least selling price of a well packaged  eggshell scouring powder is N200. That means for your 7 portions from one bowel, you will make N1,400. In that case, you are making profit of N650 on a bowl, on 7 bowls you will make profit of N3,900. 

With this business that involves a little capital you will be making a reasonable profit monthly, you should ensure that your price is competitive, you should study the existing prices of your competitors, this should guide you to ascertaining the price of your scouring powder.

With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, making sales of scouring powder might be the ingredient of success that you need. You can as well achieve success and huge profit from making scouring powder in a larger quantity. This is largely because it is an unexploited area of business as well as a business that has potential of huge profit due to the fact that scouring powder is needed in most homes. Good luck!

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    please is it table salt or industrial salt


  • Frank July 5, 2020

    Thanks for the knowledge, am really interested in this project and I will like to know if you can add ash from charcoal as well.


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