Current Prices For Imported Turkey Steel Doors

Regular steel door 3 feet: N27,000
Regular steel door 4 feet: N47,000
Standard Turkey door 3 feet: N65,000
Standard Turkey door 4 feet: N95,000
regular wooden door : N28,000
Hard wooden door : N72,000
American Panel door : N17,000
Stainless steel glass door 4 feet: N96,999. 3 feet: N68,000. Armored bullet prove door 4 feet: N240,000

New Member Asked on February 18, 2018 in Real Estate.
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  • 2 Answer(s)

      Are the price above negotiable or that’s the fixed price?

      Expert Consultant Answered on February 18, 2018.
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        they are negotiable

        New Member Answered on February 20, 2018.
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